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“Law Enforcement Warriors…” What’s WRONG With This Picture?

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On May 7, 2013, a new article was published at, a police-officer-ONLY blog, where the author, one “Sgt.” Glenn French enthused on the response dished out onto Boston civilians by the police/government thugs, as they sought kill capture the second bombing suspect.  There are so many quotes I could cite, but the first one that illustrates how dangerous they really are, is “These men and women are true American Patriots — a testament to the “Warrior Spirit” in law enforcement…”

Where’s the problem with this,  you might ask?  To me, the answer is quite simple: they’re not “warriors,” they’re supposed to be “peace officers.”  That is, maintaining the peace, and protecting their local citizenry.  The fact that they do see themselves as warriors, connotes a completely different picture.

Warriors are basically trained to do a simple thing: make war.  Whether that is making war on a neighboring tribe, state or country matters not.  Warriors are supposed to “kill people and break things,” as someone once said.  Once the war is over, and the territory conquered, warriors are left to suppress the population.  In other words, warriors stay as an occupying force.  Kind of like we’re doing in Iraq and Afghanistan, you know?

Going back to that despicable article, the author described this attitude at Boston, thusly:

“Video footage showed the American law enforcement warrior looking for a fight.”

Just goes to show, even a blind squirrel sometimes gets a nut…

Of course, I can show you a plethora of similar video footage where they’re “looking for a fight” by beating on kids, grandmothers, and just about anybody else they want…  Just do a youtube search for “police brutality,” and you’ll come up with 374,000 hits.

Clearly, these SWAT teams, their enablers and hangers-on believe they’re making war on the American people, or  that they’re an occupying force.  It’s equally clear that Americans who might challenge their supremacy are enemies.  The DHS has already labeled anyone who challenges their legitimacy and/or tactics as a “potential domestic terrorist,” and that would tend to confirm this observation.  In fact, anybody who challenges the police-state tactics used by this police-state government are already considered potential terrorists.  Let’s run down the following list, and you can decide if you are on “the list,” shall we?

You get the point.

When you consider that NDAA-2013, signed by Barack Obama (AKA Barry Soetero) allows the use of any-and all- force against anyone they deem a potential terrorist, the end result is that they (the government) have given themselves literally the power of life and death over EVERYONE.  There are no more laws, there is no more justice system, there is only an administration giving themselves ultimate power.  Oh, we can put it in “diplomatic” terms, couch the facts in more pleasant language, but that’s what it really means, when you finally unwrap it, and see what you really have…

The FedGov has- since 2009, that I know of- been pushing out the “peace officer” types of cops, and replacing them with “Law Enforcement Officers,” thugs who will enforce any law the government says is legal, even if it’s blatantly unconstitutional…  Because cops who will support and defend the Constitution, are not welcome when the police-state shifts into overdrive…  they- like the Oathkeepers- will not obey.  Or at least, it’s not certain whether they will obey…  So those “politically unreliable” people (as the Soviet Union used to call them) have been or are in the process of being removed (think Sheriff Joe Arpaio).

Those that are left now, believe the crap fed them by the FedGov, wear the body-armor and Glock pistols (and think they’re tacti-COOL with their idiotic mirrored shooting sunglasses and high-and-tight haircuts or shaved heads), and think of themselves as “warriors.”  And they consider themselves in occupied territory, where everyone in the civilian population is a potential target or terrorist.  In other words, they actually accept the ridiculous lists of “potential terrorists” given them by the FedGov.


The problem with this line of thinking, is that LEOs (who are NOT the same as “peace officers”) who buy into the FedGov bullshit, have no idea how absurd and naive they are…  Oh, they make a big show of using overwhelming force in their no-knock raids on innocent people in the middle of the night…  Little old ladies, military veterans, disabled old men…  Yeah, they’re pretty damned good against the helpless…  But they’ve not encountered any resistance from the population thus far, making them overconfident and dangerously stupid.

They call themselves “operators,” as in Special Forces operators.

But one need only look at they conduct one of their “raids” on some poor schmuck, to see they’re a bunch of morons.  What do I mean?  Every guy behind the lead guy usually has his weapon pointed…  at the back of the guy in front of him.  God help them, if the last guy in line trips and pulls the trigger!  [But don’t worry, if that happens, they’ll somehow pin it on the owner of the house they just invaded.]  Given their poor weapons skills, they might shoot an unarmed man here, or raid the wrong house, killing a little girl….  This happens ALL THE TIME.  Look at the graph below, provided by the Cato Institute– to get an idea of how bad it’s gotten.

Botched Police Ops

[I strongly urge you to look at the Cato interactive map, to search in your state.]

No, the SWAT weenies are bad-asses…  when there’s 20 of them, and one old lady in the house.  But nobody has turned the tables on them, yet.  But I’m sure it’ll happen sooner or later…

You see, these wannabe “operators” use a set of standard tactics that are useful on one (or a few) unarmed civilian targets confined to a point location.  They gear up, they show up (and stage) in a convenient open area close by, and then rush in all at once.  They rely on the element of surprise.

If, however, one were to report a shooting/domestic disturbance/hostage situation/whatever to get the local “operators” to come running in with their tacti-COOL gear and “warrior spirit” mentality, the building they were to storm could be made to explode, or IEDs placed in the most likely spots where the “warriors” were assembling.  It would be easy as pie, for the right person with the right skills…

I don’t condone such actions, and don’t encourage anything of the kind (to those who might think otherwise), but I foresee this happening, because these wannabe “warriors” are out of control.  It’s only a matter of time, in my opinion.  I’d read other articles mentioning such actions against LEOs, but I’d not taken it seriously until the Boston event and the response of the .gov thugs.  Now, it becomes the logical response.

The fact that such traps have NOT been sprung on LEOs says far more, I believe…  It demonstrates that the REAL American people have a level of tolerance for tyrannical behavior that I simply don’t understand.  Perhaps REAL Americans (as compared to the collectivist enablers of the .gov thugs) are hesitant to fire the first shot against the thugs.  But the first shots were already fired… by the .gov thugs, and the collectivists currently infesting all levels of our government.  When more people realize that the war against real Americans has already gone “hot,” then those who fancy themselves “law enforcement warriors” will find out what it feels like to be on the receiving end.

In the meantime, you wannabe “warriors” should seriously consider, that if you keep jabbing a stick in the hornets’ nest, you’re not gonna’ like the results…

Not one bit.


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May 19, 2013 at 11:30 pm

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  3. good article. I need to spend some time on your blog. I’ll add you to mine. We all need to spread the word.


    May 20, 2013 at 8:38 am

    • Yes! Spread the word. Our Founding Fathers didn’t have computers, but they built wooden gadgets that enabled them to make two copies of each hand-written letter. Their Committees of Correspondence got the word out to independent newspapers and that laid the foundation for the American Resistance to the Crown.

      (The Revolution was done by King George denying traditional rights to the colonists. They did not make a revolution but simply resisted the king.)

      We must NOT make a revolution. Our Democrat and Republican Presidents have already done that. We must resist them when they are on the way to attack someone, or when they are retreating back to their strong holds.

      Glenn Jacobs

      May 20, 2013 at 8:12 pm

  4. The French Resistance never amounted to much, but it never amounted to anything at all until the French realized that it was actually more dangerous to stay home after curfew and collaborate with the Nazis — than to skulk around in the dark and take potshots at Nazi patrols.

    If we stay home, we will be killed. Nobody can defend against fifty fanatics in body armor with submachineguns and an attitude that the more people they kill the better.

    If we attack them wholesale in their strongholds, we will be killed wholesale at their strongholds.

    They are only weak when they come after us.

    Even if you only have one cartridge, you can carefully shoot one goon below the knee, below the armor. It is actually more beneficial to have them see him wallowing on the pavement in his own blood, crying for his mother — than to see him get dead.

    Even if all you can do is throw a bottle of gasoline on their war-wagon, it will make them afraid. It is more beneficial to have them afraid than to burn them to death.

    Of course, you will want to map out your escape route so you can possibly live to do it again some day.

    If they shoot you to death in the attempt, it is still better than to be shot in the back of the head, on your knees, naked, with your hands wired to your ankles. Oh, and they intend to shoot you last, right after they shoot your wife and children and your aged grandmother. And leave your bodies for the hogs to eat.

    Glenn Jacobs

    May 20, 2013 at 4:16 pm

  5. Nice prediction. I as well fully expected this to happen. It will continue to happen… I imagine it will get a lot more frequent as well.


    May 28, 2013 at 7:21 am

    • About fifty years ago a hippie walked right up to a whole line of armed military men — and stuck a flower into the barrel of each of their rifles.

      It made the national news.


      This is probably impossible now, as the militarized police would hurt/maim/kill/capture/arrest/kidnap the flower child.

      Again. I repeat. We cannot get away from this even by staying home.

      Our Beloved Leader indicates he is organizing a Civilian Army to come and GET us. He hates us.

      Just imagine a way to make those Civilian Army guys afraid. You will likely get killed doing it, but you will just as likely be killed even if you sit at home and collaborate with the regime.


      May 28, 2013 at 3:27 pm

  6. Simply wanna say that this is handy , Thanks for taking your time to write this.

    visual impact muscle

    June 18, 2013 at 10:41 am

  7. our fore-fathers had the will and drive to shake off the shackles of tyranny. some gave all they had and some gave their lives. but they all did it together and willingly.
    do we as the next in line have the same intestinal fortitude? who among us will lead?

    steve guzman

    February 20, 2014 at 5:16 pm

    • To this point, I’ve seen no leaders. Perhaps it will be YOU. Perhaps me. Or the neighbor…

      While we don’t know the answer right now, time will reveal the answer to us. While our forefathers were brave, they also did not face the technological nightmare we face today. In other words, they could plan secret meetings, they could organize without the enemy spying on their every move. And yet that technological nightmare allows us to share information in a way they could not have dreamed! So we face a double-edged sword, in this struggle.

      Leaders will start to become clear once things get “exciting.” Of that, I am quite confident.


      March 19, 2014 at 4:28 am

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