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It’s Time for America’s Military to Choose: Barack Hussein Obama, or AMERICA???

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There are times in life, when it is useful to see through the eyes of someone who is not normally associated with a certain situation.  New eyes bring a new perspective to the things that we would normally not see.  I had such a situation last night with my wife and we’re discussing the story of the Bradley Manning, the wikileaks website, the subsequent scandal involving Julian Assange, and the current fate of Bradley Manning, as he rots away in prison.  This naturally led to a 2007 youtube video, of the murder of more than a dozen innocent people by an American in Apache helicopter.  My wife who is from Eastern Europe, was unfamiliar with the entire sad tale of Bradley Manning, the YouTube video, the transfer of hundreds of thousands of classified documents to wikileaks, and his inadvertent self incrimination by talking to a government snitch.

When the video footage of the Apache helicopter gunship was released by wikileaks, there was a palpable outrage by the millions of people all over the world.  If you haven’t seen the video I suggest you do so.  If you haven’t seen of video in quite some time I suggest you refresh yourself with the footage.

Many things came to light from that video.  Not the least of the problems was the stupidity of the helicopter crew by describing a camera bag as a Kalashnikov AK-47 rifle, or thinking of camera tripod was an RPG.  But what was truly shocking, was the utterly cavalier attitude of the crew, as they sliced up a dozen people, for no reason.  Indeed, they were joking about it!  When a minvan showed up, and two people got out to help the one guy who was still alive, they opened up on the van, too, killing the would-be rescuers, and the one survivor of the initial attack.

When they were informed that two children in the van had been wounded, one guy glibly said it was their own fault “for bringing kids into a battle.”  Further along in the video, the footage showed the driver of a Humvee driving his vehicle over a body, and you can hear the helicopter crew laughing about it.  Of course, in the aftermath, it was obvious that the US Army lied about the event, covered it up, did everything they could to dismiss this tragedy.  And that is EXACTLY what it was, a tragedy.

Now here we are, five years later…  Attack drones are being readied to use on American citizens, the President has signed executive orders that give him literally the power of life and death over anyone he chooses, as well as the power to take over the entire country.  This includes all methods of transportation, utilities, food production and distribution, and anything else he deems necessary. The Department of Homeland Security (doesn’t that sound like something straight out of Nazi Germany?) has purchased over 750 million rounds of hollow-point ammunition, and just put in an order for 450 million more.  Anyone who dares speak the truth, can be jailed indefinitely in domestic camps, tortured, taken to another country through the use of “rendition,” or just simply shot and killed.

His power grab- to take over much the way Adolf Hitler did in the 1930’s- with the acquiescence of a spineless congress, which is bought and paid for by elitist banksters- who happen to actually own the Federal Reserve.  [You want a particular politician in office?  Okay, how much money do you need, we’ll create it out of thin air (electronically), and deposit it into bank account you want!]  They can literally buy anyone in the District of Criminals, unless the person is of the utmost integrity, i.e., Ron Paul.

The Supreme Court is equally corrupted, turning a blind eye to obvious tyranny.  Only one example would be the 16th Amendment, which empowers the Federal Government to collect taxes.  Did you know that this Amendment was never legally ratifiedIn the landmark case of Sullivan v United States, Judge James C. Fox openly admitted on page 23 of this court transcript that the 16th Amendment, on which the income tax is based, actually failed to be ratified, and the US Government pretends otherwise, lying to the American people simply because it needs your money to continue to pour into the privately-owned Federal Reserve system.  Every dollar you’ve paid in “income taxes” was stolen from you, through fraud.  And the Supreme Court refuses to stop it.

Bottom line is quite simple; the entire government, from soup to nuts, is completely rotten and corrupt.  The police can’t do anything, because their leaders are also corrupt.

And now, the US government is now ready to institute martial law in America, and use the same weapons and tactics that have been perfected in Iraq and Afghanistan.  And they’re at this point, because the gravy-train of “free” money is about to collapse, because the American government is utterly bankrupt.  When normal Joe Six-Pack finds out the money he paid into Social Security was stolen and spent on foreign wars, military toys and bribes to enemy states…  When he finds out his retirement doesn’t exist, his aged parents are coming to live with him because they have nothing to eat…  When the dependant class in the cities find out their welfare checks and WIC coupons no longer are worth anything…  When Americans collecting unemployment realize their checks won’t buy a tank of gas- much less put food on the table…  What do you think those people are going to do?  As Gerald Celente has repeatedly said, “when people lose everything, and they’ve got nothing left to lose…  they LOSE it.”  He’s right, of course.  When normal Americans discover how corrupt politicians in all levels of government, over a period of several decades, have plundered our economy and our country, the public will demand blood.

Those same government parasites and thieves realize this, of course.  It’s why they’ve put the “legal” authorizations in place, to have the military treat Americans the same way they treated hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and Libya.

They expect YOU, the people in the military, to do the actual dirty work, of course.  And after it’s over, you’ll be thrown away and ignored, of course, like your maimed or dead friends, who gave so much in the Middle East.  Clearly, the American government is out of control, and is now a collection of parasites, living off the life-blood of Americans.  But the problem is, the parasites have grown so big and ugly, they’re now killing the hosts; there’s not enough blood left, to keep working America alive.  And now they want you, the volunteer army, to willingly kill your fellow Americans- you friends, neighbors, family- to protect them, and their bankster enablers.

Speaking of banksters, I’m sure you now understand, that the war in Iraq and Afghanistan was not about WMDs, but money and power.

Syria, Iran, Libya?  Well, they all had the cajones to want to use some other money than dollars, to sell their oil!  They didn’t want to hold onto dollars that are being devalued by our lovely “Helicopter Ben” Bernanke, monopoly-money master…  Indeed, every war since WWII was not about doing the right thing, but money; profits through military production (bullets, planes and tanks, missiles, etc.).  Why do you think JFK was killed?  He developed a conscience, wanted to make peace with Russia, wanted to break up the CIA and smash the entire military-industrial complex.  He even signed an executive order to force the Federal Reserve to back the dollar with silver (since the gold was long gone by then).  So they murdered him, on live TV.

But I’m wandering.  To get back to the point, the government now fully expects you in the military, to act as the SS did during pre-WWII Nazi Germany.  They expect you to blindly “follow orders,” even to the point of killing innocent people, in large numbers.  Our corrupt “leaders” expect you to protect them- and their bankers- from the wrath of a population that they’ve robbed en masse.  They expect you to commit murder.

James Madison wrote in the Federalist Paper #46, that a country can put up effectively 1% of the population as an army, while the 2nd Amendment would allow the citizens of the country to field ~25%, who could bear arms.  Do his assumptions hold true to this day?  The U.S. Census of 2010 said there were 309 million Americans, among them are 22 million of them military veterans, who are no longer “in the game.”  According to Wikipedia, current reserve and active-duty military- as of September, 2010- is 2,278,895.  Throw in all the police officers in America- estimated at ~800,000- and the total number is ~ 3,078,895 military and police officers.  This of course, ignores the 205,000 troops deployed overseas.  Total number in America =2.87 million.  Divide that by 309 million people, and you come up with 0.9% of the population.  Yep, Madison’s calculations still work today.

Americans are arming up, buying millions of guns, getting ready to defend themselves against the American military.  Compare that to two basic statistics, which you can easily verify for yourself:

  1. According to the Brady Campaign website, there are 208 million guns in civilian hands.
  2. Now, while that might sound a bit far-fetched, consider that in the last ten years, according to the FBI, there have been ~53 million guns sold to civilians.  That works out to almost 18 guns for every uniformed soldier or law-enforcement type.
  3. You’re outnumbered ~25:1 in sheer numbers, 7:1 against military vets.

So where am I going with this, you’re wondering?

You swore an oath to defend the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic- just like I did.  What will you do, when it becomes clear that enemy is the civilian government, which is utterly corrupted?  IF the military sides with the corrupt government, and the American people are forced to take care of business, the military doesn’t stand a chance.  Yet, that is exactly what the current administration expects you to do; embark on a suicide-mission.

There is, however, an alternative solution; I call on all active-duty military patriots to stage a military coup, by marching on Washington, D.C., New York City and anywhere else the corrupt politicians, banksters and Supreme Court judges reside.  Take over the government, and hold military tribunals for the criminals outside the corrupted civilian “justice” system.  Those that are found guilty of High Crimes and Misdemeanors, theft, treason or other examples of corruption, need to be either caged- or executed- for their crimes.

It’s time to take out the trash.

After this is accomplished, hold general elections- using paper ballots- for local, state and federal elections, to repopulate the government with TRUE Americans, instead of the traitors now residing in D.C.

In this way America can avoid significant bloodshed, if patriots who still believe in their oath step up.  You CAN change things.  YOU can restore the government to the Constitution.  This is your primary duty, the one you swore to perform. 

If you choose not to, then I believe it will be up to civilians to do this.  Eventually, they’ll do it, but it’ll take much longer and be more bloody.

Please post your thoughts.  Agree, or disagree?


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April 18, 2012 at 7:18 am

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  1. Reblogged this on #opManning.


    April 19, 2012 at 2:33 am

  2. Hi
    I am glad to see that there is someone else out there that gets it. This country has Hell to Pay but nothing to pay with. Unfortunately free thinking is highly discouraged in the military and therefore when the shit hits the fan the military will just be following orders. Hopefully this well written blog can open the eyes of some of those who will be doing the commanding and giving orders on that fateful day when the politician’s order the commanders to command the troupes to confiscate the American citizens of their weapons, gold, silver and whatever else the politicians believe that they deserve for selling our nation into slavery.

    If you support gun bans in this country I ask you what do you think is keeping us from being taken over by the foreign powers that we owe so much debt to? It isn’t the military that is keeping you from your slave duties right now courtesy of your federal government? It is the known fact that every man woman and child in this country owns at least 10 firearms each that is keeping you from your slave duties. If you know someone in the military please sit down and have a discussion with them and let them know what may be required of them someday and suggest that they read a few blogs from this site.


    February 15, 2013 at 6:27 am

  3. […] to force their desires upon us. They will fail. As I wrote on April 18, 2012 in a post titled…ma-or-america/, I stated the following: […]


    May 6, 2013 at 10:25 pm

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