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WACO: 19 Years Ago Today

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Most of you know the story…  or do you?

I’m a prolific reader, and still getting used to the idea of writing.  Due to the fact that today’s the 19th anniversary of the Waco, Texas massacre of the Branch Davidian Church, I was looking up the details of this crime.  Notice, there have never been any prosecutions in connection with this, nobody even resigned.

Anyway, I found the following summary from the Republicrat Junta- including a lot of “secret” stuff the government only admitted to, long after the bodies were buried, and everyone had forgotten.  Without further ado, the detailed story is below:

 [C]onnecting a person with an unpopular movement, or attaching to them an emotionally charged label; or calling a religion a “cult” and putting out false information across the media about “child molesting” and “weapons caches” is exactly the same technique that was used by the Nazis to portray the Jews as filthy, disgusting people, so they could be rounded up and killed without further justification.  It is the same technique used by every tyrannical government, to kill any unpopular and potentially vocal adversarial person or group.

F or example, on February 28,1993,the federal government commenced a 50-day siege on the Branch Davidian ranch at Mount Carmel, a property located 9 miles east-northeast of Waco, Texas. The purported justification was a barely coherent hodgepodge of unsubstantiated accusations of cult activities, gun violations, and sexual abuse of children; all of which were subsequently proven baseless.   Indeed, what was portrayed as a Jonestown-style cult, the Branch Davidians, trace their origins back to a 1930 schism from the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Many of the members of the group at the Waco facility had been involved with the Davidians for several generations, and many had large families.

The Davidian members were well known locally and had cordial relations with other locals.  Neighbors who had known the Branch Davidians for fifteen years or more described them as “good Samaritan” types, who helped their neighbors and were kind and friendly. Normal people, good neighbors. Certainly the kind of folks you’d rather have living around you than murdering thugs, or gang-members engaging in ruthless drive-by shootings. Ask yourself which are more similar to the government’s subsequent actions.

In a January 5,1992 interview by Martin King of Australian TV show A Current Affair, King asked the group’s leader, David Koresh: “Would you use a gun if someone trespassed?” Koresh replied: “They come in here with a gun and they start shooting at us, what would you do?” 

 This exchange apparently promulgated the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) to obtain a warrant to search the premises for illegal weapons.  According to the Affidavit presented by BATF investigator David Aguilera to US Magistrate Dennis G. Green on February 25,1993,the Branch Davidians had purchased many legal guns and gun parts from various legal vendors.  Deliveries by UPS of legally purchased firearms and parts had been accepted and paid for at Mount Carmel Center by Woodrow Kendrick, Paul Fatta, David Koresh or Steve Schneider.  These purchases were traced by Aguilera through the normal channels used to track legal firearms purchases from legal vendors.  None of the weapons and firearms were illegally obtained nor illegally owned by the Davidians; however, Aguilera affirmed to the judge that in his experience, In the past, other purchasers of such legal gun parts had modified them to make illegal firearms.  The search warrant was justified not on the basis there was proof that the Davidians had done anything illegal, but on the basis that they might be modifying legal arms into illegal arms.

Could? Might? Others?  Was this adequate justification for a massacre of innocent men, women, and children?  In retrospect, we can only conclude that, according to the Clinton Administration, the answer was “yes”.

The BATF also alleged reports of automatic weapon fire, but when confronted with this accusation, residents Steve Schneider and David Koresh showed the county sheriff department a “Hellfire” device—a quick-firing trigger sold with a BATF letter certifying that the device was not a machine gun, and was, in fact, completely legal.

The Davidians, like many other law-abiding American citizens,  partly supported themselves by trading at gun shows and took care always to have the relevant paperwork to ensure their transactions were completely legal

Davidian Paul Fatta was a licensed federal firearms dealer (FFL) and the Davidians operated a  legal retail gun business called The Mag Bag. 

Contrast this with the ATF’s Operation Fast and Furious, in which government agents coerced gun dealers to illegally sell guns to Mexican drug cartel members, purportedly in order to trace their flow.  Many of the guns, of which they promptly lost track, were subsequently used to murder civilians, and even American border police. 

On July 30,1992,BATF agents David Aguilera and Jim Skinner visited the Davidians’ gun dealer Henry McMahon, who tried to get them to talk with Koresh on the phone.  Koresh offered to let the BATF inspect the Davidians’ weapons and paperwork, and asked to speak with Aguilera.  Aguilera declined to speak with him.  Sheriff Harwell told reporters he had urged law enforcement officials to talk with Koresh, “Just go out and talk to them, what’s wrong with notifying them?”

The BATF, however, had already decided on a more confrontational course of action. Between February 25 through 27, BATF agents sought and obtained training for the raid from Special Forces instructors at Fort Hood, Texas, by making a false claim that David Koresh was operating a methamphetamine lab. This provided the drug nexus necessary to obtain military assets under the “War on Drugs”.

These facts alone suggest that those at the Waco facility had good reason for paranoia.

Contrary to BATF claims that Koresh could not be captured outside the compound because he had been holed up for weeks, multiple witnesses confirm he was in town as recently as four days before the assault. Witnesses included a store owner providing receipts containing Koresh’s signature, a doctor who had treated him for back pain, and a bar manager who saw him eating lunch and having a beer.

Like many Sundays at Mt. Carmel, morning prayers on February 28,1993 were followed by breakfast.  Victoria Hollingsworth had been cleaning up when asked to go to the room where they met for Bible study and worship.  She waited there with the other women and many of the children until David Koresh came in.  There was silence.  He said, “They’re coming. Get back to your rooms and watch.  Don’t do anything stupid.  We can work this out.”

The BATF attempted to execute their search warrant on that Sunday morning.  Any advantage of surprise was lost as a reporter, who had been tipped off about the raid, asked for directions from a U.S. Postal Service mail carrier who was coincidentally Koresh’s brother-in-law.  Koresh then told BATF agent Robert Rodriguez, who had infiltrated the Branch Davidians (to his astonishment, as he was not aware that his cover had been blown), they knew a raid was imminent.  The agent made an excuse and left the compound.  When asked later what the Davidians had been doing when he left the compound, Rodriguez replied, “They were praying.”

Three army Huey gunship attack helicopters were purportedly used as aerial distraction, but recent disclosures by witnesses report that they “came in with machine guns blazing, strafing the buildings as if they were attacking some Viet Nam village.”

Figure 7:UH-1 HUEY Gunship –Standard “police”issue?

Figure 8:Detail of UH-1 HUEY Gunship armament. –just the thing for women and children.

On the third floor, 75-year-old Margaret Lawson and 77-year-old Catherine Matteson gathered children in a schoolroom to get them away from the gunfire and bombs going off below.  Suddenly the ceiling erupted with a burst of machinegun fire from the helicopter gunships.  The elderly women shielded the children with their own bodies.  Miraculously, none of the machinegun fire struck anyone in the crowded room.  Elsewhere, the machinegun fire killed Peter Gent, Peter Hipsman as he lay in bed, and Winston Blake as he sat on the edge of his bed, eating French toast.

When the two old ladies managed to escape the compound with the children, they were arrested, charged with murder and thrown in jail.

Now pause for a moment and contemplate just what kind of “police officer” would interpret his oath to uphold the constitution,  or his duty to ‘protect and serve’ to include indiscriminate heavy machine gun fire into a building full of women, children, elderly people . . . .  What would be his justification if (as is almost never the case) he was brought before any legitimate legal tribunal? Was he “only following orders”?  Was this not the same excuse offered by many Nazi prison guards . . . guards who were subsequently convicted and hanged?

Have we become so calloused to violence against our fellow citizens that we are prepared to accept the word of a government we know to be deceitful that these citizens deserved to be summarily executed?  Are we more inclined to give the benefit of the doubt to lying, jack-booted thugs than innocent women and children?

During this siege, four BATF agents were killed. Although it is not known with certainty who fired the first shots, early information suggested there might have been an accidental discharge of a weapon, possibly by a BATF agent, causing the BATF to respond with fire from automatic weapons. Other reports claim the first shots were fired by the BATF “dog team” sent to neutralize (kill) the dogs in the Davidian kennel.  A recent videotape by Linda Thompson  entitled Waco, the Big Lie, purports to prove that those BATF agents were not killed or shot at by Branch Davidians, but rather, shows the agents going into the compound through an upstairs window. It then shows another BATF agent, positioned on a roof, actually shooting in through the window where the other agents had just entered. Thus, it appears pretty certain that the four BATF agents were killed by ‘friendly fire’.

Figure 9:BATF agents entering the Branch Davidian building (despite official claims that no such entry had been attempted).  

Why are we inclined to take the word of proven liars over that of innocent victims?

While not standard procedure, BATF agents had their blood type written on their arms or neck after leaving the staging area and before the raid because it was recommended by the military to facilitate speedy blood transfusions in the case of injury.  Clearly, the government was <em>planning</em> an armed conflict.

During the first shots, Koresh was wounded.

David Thibodeau, a Waco survivor, was interviewed on A Current Affair, a national television show, on May 3rd,1993.  He declared that one of the members of the Branch Davidians, Wayne Martin, a Harvard-trained attorney, called 911 shortly after the federal agents stormed the compound.  He was put through to another agency, and the person said, “Well,hi boys,how y’all doin’ out there?”

Wayne Martin pleaded for them to stop shooting, screaming into the phone, “We’re getting shot at.  We’re getting killed.  Here they come again!” and “That’s them shooting, that’s not us!”

Since all 911 calls are preserved, it should be easy to confirm this phone call, but as Current Affair reporter Mary Garafolo stated, “It has become a controversial recording that the police refuse to release to the press.”  There was absolutely no response to that emergency 911 call.  Does withholding this recording sound more like a matter of national security, or a simple cover-up?

Following the BATF’s failed initial attack, the FBI settled in for a lengthy siege. During the standoff, government propaganda was released to the press asserting that: “[Koresh is] your stock cult leader…. They’re all the same.  Meet one and you’ve met them all. They’re deeply disturbed, have a borderline personality disorder and lack any type of conscience…. No one willingly enters into a relationship like this…. So you’re talking about deception and manipulation (by the leader),people being coached in ever so slight increments, pulled in deeper and deeper without knowing where it’s going or seeing the total picture.”

Around the 40th day of the siege, the wounded Koresh sent a message that the children and babies were out of milk.  Two relief efforts to bring baby food to the Mt Carmel compound were turned back.  Two people, one of them Gary Spaulding from South Bend, Indiana, were arrested for trying to take the food past a roadblock.  When he posed the direct question to the FBI headquarters, “Has it come to this?  Does the United States government want babies to starve to death?”  The answer was, verbatim: “Yes.”

The FBI hinted that the Davidians might commit mass suicide, as had happened at Jonestown (where 918 people killed themselves at their leader’s behest), although there was no evidence of any such intent or preparations. U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno approved recommendations by the FBI to mount an assault after purportedly being told that conditions were deteriorating and that children were being abused inside the compound.  Over the next several months, however, Reno repeatedly changed her story as to the  reason for approving the final tank-and-gas attack.  Whereas she initially alleged that the FBI had told her that Koresh was sexually abusing children and beating babies (the FBI later denied evidence of child abuse during the standoff), she later claimed that Linda Thompson and her one-woman  “Unorganized Militia of the United States” was on their (her) way to Waco to aid or attack Koresh.  Ultimately, when President Clinton suggested continued patience, Reno countered that the FBI was tired of waiting; that the standoff was costing a million dollars a week; and that the Davidians could hold out longer than she was willing to wait.  Clinton later recalled: “Finally,I told her that if she thought it was the right thing to do,she could go ahead.”

The siege ended 50 days after it began, with agents attacking with tanks and setting the compound ablaze.  Seventy-six people died in the fire, including more than 20 children, two pregnant women, and the sect leader David Koresh.  Janet Reno’s ‘concern for the wellbeing of the children’?   See for yourself:

Figure 10:Burnt body of child after Waco attack.

Figure 11:Remains of victim after Waco attack.

Figure 12: Children killed by government forces at Waco.

In the subsequent investigations, government reports were revealed to contain numerous distortions and outright lies.  In August,1999, documents were uncovered which indicated that during the raid on the Branch Davidian compound, the FBI employed flammable tear gas canisters.  This revelation contradicted previous assertions of the FBI and the Department of Justice that the government had done nothing that could have contributed to the start or spread of the fire.

Figure 13: Conflagration caused by government forces at Branch Davidian compound.

Contrary to BATF’s stated concern for the children and women, agents fired wildly into the building, often being seen on videotape crouching behind cover, holding machine guns over their heads and ‘spraying’ the building with bullets.

Since it’s often those on the political right who are most inclined to accept the official government accounts, it”s only fair to ask: did THESE children not have some right to life?  Are the accounts of THESE particular Christians to be summarily discounted, in favor of the words of a government, and an administration, that you already distrust? An administration led by a man who was subsequently impeached for lying under oath?   Are you more inclined to believe the words of armed thugs who don’t dare show their faces, who think nothing of firing machine guns into buildings full of civilians? Finally, are you willing to take this abhorrent stance simply because some of your fellow citizens (the “liberals”),with whom you happen to disagree on other issues, might feel this represents an atrocity of the first order?

Figure 14: US Army Tanks deployed against citizens at Waco: “We’re from the government; we’re here to help.…’ 

Which part of Posse Comitatus do you suppose was ambiguous?

A new documentary contends that federal agents used an explosive device to blast a gaping hole in a bunker holding women and children.  The two-hour film also asserts that government agents fired bullets at the rear of Mount Carmel building as it burned on the last day of the siege, in order to prevent escape.  The intent was clearly to ensure that there would be no evidence and no witnesses.

Indeed, taking only what the government has admitted to having done—the spraying of CS gas into the compound at the women and small children—U.S. Congressman Ron Paul reminds all Americans that: “CS gas is banned under the Paris Convention on chemical warfare. The U.S. could not use it in war. It is illegal, but they would use it against their own citizens.”— The Washington Times, April 23,1993.

Figure 15: The Posse Comitatus Act is a United States federal law (18 U.S.C. § 1385) passed on June 18,1878. The Act prohibits Army and Air Force personnel and units of the National Guard under federal authority from acting in a law enforcement capacity within the United States, except where expressly authorized by the Constitution or Congress. ‘Posse Comitatus? We don’t need no steenking Posse Comitatus!’

Well, those were crazy armed cultists, so it’s <em>okay</em> to attack them with tanks and helicopter gunships!

One can only wonder, what next?  Nerve gas?  Biological weapons?  A tactical nuke? Think what you want about the group or their principles, but dropping bombs on American citizens, on American soil? Is this the action of a police force, or a standing mercenary army, bent on murdering opponents of the ruling junta?

Very often, an event can be better understood by the events that transpire after it. Who benefits? Was any controversial legislation passed or proposed that would destroy Constitutional liberty?

Two weeks after the massacre at Mount Carmel, John Chafee, a senator from Rhode Island, called for a new law that would institute a nationwide ban on hand gun ownership. It would prohibit the sale, possession, importing, and exporting of hand guns. Had Chafee’s proposal become law, it would have torn a huge gap in the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which says,“…the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

Who wants to disarm citizens?

Well, clearly, it’s difficult to be the dictator of a nation with 200 million guns around.  Every man in Switzerland is requiredto have guns in his home, including assault rifles. Crime in Switzerland is almost non-existent.  During World War Two, Hitler wanted to invade Switzerland.  The Swiss told him that he could send his army across the border, but none of his officers would return. Hitler gave the order to invade Switzerland several times, but his officers simply would not obey.  Switzerland remained safely neutral throughout the war.

One final piece of this insidious puzzle:

On 5/17/2011, the Supreme Court decided that the armed enforcers of the Republicrat Junta didn’t have enough latitude when it comes to violating citizens’  Constitutional protection against unreasonable search and seizure.  In an 8-1 Ruling, they decreed that police no longer need a warant to kick in a door if they “suspect evidence is being destroyed.”

When you open the door for the kinds of abuses we’ve just examined, that door is not only open for those whom you don’t like; it’s open for everyone.

Move:  Black Radicals

Ruby Ridge:White Separatists

Waco: Christian Cultists

Japanese interment: Asian Citizens

Of course, the ruling junta always has a good reason—unsanitary conditions, a ‘child abuse’ cult, renegade Indians, people who look like our enemies…. The end result is the same: If we allow them to do so, they will use the same kind of force against anyone they please.  In every case, the propaganda is identical: Americans are brainwashed into believing that these actions are justified because the victims… aren’t like them…. Make no mistake: unless you are the kind of complacent, compliant, docile, brain-dead worker drone they want (or a rich elite),the time will come when they come for youbut by then it will be too late.

Figure 16:Japanese internment camp.

Figure 17:Japanese-American citizens being rounded up by US Troops. (It”s okay,though –they were only ‘following orders.’) 

Is there ANY doubt that they will do the same thing to YOU???


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