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A Stupid Idea…

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Merry Christmas to you all!

My wife asked me why we’re going the extra mile for Christmas, 2013. The simple answer is that we don’t know how many more we’ll have… If we’ll have any more at all. I’ve written elsewhere on the impending economic implosion, and there are many others who’ve done so as well. So it’s no secret, unless you are (like my aged parents) inclined to get your “news” from such sources and MS-NBC, CNN, et al. In other words, you already understand what’s happening, or you’ll never understand. It’s as simple as that, really.

I put my toe in the water for local politics. In my area, we have a hard-left collectivist (openly gay Asian), who’s never held a job outside of government in his entire life. He’s our local congress-critter. About a month ago, while watching the latest installment of serial “SS Obama-care” I came up with the bright idea, that my local congressman was vulnerable to a challenge by a conservative candidate, who did NOT support Obama-care. So I did some homework, and found out the local GOP had not only picked and endorsed their candidate, but he has *also* survived all these years on a government paycheck. Oh, and to top it off, he’s an ex-cop, injured during a SWAT raid and medically retired. Local city councilman, kisses up to the other government agencies.

When I told my wife I was considering running in the Congressional election, she burst out laughing, because she said they’re NEVER going to let me win… And it would seem she’s right. The GOP have already chosen their newest candidate; a shoo-in with the “moderate” conservatives and “law-and-order,” police-state sheeple…

While I was toying with the clearly absurd idea of running, I thought, what would make me different? Let’s see…


I’m completely against the “Immigration Reform” (amnesty). We may have 30 million illegals in the US, but the fact is that we have 50 million legal residents and citizens wanting to find a job, but unemployed. So as I see it, until EVERY SINGLE legal resident and citizen are employed, there is absolutely no business case to be made that amnesty should even be considered! [To say nothing of the fact that criminals are typically rewarded with a one-way ticket out of town (best case), a cage or a rope. I see no difference, here. Basically, I’m incompatible with the mainstream candidates.

9/11/01 AN INSIDE JOB?

I have come to the conclusion that 9/11/01 was NOT simply done by 19 idiots who happened to evade detection of every spy organization on the planet, every military and law-enforcement branch and then do it without substantial financial and logistical help. Is this reasonable? It would mean that every spy agency and law enforcement agency on the planet, the NSA spying program (started well before 9/11, as we now know) are all completely incompetent, unable to discern the most obvious of conspiracies and unable to convert plenty of “tells” into something useful. What are the probabilities of this being true? My guess would be “zero.” Recently declassified CIA documents reveal Saudi Arabia (where 15 of the 19 hijackers came from) was a direct sponsor, both in terms of finances and logistics- and the U.S. government knew it, both before and after the fact. So much for conspiracy “theories.” We now have direct evidence that proves the conspiracy as fact, no more or less.

Also regarding 9/11, there were a lot of people who claimed at the beginning that it was an “inside job,” because of WTC #7, which was “pulled” via controlled demolition.

Of course, an in-depth analysis reveals that the two main towers were also “pulled.” Again, this is not a conspiracy, but a provable, empirical fact. There are myriad indications that this is true, but only a few tidbits for you to check out for yourself will suffice; the buildings accelerated during the collapse at exactly 32 feet per second squared- an impossibility if the buildings had collapsed during a “pancake” event as was described.

Then there was the jet-fuel carried by the airliners. Yes, it burns “hot” as compared to what humans can tolerate. But steel can tolerate much hotter temperatures- far above the temperature that jet-fuel burns at, which means fire did NOT bring down the towers (nor cause the molten steel under the buildings that they found weeks later). Which means the towers did not collapse due to the airliner strikes; it had to be something else. Several years ago, I was at work, where there was a “remember 9/11” poster hanging on the wall… and in the background was a steel girder that had been cut at a 45-degree angle, as if with a torch. I’d been walking by this poster for years, and never noticed it. The fact is, the supports were cut. But instead of using a torch, they were cut with nano-thermite. It’s only available to the military and government contractors. The evidence of this is manifest, and well-documented.
Can I say that the government did the dirty? No. But they sure as Hell were involved; the only question is to what degree?


With regard to the economy… what economy? It’s been dismantled, packed up and sent off-shore, to every other shit-hole country in the world. Without a functioning economy that produces tangible products that are useful and wanted, the country will simply die from a thousand cuts of economic hemorrhaging. We bleed to death, while our kids- educated from highly expensive and useless universities- ask that lovely question that makes us cringe: “would you like fries with that?” Anything spark of real hope within the economy is quickly extinguished, as the government drones come in with new bureaucratic rules, effectively legislating your business aspirations into a nightmarish reality. Welcome to the desert… of the real. This of course started as far back as George HW Bush’s administration, and the rate of government sabotage has incrementally increased in rate-of-change, over successive Presidents. The rate of acceleration of gravity is constant; for every second you are in free-fall, you increase in velocity 32 feet per second, until wind resistance slows your rate of acceleration to zero, and you are at terminal velocity. But with our economy- and the push for the New World Order (thanks to HW Bush for introducing us to this term)- they’ve pushed the gas-pedal harder and harder.

All the government-written statistics are complete, unadulterated bullshit.

If you think annual inflation is only at ~1%, then you’re not living in the real world. Those numbers have been systematically manipulated and made useless, starting in 1983, when the brilliant idea was to understate inflation so as to short-change retirees on Social Security. Reduce cost-of-living-adjustments, and you can keep Social Security going on longer, or alternatively, use the money for some other pet-project, instead of giving it to those who paid into the system. What are the real numbers? Let’s just say those economists NOT somehow on the government payroll or in on the rigged stock market, use John Williams’ That’s where the real players go to look at numbers. The sheeple, the shills and government shit-heads will ignore shadowstats, and follow the bullshit on the MSM propaganda channels.

Also regarding the government, we aren’t merely $16 Trillion in debt. It’s actually $238 Trillion, net present value. Since we have a GDP of $15 Trillion (assuming you believe the bullshit government numbers), that means that every dime we earn for the next 15 years is already spent. Oh, and that’s before you bother to pay for frivolous expenses… like eating. Put another way, you could tax every worker at 100%, and you’d never be able to pay off the debt (assuming anyone would work for nothing). You could confiscate every dime of money, every asset, anything of any value- cars, homes and other real-estate, stocks and bonds, precious metals, ALL of it… And we’d still be hopelessly bankrupt. You could cut government spending to ZERO, and pay only on the outstanding debt and obligations made, and we’d be hopelessly buried. So it doesn’t matter what the politicians and government economists say. Paul Krugman can spew bullshit until his vacuous eyes turn turd-brown, and NOTHING he says means diddly-shit in reality. We’re toast, folks, and that’s the fact of the matter.

HOW do we solve this? CAN it be solved??? The answer is “yes,” and it’s actually quite easy to do, as a matter of fact. And we’ve already been offered the solution, by none other than that “crazy” Dr. Ron Paul. WHY is he crazy? Because the reality is that he was the only one to challenge the orthodoxy that the Federal Reserve system as the be-all, END-ALL system of wise-men who are sooooo fucking good at running an economy. He was the man who had the courage to expose the system as a criminal enterprise, whose sole purpose is to bankrupt the nation. Do they create money? No. They create currency, and then force us to use it, at the point of a gun. They force us to trade their currency for real money, and then keep the real money. When the currency collapses, they’ll simply create another currency, and keep running the same scam, until they’ve stolen anything of value.

THAT is the purpose of the central banks. And holy crap, have they done a bang-up job on their scam.

I have a challenge for you: pull out a paper dollar bill (of whatever denomination) out of your pocket, and hold it in your hand…
Got it? Now… answer this question: what does the bill you hold in your hand represent? Think about that for a moment… and then read on.

It does NOT represent of store of value because a store of value does not, by definition depreciate over time. INFLATION destroys the dollar as a store of value, and is a stealth tax, back to those who print (or electronically create) the dollars. In other words, the Fed secretly taxes you, and steals your money. THIS is why they want to maintain a specific level of inflation; they want you to constantly keep working to obtain more dollars. And you might obtain, say 10% more cash, they’ll simply print 15% more for themselves, thereby stealing 5% of your money within one year. Actual inflation right now, by the way, is about 8%, so now you know how much they steal from you.

Now, to answer the question of what your dollar bill represents, it SAYS SO, right on the bill. It is a Federal Reserve NOTE. A note is a financial instrument of debt. So the bill that you hold in your hand, is debt… to the Federal Reserve. You don’t hold a store of value in your hand, but a debt instrument- what YOU owe to the Fed. The $238 Trillion of debt is to the Fed, and a tiny piece of it is in your hand.

How to eliminate this debt? Ron Paul already gave us the answer…

Simply put, the U.S. government can pass legislation disbanding the Fed, seizing all assets and making them the property of the government, and then re-assuming their Constitutional responsibility to issue all money.

Don’t think it can be done in this modern age?

Guess what, ladies and gentlemen, it has already happened. Don’t remember this?

ICELAND did it, when they refused to allow themselves to be taken hostage by the banksters in real-estate bust. Instead, they repudiated the debt, jailed the criminal banksters, and told the EU central bankers to go fuck themselves.

The EU elitists were so pissed off, that they threatened to send troops to Iceland, to force them to pay… And in response, Iceland told the EU to go fuck themselves twice. And now, the only country doing quite well these days is- you guessed it- Iceland. Because with the simple act of voting, they were able to remove the financial bonds that made them slaves.

We can do it, here. And I think, sooner or later, we will. Because we’re already hopelessly buried in phony debt and fraudulent contracts, that there is no other way out.

I hear a lot of old folks say “don’t touch my Social Security!” Your government retirement check is just another ponzi scheme, and it’s going to go bust, just like EVERY ponzi-scheme does. Didn’t you know that?

When the banksters decide to pull the plug on our asses, do you retirees honestly think they’re not going to include you? Hell, they already have, since the SS money you paid in was spent in the general fund, and they’ve been doing this for decades! The money’s gone, folks… it doesn’t exist anymore, and the while the government has an obligation to you (inferred promises), there is no legal contract to force them to pay you. So sorry, but you’re just like the rest of us…


Knowing all of these things, and not being able to keep my mouth shut, would assure me having my ass handed to me, in any sort of election. The retirees, the Hispanics (especially the illegal-alien voting bloc), the MSM, both the Democrap and RepublicRAT parties would hate my guts, and I’d be called “crazy” for believing all of these things. It won’t matter that I have data and documentation to back up everything I believe, everything I say… Just saying these things would threaten the on-going power game (which is to say, stealing public money for private advantage), and expose what’s going on…

I suppose I should be glad. I’ve said before that honest men will never be allowed near the seats of power… And if they somehow manage to sneak in and the standard tactics of marginalization and internal trickery fail? Well then, there’s always the “JFK” solution.
And even if I did win, what could I hope to accomplish? As a practical matter of legislation and representing constituents, the answer would be “nothing.” The system is already collapsing, and without a majority of the electorate having the courage to face reality (like Iceland did) and standing tough, the only remaining question is with regard to how ugly it’ll get, as our once-great country spirals down the drain. And rather than get tough, the majority of economic takers in our society would rather die than face reality.


Stupid idea.

Your thoughts?


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December 25, 2013 at 4:44 am

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  2. Just started reading your blog tonight. We’re 100% sympatico.
    What to DO about it?
    I take some advice from Solzhenitsyn, a man who lived through the same brand of Hell we’re entering:
    “Don’t believe them, don’t fear them, don’t ask anything of them.”

    I’ve absorbed an enormous amount since re-awakening seven years ago; I say re-awakening because I was a self-proclaimed libertarian twenty years ago, but slipped into comfortable Republican-lite stupidity for a while.

    It’s a plan. It’s hundreds of years old…THIS incarnation; the plan’s been tried a dozen times before, going back thousands of years. I’m not mystical person–but it’s my strong conviction it’s motivated by a very deep, slow evil. Make of that what you will.

    What to DO about it?
    Live as you would have the world become. Be fully principled and ethical in every act as much as humanly possible. Be GOOD in the true sense–practice the virtues. On a practical level, divorce yourself from their fiat-debt money system as much as possible. I have gold, silver, lead packaged in these pretty brass and copper thingies…and no brokerage account, 401, or IRA. I convert cash to REAL assets as fast as I can; fuck them and their paper bondage instruments. I’m DONE with them.

    Taxes? Yeah, still paying the old income tax…but researching how not to. And, one day soon, maybe just quietly stop filing, stop sending the quarterly “Don’t come shoot me” bribes (I’m a contractor), and slip away into the countryside.

    Break every nonsense law you can get away with. Run red lights when it’s prudent and safe; watch the sheeple around you bug their gorky eyes out. Carry a weapon at all times.

    Feel like a MAN again. It’s incredibly liberating.

    Take care of your body. Find out how they’ve destroyed our health with GMO’s, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, and vaccines…and piss-fucking-poor nutrition. The government dietary recommendations are food fit for slaves and gulag victims only. Eat primal; you’ll feel like the powerful animal you are physically.

    This body is a space-suit for the soul that resides in it. Get the space-suit tuned up so the soul can show its real power.

    And, Eric–great blog, strong in-your-face writing, good stuff. We Are Not Alone…there are millions of us.


    April 25, 2014 at 4:02 am

    • Thank you for the feedback. I don’t write too much; the feedback from wife is that I am long-winded. As the old saying goes, “stand up to be seen, speak up to be heard, shut up to be appreciated…” So I try to avoid expressing my thoughts, unless it’s something that REALLY matters… or seems to matter, to ME.

      Be good. C.E.


      April 26, 2014 at 12:03 am

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