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UN Arms Treaty: Will the Senate RATIFY It?

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Every once in a while, when I’m taking in the latest news (always from alternative media, never MSM) an epiphany hits me, with an almost physical force. Yesterday it happened again.

The global economy is now starting it’s collapse; China down 35% despite dumping $200B of US Treasuries to get cash to inject into their own market, with the government literally buying worthless stocks to keep the indices up (and clearly failing), the US stock market in a stomach-roiling rollercoaster ride where the tracks are broken and the final encounter with gravity assured, and the EU economy is collapsing (Greece and all her debts- and Damocles’ sword derivatives- are still there).

The problem can be summed up in a single word: debt.

There is literally so much debt out there- from the home-owner (or more precisely “home-OWER”) to the car-buyer, to the student with $100k of student loans for a worthless Bachelor’s degree, all the way up to governments around the world, which rely on centralized banking.

Understand, the debt levels are so high just in the USA, that the government could confiscate every dollar worth of real or personal property, and tax 100% of the earnings you make each year (until the day you die), and they will still be hopelessly bankrupt. Confiscating the wealth of the 1% (or even the top 10%) would be a drop in the bucket.

Some of the alternative news economic analysts have flatly stated that the popping of the bubble this time will be worse than anything anyone alive has ever witnessed.  The 2008 panic is a minor glitch in comparison, and the 1929-40 Great Depression will look like a walk in the park.  The impacts of this economic collapse will be Biblical in nature…


[There is literally no currency which is safe, no fund or bank where your savings and retirement accounts can’t be seized, no way to avoid being robbed by your own “representatives.”  Having cash won’t help too much, because the purchasing power of physical cash will be inflated away to nothingness (like Weimar Germany).  Your ONLY hope is to hold precious metals, however you can get them…]

IF you have money in retirement funds, 401k, IRAs, whatever, my personal advice is to “get it OUT, while you still have something to pay a “penalty” on.  Wait, and you’ll have nothing whatsoever.  Take the cash, buy precious metals, tangibles that the government can’t manipulate and steal with sleazy magic-tricks.  If .gov doesn’t KNOW what you have, they can’t STEAL what you have…

At this point, the U.S. government has one of three options, similar to Monty Hall, in “Let’s Make a Deal.”

  1. Declare bankruptcy, repudiate all debts, promises to retirees and tell the creditors to go pound sand (will crush the elites but normal people will survive after a rough spell),
  2. Inflate the currency into worthlessness (which will keep the elites in power, but crush normal people), or
  3. Create a war and hope the distraction (combined with a war-time economy) will make normal people forget that the elites are the ones that GOT us in this mess.

My guess is our so-called “representatives” will go with door #2 AND door #3.

Door #2 is easy; it’s what they’ve been doing for a long time. And now that the recession has turned very much deflationary, they’re gonna’ spool up the printing presses (figuratively speaking, since damn-near ALL money is digital these days; cheaper to create, MUCH easier to steal from your bank accounts in a “bail-in”).  And if they can somehow make physical cash illegal, ALL of your cash will available to steal.

Door #3 will be the last desperate gasp, taken before the population goes Louis-XVI on them, in an “off with their heads” party…

WHO will the war be with?  Why, dear reader, the war will most likely be with YOU, if you own guns.

You see, the “anointed won,” dear Barack Hussein Obama (real name “Barry Soetero”)  had his celebrated emissary John “Herman Munster” Kerry sign the UN Small Arms Treaty on Wednesday, August 26, 2015, despite the Senate saying they will NOT ratify it. (It was signed before in 2013, without ratification of the Senate.)

Given the proclivities of the US Senate to honor their pledges (like defund Obamacare, stop the legalization of MILLIONS of illegal alien invaders, and so on), it would seem that the Senate is less interested in working in the interests of the country, as they are lining their own pockets.

I suspect that the Senate WILL ratify the UN Small Arms Treaty.

WHY? Because the gun-owners, even those that are still largely asleep and ignorant of the true scale of theft and corruption by our government, will suddenly be VERY aware within the next few months, as the economy makes that final gurgle in the bottom of the toilet. Those same armed- and now aware- gun owners will the ONLY ones capable of eradicating the collection of whores, thieves and liars in our halls of government, the ONLY ones with the means to complete such a mission. In other words, once the final “reset” button is pressed, the lives of the elitists won’t be worth a squirt of warm piss in a cold outhouse; the elitists will have NOTHING left to lose.

YOU are now the enemy.  Kerry said “This is about keeping weapons out of the hands of terrorists and rogue actors.”   Of course, we’ve already seen the .gov documents, where anyone who disagrees with the government or questions the legitimacy of the government is a potential terrorist.  So YOU are the rogue actor, YOU are the terrorist…

By making those that can defend themselves with weapons a “criminal” class that the government can vilify and then physically attack, the 2/3 of the country that have no weapons (and no brains) will cheer the newest “enemy.” Hell, it wouldn’t surprise me if gun-owners are blamed for the collapsed economy.

If you look at it from the elitist point of view, there are no downsides, only upsides to such a move. If it takes 90% of the active military to wrest the weapons away from all Americans, so what? After all, the military will (sooner or later) have to be far more tightly controlled with access to weapons (which may be turned on the elites) highly restricted. No honor among thieves, dontcha’ know…?

Watch the Senate very closely on any debate of UN Small Arms Treaty. If they DO ratify it, not only will it (finally) rip the mask off the Republican party, but it will be an open declaration of war on ALL gun owners, everywhere.


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August 29, 2015 at 12:29 am

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  1. WHAT does it take to make everyone realize YOUR GOVERNMENT HAS SOLD YOU OUT,dead bodies in the street??pieces of children on the sidewalks?Being taken to a fema death camp and have your head chopped off??WHAT DOES IT TAKE???


    August 10, 2016 at 6:25 pm

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