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Authori-tah… and Vigilance Committees

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There have been endless articles and debates, on how .gov threatens our liberties.  What will we do, when they come for the guns?  At what point will people say “enough” to the Feds, obama, feinswine, lindsey graham, juan mcstain and the rest of the traitors in DC?  Oh, yeah, a LOT of discussion, as to what will be the tipping point.

Such discussions are complete crap; the .gov thugs are out there menacing us on a daily basis with the tactics, acquisitions of mil-spec toys and general intimidation tactics.

But the truth is, we’re already in a shooting-war, and that’s no shit.  It’s not the .gov thugs, but our own local police departments that are literally getting away with murder on a daily basis.  We’ve all seen the stories; police shooting innocent people, in their “war on drugs,” or war on terror, or war on speeders…  You’ve heard the story where a cop opened fire on a mini-van full of kids, right?

You know it’s bad.  HOW bad?  You are now 29 times more likely to be killed by a cop than by a terrorist.

As this economy continues to spiral down the toilet, the number of homeless people continues to increase.  Local bureaucrats don’t like that (it’s *unsightly* to have those…  BUMS…  on our streets, dontcha’ know), so they send their costumed thugs to roust them, teach them a lesson, make them go somewhere else, permanently.

Such is what happened to Kelly Thomas, murdered by no less than six cops.  He never threatened them, tried to protect himself when they started to man-handle him (after Officer Manuel Ramos said he was “getting ready to fuck you up.”  They beat him to death- tazing him, crushing his face until he was drowning in his own blood, and then the fat fuckers literally sat on his chest so it couldn’t expand.  Nobody really knows which killed him- perhaps it was the combination of all of them.  He was crying for his father, crying he was sorry, as they slowly and methodically murdered him.

This happens quite frequently.  This guy was executed for calling a female cop a bitch.  He was guilty of “contempt of cop,” a crime that apparently carries the death-penalty.  One guy- when stopped by a university campus police officer for speeding- sarcastically said, “what, you gonna’ shoot me?”  And that’s exactly what the cop did, emptying his gun into the fool who would dare to question his authori-tah.

Of course, this is nothing new.  Today’s cops will happily shoot anybody they want; you don’t have to be a threat, or carrying any weapons.  You’re looking for a pack of smokes in the trunk of your car (and the idiot dispatcher says you’re “hot-wiring” the car), hey, it’s reason enough for a “good shoot.”

A 13 year-old kid was murdered when he was shot four times- in the back- by a cop.  The kid was walking down the street with a toy rifle in his hands.  He wasn’t threatening or menacing anyone, literally just… walking down the street…  “From the time that the deputies called out to Andy Lopez until the time that Gelhaus fired his first shot, only three seconds elapsed.”   Since there was no imminent threat, the claim that the cop was “fearful” is obvious bullshit.  And given the fact that no 13 year-old kid walking down the street (with zero situational awareness) is going to be able to adequately respond to a cop screaming at him from behind, with no apparent justification, the boy didn’t have time to understand- much less properly respond- to the screaming cop, within three seconds.  So WHY did the cop murder this kid?  Because he could.

What else can they do?

Shoot you in the face?  Sure, no problem.  Can cops justify shooting you in the back?  Easy.  Hell, they have no qualms about shooting you point-blank in the back of the head, a blatant execution.  If you’re unarmed, pinned down by numerous cops so you can’t move, and helpless, can they get away with executing you?  Sure.  How about if you’re an 18-year old, mentally handicapped kid, who weighs all of 90 lbs. soaking wet?  What if you’re a fat fucking jerk in a costume, jonesin’ for your next donut, and you “don’t have time for this,” you just aim through the cops sitting on the little kid, and waste his ass…  Any questions about the latest “good shoot,” ask me at the donut shop.

Think the cops will help you, after you’ve been in a car accident?  Maybe.  On the other hand, maybe they’ll just shoot your ass.  What if you’re doing something the local donut-munchers don’t like, and they open fire on you?  If you survive, but the idiots shooting at you hit innocent bystanders instead, they’ll charge you for that, too.

A cop recently told me, “there’s no such thing as a ‘bad’ shoot, only a bad report.”

They can do anything they want to you; if you got a problem with it (assuming you’re still alive) you can talk their buddy, the judge.


These fuckers aren’t about ‘keeping the peace,’ they’re about enforcing arbitrary laws that don’t mean diddley-shit.  They’re LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS, not “peace officers.”  And you’d better respect their fuckin’ AUTHORI-TAH, or you’re liable to end up dead.  It’s about power, and money.  Fear is helpful, too- which is why they make a big show out of SWAT-ting innocent people all the time, and airing it on the news.

Their actions speak volumes about what they really think:

Shave your head, wear mirrored sunglasses, and be sure to swing a big mag-lite around, so that your victims are constantly, nervously aware of the implied threat of violence, for a minor mis-step in how you answer their interrogation…  Yeah, fear is good to keep the sheeple in line, dontcha’ know.  I don’t really care if you respect me, as long as you respect my authori-tah.  Bend down, and KISS that ring.  And if you don’t, we’ll SWAT your ass, using our newly acquired goodies from .gov.  MRAPs, body-armor and BDUs, kevlar helmets, sniper rifles, lasers and UAVs, baby.  Bend DOWN and kiss that ring, ‘cause we got the POWER, and you got…  what?  You got *dick.*  You got a dead-letter Constitution that the courts don’t even bother with any more; we’ve got the power, and we wipe our asses with your fucking Constitution.

TELL me they’re actions don’t telegraph exactly this.  TELL me I’m misreading this, and the “most cops are good guys,” though NONE of them ever turn in the bad apples.  TELL me they still deserve any respect…

Because I don’t see it any more.

……….Deep breath………..

It used to be that a crime required a victim.  Now, the *state* is the victim for most crimes; they’re victimized because you missed some regulation or other, were driving too fast, or…  Hell, you just looked like someone we could *fuck* with, yeah?

If they don’t like you, they’ll do anything they want to you, and you got NOTHING to say about it.  A cop shoots some poor guy named Flint Farmer 13 times…  and then after he fell down, put three more into his back.  It was recorded on the cops’ dash-cam,  and he walked away scot-free, ready to murder again.  What was his justification?  Mr. Farmer had a cell-phone in his hand, and the cop “was fearful for his life.”  Understand, these scum have no problems with killing an 80 year-old man lying in his bed, a harmless 92 year-old lady in her own home, a military veteran who’d done nothing wrong in his own home, a 62 year-old man in a drug raid on the wrong house,  or just a guy having a bad reaction to his diabetes medication

All the officer has to do, is say “I was in fear for my life,” and they’re off the hook.

The courts won’t really do anything; IF the cop gets convicted of killing an innocent person, they get a slap on the wrist.  Usually it never gets that far; paid leave (what we call “a vacation”), a desk job for a few months, and then it’s back to cracking heads.  You can’t sue them; they have “qualified immunity” in the performance of their jobs, so any attempt to come after them through the civil courts will be tossed out.  Your only option is to sue their department, or county…  whoever pays them.

But of course, YOU pay them, I pay them…  and so they’ll merely up the taxes or cut something less important, like the fire department.

You can’t resist them, or they’ll beat the shit out of you or kill you.  They’ve got all the guns, the body armor.  The game is rigged for them, and you’re an idiot to think otherwise.

It’s a fucking JOKE.  And the joke is on those of us who are generally peaceful, want to be left alone and not be screwed with by a bunch of shit-heels with badges.  WE suffer.

So what can we do, to stop this shit?  A recent article brought up the idea of vigilance committees, something I’d never heard of.  As the article states, “This sort of governmental peculation was one of the reasons for the vigilance committees of the Nineteenth Century. Despite the bad press they’ve received from State-worshipping historians, the vigilance committees were effective and generally as faithful to justice as any “official” judicial process has ever been. No doubt you will be unsurprised to hear that those most opposed to them were the frontier officials delivered to their just deserts thereby.”

Doing some further reading about this, which (surprise!) was never brought up in all my years of school and college, the vigilance committees were surprisingly effective, and used when the corruption of local government was so disgusting that extraordinary measures were the only options left.

We are now in a similar position, and the only thing which will stop the train of abuses meted out to us by our thuggish neighbors, is the vigilance committees.  Retribution for obvious crimes, corruption and abuse, could be quietly and efficiently delivered by local people, who know the perpetrators in the government-issued costumes.  Keep it LOCAL.

It’s time to teach the thugs a lesson.  And those that are murderous, rabid dogs need to be dispatched, instead of given a paid vacation on our dime.

The logical question would next be, is this realistic?  Localized action resulting from superb intelligence would be necessity, and would seem the prime determinants for success or failure.  Other military vets who are far more qualified to judge than I.

And what are the likely responses?

Let’s look at Chris Dorner.  Whether his quest for vengeance was justified or not, really doesn’t matter.  What matters is that one guy who (as I understand) was marginally trained and poorly equipped, with no support network, managed to tie up the thugs in the southern half of California for nine days.  The cops, in their rage, shot three innocent civilians; two little old ladies delivering newspapers, and a skinny white surfer dude.  “Mistaken identity,” I’m sure….  No, the thugs do NOT like anyone challenging their authori-tah.  It was bad that one of their own turned against them; can you imagine the outrage they will feel, if we mere subjects were to extract retribution from THEM?  Dispensed justice need not be anything as lethal as Chris Dorner delivered to them; shame and embarrassment are highly useful methods of punishment.

A cop strip-searches an innocent victim on the road?  Fine, detain him, strip him naked and cuff him to a light-pole.  Be sure to take plenty of pics to spread on the internet.  A cop gives an innocent person a beat-down?  Fine, give him a taste of his own medicine.  Be sure to put his pic on the web, let everybody know who he is, what he did, and why he’s been bitch-slapped.   And so on………….

The justice delivered should match the crime.

Richard Pryor told the joke, “If you’re looking for justice, that’s just what you’ll find — just us.”  It’s not even remotely funny, these days.

We cannot take back the “justice system” via the ballot-box or any other (already corrupted) methods. We have to take it back on our own.

It’s time to reestablish local vigilance committees.

Let’s face the ugly truth: all the talk about CW2, another revolution, throwing off the shackles of the Federal government and their mercenaries in the DHS…….    It’s all bullshit.

If we’re too weak to take out the trash in our own back yards, how can anybody say with a straight face, that they can beat .GOV?


Written by capitalisteric

January 10, 2014 at 6:59 am

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  2. Google/free download/read: “Unintended Consequences by John Ross”. Also, “And Then There Were None by Eric Frank Russell”


    January 10, 2014 at 11:04 pm

    • I’ve downloaded them both. The first, I’ll read tonight… the other, at some 700 pages, might take a few days.

      They look interesting. Thanks for the tip. 😉

      EDIT: Actually, I was recently introduced to the first. VERY enjoyable. My wife- who generally despises the stuff I read- also enjoyed the story. I may re-read it, just for fun. Thanks again!


      January 11, 2014 at 2:18 am

  3. A cop fired on a mini van full of kids? Boy if you don’t put this in context you really are an Alinskite. That’s the same as Hitler saying “and those commmies burned down the Reichstag.”


    January 11, 2014 at 12:19 am

    • I provided the link, so that you can see the whole story. Was the driver stupid? Most definitely. Did her actions justify the reckless actions of the cops? Absolutely NOT. I put that example out there, as an example that cops are recklessly endangering the lives of people, FOR NO GOOD REASON.

      The days of the cops as “good guys” are OVER. The “good guys” on the force work next to people they know are dangerous, abusive thugs. That they continue to work next to such vermin, gives tacit approval to thuggery. Which means they’re NOT the “good” guys, just the “not quite as bad” guys. Doesn’t that make you feel all better, now? Going strictly by the numbers, cops have killed more innocent people than were killed in Iraq. Almost DOUBLE the number of people killed on 9/11.


      January 11, 2014 at 2:14 am

      • So the woman has her son assualt the cops and then after ignoring their orders runs off and drives down the wrong side of the road endangering other innocent people. And you think the police OVEREACTED? That the police and not this woman ENDANGERED people’s lifes for no good reason?

        Man that is sick logic. The sort of thing Nancy Pelosi would utter if she had thought of it first.

        Now people who like to accuse cops of being such maniacs had better remember what happened in LA when they were depicted as such and the real animals decided to show the world how “real” men act. Civilization is a very thin veneer. We see it today, and if we didn’t have the cops you can count on Obama substituting his brownshirts.

        That may give you something to comlain about, after excusing the behavior of this reckless woman who endangered her children, the police, herself, and a hell of alot of innocent motorists because she was so coked up she couldn’t obey a simple traffic stop.


        January 12, 2014 at 2:16 am

    • He did put in the “context” of crystal clear. However, you made it much clearer that you are a sphincter sucking slave.


      January 12, 2014 at 3:06 am

    • Moreover, if I was a son witnessing the brutal beating of his mother by a jackbooted thug and traitor, I would most certainly be in his face with fists and then some.


      January 12, 2014 at 3:08 am

  4. Cops are pretty fearful people these days, it would seem. What would the result be if a homeowner, upon discovering unidentified persons dynamically entering his home at two a.m., shot and killed one or more and then said, ‘I was in fear of my life’? What if they are cops?

    Forget the double standard. There are lots of other things to think about, here.


    January 11, 2014 at 1:27 pm

  5. Many police agencies use the MMPI to find the right criminals!


    January 11, 2014 at 8:27 pm

  6. From Wikipedia:”The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) is the most widely used and researched standardized psychometric test of adult personality and psychopathology. Psychologists and other mental health professionals use various versions of the MMPI to…screen job candidates during the personnel selection process…”


    January 13, 2014 at 7:59 pm

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  8. […] THIS demonstrates how truly desperate the Feds are…  to demonize Cliven Bundy, his supporters, and anyone else who would DARE to question their “AUTHORI-TAH!” […]

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