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Will British Stoicism Be Enough?

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Imagine the times… Great Britain was under threat by a totalitarian regime, bent on conquering the entire continent and making them submit to a singular plan that included their own destruction. This despicable regime was busily engulfing most of Europe, and Britain was the last hope standing against the might of invaders bent on their destruction.

Efforts at appeasement had failed, and aggressive, radical forces were arrayed against her. Survival of what was to come- an impending attack by foreign invaders- was uncertain.

Chamberlain Declares “Peace for Our Time,” 75 Years Ago ...

Within a few short months, Europe had all but fallen, overwhelmed by fanatics so bent on destruction that they slaughtered everyone in their path. Whole families were executed or enslaved, cities over-run, governments toppled. Anyone who resisted was summarily executed.

Freedom seemed a dim hope, against the seemingly unstoppable forces arrayed against this small but proud nation.

Aerial bombardment had been predicted, indeed it was expected. Of the 9 million inhabitants of London alone, casualty predictions by British experts and psychologists were 1 million physical casualties and three times that number in psychological trauma. Societal collapse was expected.

Then came The Blitz; aerial bombardment on a massive scale, designed to wipe out the manufacturing capabilities of England. Towns and cities, London were systematically targeted for destruction. In one memorable stretch of 57 days, England was bombed 56 times.

People in Coventry walk to work past smouldering piles of rubble after a bombing raid in 1940.

This lead to a battle for air superiority, an aerial war to defend the UK. It started out as a war of attrition. But the brave pilots of the Royal Air Force inflicted such heavy casualties upon the German Luftwaffe that they turned to night-bombing, in an attempt to reduce their losses.

The British fighter pilots had fought off The Blitz, and the Germans, whose planned invasion “Operation Sea Lion,” never materialized.

The British people, famous for the staunch “stiff upper lip,” never lost morale. In fact, their stoicism during the onslaught is now famous. The expected shell-shock from the German bombing campaigns never materialized. The amazing morale also translated into workers taking on longer shifts and contributing money to the “Spitfire fund,” to help the war effort. Seemingly unaffected by the Blitz, they never lost hope, never gave up, never surrendered.

Tube Blitz

The British, with their indomitable spirit, were the foundation for the eventual victory over Germany. They endured incredible hardship and a seemingly hopeless situation, and were victorious in the end. Their unbreakable spirit made the mere 21-mile jaunt across the English Channel to invade a fools’ errand for the Germans, despite their military superiority. The ferocious resistance by the British finally convinced the Germans to abandon their plans for invasion in late 1940.

Today, Britain faces a new threat, a totalitarian regime that is essentially identical to that of Nazi Germany.

This enemy, like Nazi Germany before her, intends to bend the UK to the will of distant bureaucrats, and crush them if they do not. Like before, the UK has chosen to resist; BREXIT.

But the bureaucrats of the European Union will not take “no” for an answer; they demand the UK accept “refugees” without question. They buy or blackmail politicians to support them; those that resist are removed, since the Parliamentary system is easy to manipulate with a small but determined minority.

The bureaucrats have mobilized THEIR army, middle-Eastern refugees, men of military age, Islamic, and fundamentally incompatible with Western civilization. The EU invading army suffer from low IQ levels and extreme aggression due to generations of familial in-breeding, and are studiously indoctrinated in the tenets of Islam, a religion which literally translated means “submission.”

Submission to THEIR rules, their culture, their God. The choices under Islam are “Jizyah,” a tax paid by nonbelievers (where you’re treated like a 2nd-class citizen), conversion to Islam, or death.

There are no other options.

The abuses of women by these invaders are well documented, wherever they’ve gone. It is no exaggeration, not hyperbole when these “refugees” are referred to as “rape-fugees,” as these mentally incapacitated individuals are taught that women NOT wearing the Islamic Hijab are fair game for rape, torture or murder. They are “asking” for it, by not covering, is the thinking by such individuals.

This invading army of “refugees” is not seeking refuge. Their goal is the conversion of all of the UK to Islam, to submit to Sharia law, in all its splendor (and depravity and death).

Image result for britain islamic refugees

It is the planned destruction of ALL Western cultures who would resist the EU bureaucrats; better to rule over mentally retarded religious zealots, than to lose power to the intelligent, aware citizenry of Western European nations.

The Islamic invasion of Great Britain is as much of a threat to the country as Operation Sea Lion was, during The Blitz.

I would argue more-so, since the Islamic invaders use the political systems of their intended victims against them; the result is enablers and protectors of the most vile crimes, rapes and murders, by Islamic “politicians” such as Sadiq Khan.

Image result for sadiq khan

Khan did not run for office as the Mayor of London to further the best interests of London residents and British subjects; he is there to provide political cover for the invaders, and to ensure that no effective resistance to the invasion can occur. This subtle treason is white-washed by a cowed and compliant media, and any who would challenge his seeming ineptitude miss the fact that his actions are quite purposeful and malevolent.

Like Justin Trudeau, another corrupt and amoral clown, Khan plays a bungler, seemingly unable to grasp the corrosive effects of the policies he pushes, and the people he lets run rampant. Khan uses every trick there is to defend the invaders, the rapists, the murderers. Indeed, his loyalties lie with them. His HEART is with them. He is a Muslim extremist, bent on the destruction of the entire United Kingdom.  Khan is a traitor, willing to sacrifice the lives of every innocent, to blood-thirsty animals.

If the Islamic invasion of the UK succeeds, the results will be untold deaths of men; women and children will either be sold into slavery, or dispatched when their tormentors are bored with torturing them. The country will fall under Sharia Law; the streets will be red with the blood of millions of innocents.

And they ENJOY torturing and killing those that don’t submit, in the most gruesome of ways:

In 1939, Adolf Hitler had designs to eradicate the British, and take over. There would be no room for anyone other than Germans. He threw everything he had at the British, and not only did they endure, they became stronger, fought back, and eventually crushed the fascists.

We are now witnessing the British endure another threat, with the same goals; eradication of all things British.

This time the politicians side with the enemy; treason writ large.

Once again, the British people must not only endure, but fight back, and crush not only the invading forces, but also their enablers.

They’re faced with the same choice as nearly three generations ago; fight or die.

I hope they start fighting, before it’s too late.

Written by Capitalist Eric

May 3, 2018 at 3:41 am

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