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So We’re In For an Economic Collapse. NOW What?

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Someone asked the pertinent question, if we’re in for an economic collapse (SHTF), what can I possibly do to expatriate my money?

To reiterate from my last post, the banks and our alleged “representatives” are working to outlaw cash, make it so that all transactions are via electronic means.  This gives the police-state government the ability to track our expenditures and send the police if you withdraw too much of your own money… And it also gives the banks access to all your funds, so that they can steal your money when their bad gambling debts come due.

So storing our money in banks is a very foolish thing to do.

As I’d mentioned before, money is not just an exchangeable commodity for commerce.  “Good” money also has some intrinsic characteristics: it’s durable, and a store of wealth (or purchasing power).  It must also be easily divisible, easily transportable, and impossible to counterfeit.  This last part is why American dollars (and every other fiat currency) are not money, only “currency.”  Or if you really want to be precise, dollars are government-issued scrip.

Since paper dollars cost essentially nothing to produce, and electronic dollars cost literally nothing to produce, the last point of real money is lost, where dollars are concerned.  In other words, they are just like Weimar Germany Marks.


Let me state it plainly: dollars are not money, they are not a store of value, they are no more valuable than Monopoly money.  What does make dollars valuable in our current (death-spiraling) economy is the fact that we’re forced to use them “for all debts, public and private,” at the point of a government gun.

And make no mistake, the US Treasury is a counterfeiting operation.

Counterfeit is defined as “made in exact imitation of something valuable or important with the intention to deceive or defraud.”

The deception is that you think you’re getting a store of value, when you most definitely are not.  Because the government increases the money supply ~7% per year, your cash holdings are therefore being devalued by the same amount every year.  Blue is actual inflation- what you see when you go to the grocery store, when you pay your bills or buy other consumables.  The red is the government-manipulated statistics that the blow-dried talking-heads push every night, in main-stream media.

Now, notice that the numbers start to diverge in 1983.  What happened?  To put it simply, the government started understating actual inflation to short-change retirees and people on Social Security.  Lower stated inflation rate equals smaller cost-of-living adjustment (COLA), thus short-changing SS recipients and allowing the government to spend more money on other programs.  The deep-dive explanation is here.  Oh, and our alleged “representatives” also amended the law to make SS payments taxable income– another way for government to steal from those who’d already paid their taxes…  Nothing like completely screwing over the elderly.  Considering though, that SS taxes collected for 2014 were $855 billion and payments were $823 billion, the Ponzi scheme would already be bust if they hadn’t played this trick.

But like anything else, when you start lying about one thing, the lies spread to other areas, including the computations for GDP.  Indeed, current government data is not believed by thinking people.  Only the morons still accept this propaganda:

loon girl

Gold Purchasing Power Parity

Let’s take a little detour for a minute, and talk about the value of the dollar versus average wage/salary and the price of gold.  Were we to talk about nutritional value of a particular food, it would be measured against an “ideal” standard, namely the egg.  In economics the ideal measure is an ounce of gold, or more precisely, the price of an ounce of gold.  100 years ago, in 1915, an ounce of gold sold for  $20.67.  An average person earned $867 per year, or enough to buy 42 ounces of gold today.    The average income in 2014 was reported at $53,891.  If we blindly accept that the free-market gold price is $1205 (as of this writing), than the average wage earner can buy 45 ounces of gold, about the same as 100 years ago.  But because we already know that inflation numbers are understated, and that the true free-market price of gold should be somewhere around $3053/oz, our actual purchasing power parity is ~18 ounces of gold, about 42% of what it should be.

The average house in 1915 cost $3200 (155 ounces of gold); today the average house for April 2015 went for $219,400 (182 ounces of gold at current prices, but 72 ounces when gold is properly priced).  Notice that when government manipulates the gold prices, the “inflation-indexed” price (as referenced to gold) remains the same, while true market prices for gold would show the average price falling over time, as a function of more efficient construction logistics.

The Federal Reserve actively manipulates the price of gold, of that there can be no dispute.  They do this to prevent people from realizing the dollar is dead, and avoid a financial collapse.  YOU can take advantage of this fact by buying precious metals- both gold and silver- in the knowledge that when the dollar collapses, your wealth will not only be protected, you’ll increase your overall purchasing power by hold such PMs as compared to simply cash.


As I posted before, it’ll be important to have cash on-hand to pay your property taxes and mortgage, when everyone around you has had their funds stolen out of the banks for “bail-ins.”  At least you’ll be able to hold onto your property as repo-men attempt to seize the assets of your neighbors…  until armed resistance stops the repo-men or the currency collapses.  Afterwards, having PMs will be your fallback for whatever commerce you engage in.  If a new currency comes along, you’ll be able to buy that currency (if desired) with the instantly recognizable PMs you’ve saved…

Those that haven’t done so, those that merely survive on a government-doled subsistence, will go from having EBT cards, Social Security checks, welfare/WIC/whatever, that they can use at the local WalMart, to this:

From McMansions, to this:

I Don’t Have Much, But How Do I Protect What I HAVE?

So now we get back to the question: how to expatriate or somehow protect what we’ve earned and saved?  We know the banks are not going to protect us, and instead will steal our money with the blessing (if not downright assistance) of the Feds.

Two recent articles just came up on yesterday, discussing this exact question (here and here), and they suggest the same tactics I proposed:

  • Maximize your stored purchasing power in precious metals
  • Have 6 months worth of cash on-hand to pay your mortgage, utilities and property taxes until the currency collapses.
  • Keep only the minimum amount of cash needed in bank accounts.  Remove any surplus and keep it as cash or as precious metals.

It’s a simple rule that you have to remember:  Whether it’s cash, gold, silver, jewelry or diamonds, IF YOU DON’T HAVE PHYSICAL POSSESSION OF IT, YOU DON’T OWN IT. 

I do not recommend expatriating your money to another country or a bank account in another country; bankers are loyal only to money and power, and you (as the tiny customer) don’t represent enough money or power for them to respect and protect.  By expatriation of your wealth to another country, you have surrendered possession; you no longer own it, and whenever those who possess your wealth decide to, they’ll just take it, and that’ll be the end of that.

So…  how do you maintain possession of your wealth, under your personal control?  How do we keep it from being stolen by thieves (whether they wear a government costume or not)?

It’s time to go “old-school,” as in, “do what they did during the Great Depression.”  Hide money and precious in places where people wouldn’t think to look.  An excellent website on this subject is Money Hiding Spots From The Great Depression.  Taking these ideas and adapting them to your situation is the best way to protect your wealth.

I don’t recommend expatriating yourself to another country, as the upcoming economic collapse will be a global event; there’s no place to run, no place to hide.  Stay where you have the most people to work with as a “tribe,” where a group or small community can work together.  I have extended family in Russia, and the offer is on the table for my family to move there in a SHTF event.  But from my perspective, there are several problems with this:

  • The government is just as corrupt as in the USA; they’re just more overt about it.  This includes the police literally robbing you on the side of the road, versus the USA (where they include a “citation” and a “judge”).
  • My money would still be at risk of inflation/confiscation by the banks and government.
  • Ownership of precious metals is not allowed.
  • Private citizens cannot own firearms (technically possible, but impossible as a practical matter).
  • In a SHTF situation, outsiders (foreignors) are not typically welcomed with open arms.

So we stay.


I had previously mentioned the survivalist/prepper/zombie-attack websites; there are hundreds of websites dedicated to this subject.  It’s quite common to have discussion forums where people talk about their favorite “zombie” weapon, how to build an underground bunker, combat tactics and so on…  But the vast majority of such discussions are fantasyland gossip, with people somehow thinking that war, disease, starvation and death are somehow romantic.

Let’s face it, NONE of those things are romantic, and you’d have to be a fool to actually want to be in such circumstances.  But a lot of people still dream of this, God only knows why…

So, instead of referring to more insane forums like this, I’d like to point you to a blog that was published in 2008, by a guy named Ferfal Aguirre.  He lived through the financial collapse of Argentina in 2001.  While this blog has been up for a long time, the lessons are timeless, practical, and actionable.  In other words, he offers insights on a variety of subjects, with ideas that you can implement yourself, without spending a small fortune on.  Subjects like weapons, trading in grey/black markets, physical and financial security…  He also makes it clear that “romantic” notions of what’s coming are not just foolish, but flat-0ut dangerous.

Protect your wealth, using old-school, common-sense.  Do NOT trust anyone else with your money and valuables.

[Final caveat: I get a variety of trolls that want to knit-pick certain aspects of what I post, with regard to economic theories, gold to silver ratios, exact pricing for certain products that I use for examples, etc.  I’m not interested in debating minutia, any more than I want to debate whether blue is better than red.  I’m putting the general information out there for people to understand, so they can make informed decisions to best protect themselves.  I don’t get paid for this, I’m not selling anything or making any kind of a profit on what I post.  Honest questions will be honestly answered, trolls will be quickly deleted.]




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May 22, 2015 at 12:42 am

Economic Collapse Scenario- My Best Guess

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There are plenty of prepper websites, books and discussion forums out there, all of them discussing SHTF/WROL survival.  Some of them, such as the forum at, are very good.  And naturally, nearly all of them try to make a few bucks here and there, via advertising, selling books, knives, survivalist gear, “zombie” gear, and so on..  Great.  More power to them, in my not-so-humble opinion…  God help me, if I ever go mall-ninja-survivalist.


Today’s thoughts actually revolve around something that was asked of me to make, a sort of common-Joe’s view of what will happen should the Trans Pacific Partnership “trade” deal pass.  The truth is that nobody can do that, since the full details are held in strict secrecy (making me conclude that it’s NOT good for America, Americans or our wallets).   The TPP- like NAFTA and CAFTA- will result in the same thing:


Any questions?

Oh,  some details are leaking out- gun confiscations and ammo bans, the official torching of our Constitution and basically the end of America.  Our feckless leaders have sold out the country, and the only way to fix that fact, is with rope and lamp-poles.  Let’s face it;  the USA that we remember simply doesn’t exist any more.  Elvis has left the building, and we’re stuck picking up the tab.

And the tab, is what I can write about to some degree.  A little background on me: Bach.Sci. in Economics, MBA and a doctorate in Information Systems (not an IT degree, in reality it could be better termed “data analysis for command-and-control decisions).  Basically, I’m an economics geek, have been for 20 years, and the education really started when I finished school, and compared what is supposed to be, to what is.  No real surprise, the differences are stark.

I’ve discussed the Cyprus “bail-ins” that occurred a while back, in some detail.  The legal justifications have been adopted world-wide, and can be summarized as follows: “your money becomes the banks’ money as soon as you deposit it in your checking/savings account.”  You no longer own that money, you’re just an “unsecured creditor.”  So if the bank(s) get in trouble, such as during a bank-run, they can take your money, use it for whatever purpose they want (including nice bonuses to themselves), and you are now a stock-holder in a defunct/broke/zombie bank.  Kind of like this:


The natural response to that is to pull your money out of the bank, right?  And I said in the Cyprus essay, if you pull your cash, and buy tangibles or precious metals, this will cause the entire economy to collapse.

How do they intend to get around this problem, and make it so that that can steal ALL of your money (aka “bail-in”)?  Simple: make it “illegal” to use cash.  So you will NOW have to do all transactions in digital cash, they’ll have access to it (read that as “the ability to steal it), and they pay 0.01% interest on your checking account.  So basically, you GIVE them your money, they give you no paper interest (and with real inflation running at 7%) and YOU are paying THEM 7% to have the right to gamble with your money, and the right to steal your money when their gambles go bust… And their gambles WILL go bust, because the five biggest banks have $40 TRILLION in bad derivatives hanging out there (GDP of USA is $15T).

Speaking of these big banks, don’t forget, they will happily snitch you out to “Big Brother” if you dare to retrieve an unusual amount of cash…  They do NOT want you to pull their gambling funds….

I’ve also discussed here, that the dollar WILL collapse.  Everything I mentioned in that essay has been going right on schedule, and we’re closer than ever to a SHTF event.  Indeed, all the signs indicate that the SHTF event has already started…  As I mentioned in my last post, the Chinese bank AIIB has already been adopted by everyone who has any kind of functioning economy.   Notice the USA and Japan are not included in that list of countries signing on to the AIIB, mainly because the American and Japanese economies are no more functional than Africa, Italy or Greece, for that matter…  Yes, we’re in that deep of trouble…

An interesting aspect is that China has been sitting on some $1 trillion of U.S. debt in a variety of debt instruments.  They’ve been slowly selling off that debt to other countries (for American dollars, which is why the dollar has enjoyed a recent resurgence in exchange-strength; since the debt instruments are denominated in dollars, you have to sell them in dollars, creating a temporary demand for them).  Then, they take the worthless dollars, and use them to buy gold from all over the world, in quiet cash-transactions.  In this manner, especially in the past year, they’ve acquired a significant amount of gold, estimated anywhere between 3,510 tons of gold to more than 30,000 tons of gold.  In contrast, the US Treasury claims to possess 8172 tons of gold, and the problem with this claim is that when several allied countries have asked for their gold back, the Fed basically told them “we’re not going to deliver.”  Which means, of course, that either the gold is gone- stolen- or it’s legally encumbered…  the latter being a polite way of saying, there are multiple players claiming ownership to the same gold bullion.

Why does this matter?  Because a gold-backed currency is always preferable to a fiat currency, backed by nothing but blind faith in the issuing government.  But to have a gold-backed currency requires the issuing country of that currency to have an overwhelming majority of the gold…   A gold-back yuan (or renmimbi) will further undermine and collapse the dollar; everyone wants an asset that holds its value, as compared to an asset that depreciates every year.  China has stated this is one of their goals, and now it’s happening, exactly as I’d previously described (nice to know that Forbes agrees with my analyses, LOL).

I apologize for the boring economic analyses, but I will quickly finish one last point, and then we’ll connect all the various dots, and extrapolate possible outcomes.  In a previous post I flatly stated that the prices of gold and silver are artificially suppressed to make the dollar appear more valuable than it really is.   If it was able to be freely priced in the market- assuming a free market actually existed- we need only divide the number the number of dollars in circulation by the number of ounces mined to find what the REAL price of gold is in dollar-denominated terms.  [Keep in mind, this simple model ONLY works if the USA has the largest gold-holdings on the planet.]   Total M3 money supply (dollars) is estimated to be $17 trillion, and total gold mined =174,000 tons or 5,568,000,000 ounces.  [Notice that we can only estimate M3 money supply, as the government decided to no longer report these numbers as of 2006.]  Using this metric, we can conclude the actual price of gold (in American currency) should be $3,053 per ounce.  Compare that to the current price of $1,223/oz; the perceived value of the dollar is overstated by 60%

Now just imagine what will happen to the perceived value of the dollar as China announces they have large gold-reserves, compared to the laughable claims by the US Treasury that America has any gold left…?  When it becomes clear that American the gold has been stolen, the treasury is empty, and we have nothing left to back the dollar….?  It’s going to be a very bad day, when China backs the yuan with gold, effectively killing the last perceived value of the dollar…  people will flock to the yuan, and rush to dump their dollars as while they still have some value left…  And the value of the dollar will become its’ intrinsic value; a piece of paper with ink on it.  I suppose it’ll be good to start up the wood-stove…


So let’s discuss what will most likely happen during a collapse of the dollar, first as the worlds’ reserve currency, and then the complete devaluation of the dollar.  There are several different ways that China (and Russia) can torpedo the FRN:

  • China announces the yuan will be a gold-backed currency
  • China announces they will no longer accept dollars for international commerce
  • Saudi Arabia (now heavily backed by China) announces they will no longer accept dollars for oil
  • China and Russia announce they’re dumping all US debt instruments

Any one action will cause the slow collapse of the dollar; any combination will be an economic version of Pearl Harbor, but with far more devastating results.

There are many theories of what will happen, when the dollar falls.  At this point, I’m not going to link to them; they range from a hyperinflationary collapse and Mad-Max scenario, to deflationary depression of a similar nature to the Great Depression.  But either way, with most countries holding dollars as their foreign-currency reserves (especially the EU), the collapse of the dollar (or the Euro first, causing the collapse of the dollar) will be a cascading event that will wipe out the last vestiges of functioning economies throughout the Western world, and will most likely cause the collapse of the Chinese yuan and Russian ruble.  China, because their entire economy is built on manufacturing cheap shit that the Western world buys, and Russia because nobody will have money of any real value to purchase their oil and natural gas.

Any way it starts, prices for all consumable goods in the USA will go up by 300-400% almost overnight, as foreign exporters reject the dollar for trade.  Such exports will have to be purchased using other currencies, which will require increasingly valueless dollars to purchase so that the transactions can be made in a different currency.  Shale oil will suddenly become financially viable again (for a short time), as the price of oil will skyrocket.

Retail chains like Walmart will be crushed, as their prices will necessarily spike, and people revert to the basics; beans and band-aides.  Those who are on a fixed income (retirees, welfare and EBT recipients) will quickly discover that while they may still have money, it’s not enough to put gas in the tank of their car, much less food on the table for their kids or themselves, and be instantly impoverished.

The Fed will try to make the dollar attractive to foreign investors, by raising interest rates; a case of too little, too late.  This move will collapse the housing and stock markets, the latter losing 40-50% of their value over a period of maybe two weeks, fatally wounding the too-big-to-fail (too-big-to-jail) banks, who’ve relied on no-interest loans from the Fed to gamble insane amounts of “free” money in a vain attempt to earn a “profit” in a rigged market.  The skyrocketing prices of products such as food and gasoline, combined with the Fed raising interest rates, will result in the biggest real-estate crash in history, causing banks to repo homes from delinquent borrowers, in a vain attempt to recoup some cash.   This will be the coup de grace for the banksters, wiping them out as any REO properties will sell for maybe 20-30 cents on the book dollar, forcing the banks to document their massive losses.  The banksters will perform government-approved “bail-ins,” stealing depositor money in a vain attempt to forestall the inevitable, and the FDIC- assuming they haven’t already been wiped out covering the first losses- will look the other way, as the in-your-face banks thefts occur.

As the now-unwanted dollars come flooding back to America from all over the world, consumers will attempt to use them to purchase the necessities of life, driving the prices higher, and increasing the demand for more dollars from consumers.  This will quickly lead first to high inflation, and then to hyperinflation, as more and more dollars chase after a dwindling supply of goods.  The raising of interest rates by the Fed will not slow the stampede from the dollar; a gold-backed currency will be infinitely more appealing to the wealthy, than to even consider a collapsing FRN.  Instead, the increased interest rate (both Fed induced and market-induced) will cause the Federal government to be unable to keep rolling over their debt instruments as they mature, causing the government to default on more and more debt instruments; borrowing costs will go ballistic, until they quickly reach a point where total revenues collected by the U.S. government will be insufficient to pay the interest on existing debt, much less fund anything like Social Security, Medicare, government pensions or military/NSA/CIA activities.  Military service men and women will be left stranded in military bases spanning the globe with no funding, no food supplies and no fuel to get them home.

At home, riots will break out in every major city that has a significant population dependent on government handouts, as the handouts eventually stop, and the government defaults on the “entitlement” crowd.  In response, the government will attempt to crack down on agitators, “terrorists” and anyone else who doesn’t allow the government to “save” us with martial law, the confiscation of all assets, money, property and even your labor (in accordance with various Obama executive orders).  The collapse of all money-based commerce will lead to further riots, as the impoverished who’ve lost everything, demand vengeance, and this will lead to Civil War II.  It’ll be the government against the people (whoever hasn’t already died of starvation, in the riots or at the hands of government troops).

Contrary to the generally accepted idea that having no debts will save you, there will be a LOT of winners when the collapse of the dollar occurs; those individuals who were under the heaviest debt-loads, such as college graduates, home buyers who had mortgages, people who bought expensive cars on credit.  The massive amount of devalued dollars floating around in the market will allow them to easily pay off their debts, while those who diligently saved their pennies  will have their savings confiscated by the banks or watch the purchasing power of those savings reduced to absolute zero.  It will also hurt those who worked so hard to pay off their houses, as their perceived “investment” will be wiped out, and they will be on parity- if not worse- than those whose debts will be erased by the currency collapse.

Those who will fare best will be those who keep a large amount of cash in their physical possession so as to pay bills (such as a mortgage and property taxes) and keep your assets until the banks- and eventually the currency- collapse.  Until the currency collapse occurs, having significant cash in your possession (at least 4-6 months of your total current expenses) will allow you to purchase merchandise/food/ammunition/guns as needed; remember, the bail-ins will wipe out almost everyone else who was stupid enough to leave their money in the bank.

'... Well, if I were moving to Cyprus, I'd put all of my money into mattresses.'

After the currency collapses, I would guess that silver and gold will become the medium of exchange for larger transactions.  Gold will necessarily increase in perceived value per ounce, but silver will increase at least triple the perceived value increase in gold.  By that, I mean it historically took 15 ounces of silver to purchase what would cost one ounce of gold.  Right now, the silver/gold ration is 72:1.  So as markets revert to precious metals, those that rely on silver more than gold for a store of purchasing power will see an effective “profit” of at least 480%.  There are reasons to argue the silver price will achieve parity- if not exceed- the price of gold, due to a variety of factors.

The above snapshot is my personal opinion of the most likely outcomes, given my advanced education of economics combined  with extensive historical research, observing the behavior of our current crop of “representatives” in DC, objective analysis of both the Federal Reserve and of the Chinese banking systems, analyzing the moves they’re making, and extrapolating logical outcomes.

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TPP + Jade Helm 15 = Civil War

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A lot has happened since I last wrote anything here; the continued attempts to provoke Russia into a European war (and Putin masterfully avoiding said attempts, while demonstrating the overt hypocrisy of the Western countries), and the failed attempts to isolate the Chinese Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (as shown by the picture below).


As well, people are becoming aware of the continued economic decline of the USA despite all propaganda efforts by the government and MSM; indeed, actual GDP has been in negative territory since ~2005. The propaganda efforts cannot hide reality.   2/3 of Americans know we’re heading in the wrong direction. When the MSM actually publishes prepper “how to survive an apocalypse” articles, you start to grok that preppers aren’t so crazy, and that the MSM has been forced to (finally) print the truth. Now, many “alternative” economists (i.e., those NOT lined up at the government trough) are screaming that you need to protect your wealth NOW, before the TSHTF.

All the signs point to the same conclusion: the American empire is dying, and the complete collapse of the dollar is imminent (see here, here, here and here).

From a high-level perspective, what exactly happens when the currency collapses? For the power-elite, they will know ahead of time (just as happened during the 1929 crash) and get their money out, or manipulate the system to go from being merely rich to obscenely rich. For those within government who use government-created digital dollars to buy favors/kick-backs/bribes, the collapse of value will destroy their power, and they will be left high and dry. For the normal people on the street, they will no longer be able to purchase anything using currency, much like what happened during the Weimar hyperinflation or (even worse) Hungary, suffer extreme poverty and starve.

While the truly wealthy will be happy to prolong the current situation as long as possible (since they can milk the Federal Reserve until the very end), they have no particular need to crash the system, as long as they can take advantage of Cantillon effect in the current game. That is, as long as they get access to the money first and can take advantage of its purchasing power before it’s inflated away, they’ll continue to reap profits. Government drones and lackeys will want to prolong the game as long as possible, because when it’s over, so are they.

This brings us to the current military exercises in the Southern USA, called Jade Helm 15. Some very interesting aspects to it, most notably its scale; it’s the biggest military “training” operation ever conducted within the USA, and directly involves active involvement from all levels of government and law-enforcement, from federal agencies (FBI, DHS, etc.) down to local law-enforcement, with the armed forces blending in with the public, so that they can practice “snatch and grab” operations. The territory covered is best shown by a quick map:


Notice how the entire Southern border is completely covered? Does anything about this strike you as somewhat odd?

Next, we Obama pushing for “fast-track” passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, another supposed “trade deal” like NAFTA and CAFTA (which have done so much to help the USA, by shipping all manufacturing out of the country, and impoverishing literally millions of American workers). Despite their best efforts to keep details of TPP secret, they are getting out via wikileaks, and the latest details are stunning: “Gun import bans … Microstamping of firearms … Ammunition bans … The full implementation of the anti-gun UN Arms Trade Treaty … Illegal amnesty which locks in millions of new, anti-gun voters.” Indeed, the banning of all weapons is the stated goal of the U.N. “In New York, right here on our own shores, we’ve got a Trojan horse. They won’t accept U.S. firearms policy. They want to take the decision away from the U.S. electorate and undermine our Constitution.” Ambassador Faith Whittlesey, US Delegate to UN Small Arms Conference, January 2012.

The TPP will effectively strip the USA of her sovereignty, and the Constitution will be a historical footnote (if they get their way).

IF Obama is successful in pushing through the fast-track adoption of the TPP (with its hidden gun-confiscation and unlimited immigration from the Southern border, I would imagine everyone legally living on the North side of the border is going to be highly pissed that the floodgates have suddenly been opened to every parasite in the world, and even more pissed off that the antigun agenda is being forced down their throats. But with Jade Helm going on in the exact same area, that “training operation” can quickly become a full-on military operation, complete with UN ambulances, armed trucks and tanks.

jadehelm15 ambulence

jadehelm15 armored truck

jadehelm15 humvee

jadehelm15 tanks

Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself, why would they intentionally provoke a massive uprising by ramming through TPP now, and then having the military move against those who are pissed off? Why take the risk?

The answer is best summarized- of all things- by a quote from the movie Independence Day:

“It’s like in chess: First, you strategically position your pieces and when the timing is right you strike.”

If economic collapse occurs, there are no assurances that the power elite will retain their power. It’ll be a dicey thing, and there’s no way to know how the military and government lackeys will react, when they realize there will be no more paychecks coming in digitized dollars. But if the power-elite light the match themselves, they may be able to control the situation, retain power and become even more wealthy.

I think there is a very real possibility that the TPP will be forced through, allowing the floodgates to open on the Southern border, and gun confiscation to begin in earnest. I further believe that the successful passage of the TPP will result in another Civil War, and the people that will suffer first will be those who live close to the Southern border; the same exact areas where the Jade Helm troops are now deployed. It is debatable whether, in such a situation, the troops will be there to protect the flood of people coming across the Southern border, or whether they will be deployed to “snatch-and-grab” the leading voices of dissent against a treasonous action as TPP represents. I suspect a bit of both will happen, should it come to that…

The only way I see this being avoided, is the wholesale repudiation of the TPP.

Watch what happens in the next few months very carefully. If I’m right, things are going to get exciting very soon.

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