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Why the Cyprus Theft Matters

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[Fair Warning, harsh language.  If you have virgin ears, you’re not gonna’ like this.]

Remember the MF Global scandal, where John Corzine gambled- and lost some $6.3 billion?  His company only had $1.6 billion on hand, so the people who had his markers basically said, “give us all the money in company accounts, or we’re gonna’ blow your fuckin’ head off…”  So he did.  He stole the money, to save his own life.  The whole thing went public late October, 2011.

Fast-forward to March, 2013.  Cyprus- like every other government in the Western world- thought the good times would never end…  they gambled big on EU bonds (especially Greece), and expected that the profits would always be there.  Idiots.  Now, their markers are being called in- by the European Central Bank (ECB).  So the ECB tells the parliament, “if you let us steal 10% of all bank deposits, we’ll give you a ‘bail-out,’ to keep your government functioning for a while…”  Of course, the ECB is who was responsible for the bad bets to begin with, so the whole thing is a scam designed to separate the fools from their money.  Unsurprisingly, the EU banksters say they’re going to make the same play on Spain, Italy, and whoever else they feel like screwing over.  Even the Obama cronies jump into the act, saying such theft would offer the government “wonderful opportunities.”  [I’ll bet- the opportunity to rob every account of 10% of their money would be the biggest bank-heist ever!]

Amazingly, the Cypriot parliament agrees to this insanity, and when the news becomes public, all Hell breaks loose!   Turns out 25% of the money floating around in the Cypriot banks…  belongs to Russian mobsters.

The mobsters start leaning on the Cypriot politicians real quick, telling them “you steal my money, I’m gonna’ blow your fuckin’ head off.”  Since politicians only see the light after they feel the heat, they got the message- and the ECB swindle was rejected.

In response, the ECB and IMF (based out of Washington D.C.) said “you’re gonna’ comply, or we’ll crush your economy, and let ALL of you starve.”  By my way of thinking, this is NO different than some armed thug coming up to you on the street, waiving at pistol at you, and saying “give me your wallet or you’re a dead man.”  It’s the exact same thing, and this demonstrates who the banksters REALLY are.

Anyway, these banksters arm-twisted the Cypriot president into agreeing to even higher percentages of theft, and said they don’t need to get a vote from parliament.  After all, who wants to the sheep to vote on whether they get skinned?  And who cares what they think, when you can just flat-out ROB them???

During the last ~8 days that this drama has been going on (and still going), Cyprus banks have been closed on “holiday,” accounts have been frozen, while the government and ECB carpet-baggers decide how much they’re gonna’ steal.  Unsurprisingly, people are desperately trying to save what they can, and when the banks open- whether Tuesday or Thursday or whenever, the cash withdrawals will crush whatever banking system is still left within their country.

WHY does this matter, you ask?  Or more bluntly, “who gives two shits?” One of the bankster thugs accidently let slip that what happened in Cyprus is the template for what they will do throughout the European Union…   And since the ECB and the IMF are basically in lock-step, and the IMF is based here in the USA, it means they’re going to do the same thing here.

Of course, most banks have <10% of their “deposits” on-hand. The rest being lent out to gain interest profits.  What you must do to protect yourself, is get EVERY dollar out of the bank that you can.  Leave enough in to cover maybe 2-3 months of electronic bill-paying (as needed), but get the rest out, and park it in silver, gold, bullets and/or food.  Don’t leave it in the bank, because the Federal government is going to implement REAL capital controls within the next 60 days to prevent cash from escaping beyond their reach, when the shit start to hit the fan.

And it WILL hit the fan, folks.  “Helicopter Ben” Bernanke, lying shit-bag for the Federal Reserve mafia, has digitally created $16 Trillion to back-stop the European Central Bank, to keep his fellow carpet-baggers afloat.

But the good ship EU is doing a remarkable impression of the Titanic.

Unfortunately for us, carpet-bagger Bernanke didn’t just give the EU a life-preserver; he joined us at the hip with them…  so when the bloated socialists start to sink beneath the waves, we’ll be dragged down with them.

Our financial situation has been like in the movie The Matrix, when Neo has so many bullets flying at him at the same time….  It doesn’t really matter which ones hit, we already know we’re screwed, because we’re gonna’ take a hit.  One set of bullets is due to our exporting everything that’s productive to China (including 5000 tons of gold),  so they’re now ready to swoop in with the new gold-backed Yuan (which would kill the fiat dollar tout de suite)…

But what the banksters are doing, is committing in-your-face bank robbery, and making depositors in the Western world aware that they’re willing to steal from you to line their own pockets…  They’re letting you know that they’ll force the government to steal from any bank available, and you can’t do dick about it…  But of course, they know you can do something about it; pull your cash, and buy tangibles or precious metals.  In other words, they know that the response will be depositors pulling their cash out, which will cause the entire economy to collapse.

I can only conclude that they’ve decided it’s time to end the charade, and to let the hard-times begin.  In short, they’re now pulling the plug on the entire western economic system intentionally.

Shit just got real.

God help us.

Written by Capitalist Eric

March 26, 2013 at 12:31 am

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