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Chinese Coronavirus update 4/8/20

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I tend to be a person who examines every situation starting with the worst-case scenario and working my way back. This tends to make me a “doom-and-gloom” kind of guy, but above all else, I follow the data.

In my last post that I published three weeks ago, I said flat-out,

The ONLY way I see, to break this cycle, is the much-discussed lock-down of the USA, for at least six weeks…  That covers the 5-day incubation time, the (at maximum) 27 days of running around with no symptoms while still being contagious, and the (up to) 11 days of suffering the effects and either living or dying, 44 days.  Anything less…  and we’re going to be in big trouble, and SOON.

We’ve GOT to break the model.”

I didn’t know if they’d actually go through with it; politicians, by their nature, tend to NOT have the stones to actually decide anything or lead anyONE, relying instead on their masterful ability to straddle every issue and be committed to nothing, aside from their desire for power. So I was rather surprised at how wide-spread the quarantine efforts have been, amongst these United States…

How’s it working?

The quarantine efforts- while odious by their very nature, and seeming to play to those fascistic tendencies in politically left-leaning politicians and their acolytes- are doing the job.

Through the 4th week of March, the growth of the virus, both in the USA and globally, has been very fast- doubling every ~4.25 days. But since 3/26, the rate of newly diagnosed cases has started to decrease overall, now with the # doubling in the USA about every 7 days, and ~8 days globally. Using the same charts I was before, you see where the # of infected doubled every 4.25 days, and now where the growth has slowed, flattening against the predicted numbers.

coronavirus spread_world_4_8_20

coronavirus spread USA_4_8_20

At the very least, it’s bought us through the end of April (at current growth rates) before the hospitals are overwhelmed, almost two extra weeks. And time is very much a resource in short supply, especially if you happen to be one of the people infected with this. While I’m no epidemiologist or other expert on infectious diseases, I would guess the lack of social interaction is having the biggest impact.

Here is an excellent article on how this virus operates, which I suggest everyone take a look at.  It explains how the current treatments are less than ideal, and why hydroxychloroquine is a viable solution. It seems a logical, no-nonsense explanation.

Overall, it now appears that the direct impacts of the virus won’t be nearly as bad as initial numbers predicted.

The next few weeks are going to be extremely difficult, for a LOT of people… The hospitals will most likely be over-run with the sick and the dying; the continued growth pretty much assures this will be the case. But where the virus is concerned, there is reason for optimism.

What happens with the economy, after this is all said and done…? Now that’s not something I’m particularly optimistic about…

The only measure of satisfaction I feel at this point, is in the knowledge that China- despite their propaganda, lies and misdirection about this virus from day-1, are going to be paid back dearly for their behavior.  ANY government that will burn its own people alive, needs to be… retired.

Karma, bitches.

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April 8, 2020 at 10:24 am

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