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If You Will Not Fight…

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Hello, all.  Yes, I’m STILL alive.  First post in, what, 17 months and change…? 

Please allow me mental wandering, before I move to my main point…

It’s been a LONG time since I wrote anything down, ever since the COVID bullshit hit.  Like many, I got sucked in by the phony numbers, and concluded that the “flatten the curve” idea had some merit.  Never did it occur to me that the whole fucking thing was completely scripted back in 2017.  Or that the “vaccines” use patented technology from China, dated back to at least 2010

Then they come out with the mRNA “vaccines,” which the data now shows is far more dangerous than COVID-19.  [To be transparent, I had it in March of 2020.  My boss- easily 100# overweight, older and with comorbidities- was “fully vaccinated” in April 2021, and dead six weeks later…  of COVID.  The last ten days of his life was spent on a ventilator.]  I’m not inclined to take the medical version of Nancy Pelosi’s “we have to pass the bill to find out what is in the bill…”  Umm, sorry, NO.  Nor will I allow my family to be injected with any of this new experimental technology that even the inventor says “are very dangerous.”

Worse, the FDA rubber-stamped the Emergency Use Authorization of the different brands, even though they knew full-well that the spike proteins in the vaccines were exceedingly dangerous, and had the hard data to prove it.  But hey, “show me the MONEY,” yeah?

The whole thing has stunk to high heaven, and we all KNOW it.  Add in the stolen 2020 election, where the pants-shitting Alzheimer’s case Joe Xi-Den was installed- an owned BITCH of the Chinese government- is doing everything he can (along with his fake administration) to tear down the USA, piece by piece.  Where the puppet-POTUS is concerned, how many times can you make not only the wrong decision, but the WORST possible decision on policy, before the trend is no longer incompetence, and actually treason?  Asking for a friend…

So, let’s re-cap, shall we?

Our government has been stolen by blatant, “I’m gonna’ piss in your face and you’re gonna’ LIKE it” FRAUD.  Anti-American, commie scumbags have flocked to Xi-Den’s banner like flies to shit, and are working feverishly to WRECK what’s left of our country… 

The border patrol people are now forced to import every parasite (and wannabe terrorist) that comes to our Southern border, and we not only let them go, we give them money and a fucking AIRLINE ticket to (name your city here). 

We handed Afghanistan back to the Taliban and some $8 BILLION in military hardware, as a sloppy wet kiss on the cheek.  Who GAF about the 13 military people killed at the end? Who GAF about the thousands of Americans literally deserted, to be tortured and killed? Not THIS government. You’re ALL expendable, so SHUT up…

Our energy sector is being systematically shut down; pipelines taken offline, refineries not allowed to work, “green energy” being the only acceptable form allowed- even on rainy days. This winter is going to be a bitch, not just because it’s winter, but because people are going to be in for a rude awakening when it gets cold… IF they don’t freeze to death, first.

The bogus PCR tests are used as justification to shut down any businesses that produce ANYTHING of significance, stop imports, prevent truckers from delivering goods and food. Ranchers are being forced to kill their cattle and let them rot where they lay, farmers forced to till their crops under rather than harvest them.  The net result in an intentionally-created supply-chain breakdown, and purposefully created food shortages…

Our kids are being taught racist bullshit designed to confuse them, make them have self-loathing, look at their families and parents with shame, and then…  hand over their wallets before baring their necks to the predators who wish to profit from such… propaganda. Our kids are being forced to endure ‘drag queen story hour,’ given by convicted pedophiles. And how DARE you question it!?!

And anybody, ANYBODY who questions any of the policies mentioned above, or their negative effects?  Then the DOJ now says you’re a TERRORIST, and we’re going to deploy the full weight of the police-state against you.

ALL of this shit happening in just 20 months. 

And through it all, I’ve kept silent, because…  what could I say that hasn’t already been said by a variety of other, far more articulate people than myself?  The last time I opened my yap, it was to fall for the same shit that everyone ELSE did…  “Two weeks to flatten the curve…”  Feh.

So, I’ve been watching and listening, trying to make sense of it all…  Alex Jones and Infowars (who predicted ALL of this 15 years ago) suddenly didn’t seem so crazy, eh?  [It was one of his interviews that tipped me off in 2/2020 that the virus was coming, what it could mean, and gave me a 6-week lead time to get prepped, shelves stocked, etc.  We were supplied and ready for SHTF when everyone else decided to stock up on toilet paper.  Heh.  A month early is better than a day late.]

It is beyond contestation, that our government is working with outside forces- governments, NGOs, globalists, Deep-State actors…  and CHINA…  to destroy the USA from within.  They’re pushing a globalist agenda of depopulation, as exemplified by the globalist-built Georgia Guidestones, where the #1 goal is “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”  Which means ~94% of the people of Earth- by their logic- would need to die.

Since the COVID-19 virus has an exceedingly small fatality rate, essentially zero unless you’re already at Death’s door, the genetically-engineered virus wasn’t the dangerous boogey-man that the media hyped it up to be.  The hype from the beginning was to make you think it was, so that when they came out with the new miracle-drug from Big Pharma, you’d go sprinting to your local hospital to get jabbed.  And for a lot of people, this worked.  After the initial run of sheeple started to dribble off, they next turned to jingoism, then bribes, then threats, and finally coercion.

Big surprise, the mRNA vaccines are FAR more deadly than that boogey-man COVID.  Because they’re not vaccines, they’re essentially a slow-acting poison.  Basically, IF you survive the first few weeks after the jab(s), they open the door for any physical issues you may have had dormant in your body, and they unchain them from your immune system.  It’s like putting Miracle-Grow on the weeds in your garden, instead of weed-killer. 

Of course, if you don’t have any underlying conditions (such as in a person <18 years of age), the spike-proteins in the shots will create their own nasty surprises- blood clots, myocarditis, respiratory issues, strokes, heart-attacks, uncontrolled bleeding and/or vaginal ulcers in women, sterility, etc.  I’ve seen reports on kids as young as five years-old getting the jab(s) and dropping dead of myocarditis or heart-attacks within a few days to a few weeks.  [I won’t go into why anyone would be so insane as to ‘jab’ a child with ZERO chance of death from COVID.]

There are documents out there which show the CDC knew about these effects, in early 2020.  There are emails in 2019 showing Fauci funded and directed the creation of the virus, so that he could make a fortune on the vaccines.  There is a mountain of data that shows these “vaccines” are killing people, setting those up who didn’t drop dead immediately for their demise within (at most) 3 years, but probably much sooner, due to “Antibody Dependent Enhancement” (ADE).  It’s all out there… ALL OF IT, and yet the MSM, social media and our government march in unison, telling a unified, unassailable message of “you MUST take it or you can’t work, you can’t eat, you’ll be destroyed by US.”

Logical question:  If the clot-shots are demonstrated to have no actual benefit but a documented risk of severe injury or death, then in what circumstances would a government force a population to take something that willkill them?

Answer: They are actively working to kill the population.  A modern version of General Jeffrey Amherst giving the Native Americans some nice warm blankets (the smallpox is merely an “undocumented feature,” dont’cha know…) 

Again, our government, by every means at their disposal, is making war on American citizens.

I thought American Patriots would finally get off their asses, and get busy ventilating the crania and/or chest-cavities of traitors after the blatant fraud that passed for the 2020 election.  <<< Crickets >>>

I thought maybe American Patriots would finally get off their asses, and get busy ventilating the crania and/or chest-cavities of traitors after the Supreme Court showed their true nature by refusing to hear the Texas case challenging the election results in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, due to a “lack of standing.”  This effectively ended the contract known as the Constitution of the United States of America.  What happened?  <<< Crickets >>>

The January 6 debacle was a foregone conclusion to be a complete cluster-fuck, when Trump told Patriots to go to DC unarmed.  What have Patriots done since?  <<< Crickets >>>


I often listen to Alex Jones at Infowars, and he’s stated repeatedly, in every way possible, that if enough people simply stand up and say “no, this and NO FURTHER,” that the globalists will somehow slink away, somehow be stopped, somehow stop pushing their agenda.  I confess, I’ve never understood this logic.  People committing mass murder aren’t stopped by negative PR, as the results of the last six months of “NOT-VAXX” victims conclusively demonstrate.  You don’t stop a tyrant by using “legal” means, when said tyrant is actively breaking the law by murdering millions of people.  By using lethal force, by taking up arms and eliminating the traitors in our midst, claims Jones, we fall into their trap.  “It’s what they WANT us to do.” 

But there’s a logical problem I couldn’t put my finger on, until today, when I watched the Charlie Kirk video, where a guy gets up and says, “When do we get to use the guns?”  I stumbled across this on the Mark Steyn website.  The full video is HERE.

Part of the interchange:

AUDIENCE MEMBER: When do we get to use the guns? No, and I’m not — that’s not a joke. I’m not saying it like that. I mean, literally, where’s the line? How many elections are they going to steal before we kill these people?

KIRK: I’m going to denounce that and I’m going to tell you why. Because you’re playing into all their plans and they’re trying to make you do this… They are trying to make you do something that will be violent that will justify a takeover of your freedoms and liberties, the likes of which we have never seen. We are close to have –

AUDIENCE MEMBER: They’re already doing it.

KIRK: Hold on. We are close to have momentum to be able to get this country back on a trajectory using the peaceful means that we have at us… They fear us holding the line with self-control and discipline, taking over school board meetings. They are the ones that are willing to use federal force against us.

And I know that people get fired up. We are living under fascism. We are living under this tyranny. But if you think for a second that they’re not wanting you to all of a sudden get that next level where they’re going to say, OK, we need Patriot Act 2.0. If you think that, you know, Waco is bad, wait until you see what they want to do next.

This is a non sequitur fallacy- the conclusion does not logically follow from the premise.

The government is making war on us.  They’re trying to force us to take poison shots, so that we die.  NOW they’re coming for our kids, from 5-12.  They won’t be able to go to school, be outside, be on a bus, won’t be able to LIVE, unless we allow our kids to be poisoned. 

The audience member asks a legitimate question, and the answer is “if we fight back it’ll get worse.”


Says Mark Steyn, “Mr Kirk is trying to thread a difficult needle here: “We are living under fascism” and “tyranny”, but it is not yet time for getting out the guns.”

Yeah, no shit.  He’s trying to fit an Elephant through the eye of a needle. 


I’d seen something about this before.  Sun Tzu, “The Art of War.”  If you have a copy, I suggest you go read it, and compare the war being waged against American citizens, to the tactics and strategies laid out in the book.  But what struck me, was this passage:

To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.

Consider, the entire “justice” department strategy in the last decade hasn’t been to pursue criminals, but a two-fold agenda of promoting Globalist initiatives and using intimidation tactics such as false-flags, infiltration and FBI-led “plots” to keep Patriot groups intimidated and afraid to step up. [Ironic, that Stewart Rhodes’ associate Ray Epps appears to be a FED who provocateured the January 6 mess.] Their goal is to keep us aloof, so we DON’T fight back, and they can continue their program without interruption.

Where have we seen the globalists win because the populace did not fight back?  Just look where the Muslim invaders have gone into 26 of the 28 EU countries.  With the exception of Poland and Hungary, the EU has been over-run with hostiles who steal, rape and murder with absolutely no compunction.  Their leaders are uniformly corrupt; their citizens are tax-cows to pay the invaders’ costs of invading.  The citizens have no way to protect themselves or their families, since they have no weapons and no legal system to protect them and enforce the laws (which the invaders are never held to, anyway).  In every way that matters, the EU has surrendered.

The same thing is going on in Australia.  And now they’re trying to use the same tactics here in the USA.

So, given the same methods used to conquer the rest of the world are now being used on us, and the lack of armed resistance has reduced their populations to being slaves in their own lands…  How EXACTLY will it be different here?

The track-record of other countries makes it abundantly clear that things are going to get worse- MUCH worse- here, no matter whether we fight or not. 

Is it not better to make your fight while you are not starving, while you have weapons, the physical strength and endurance, and a reasonable chance of success?

A friend made the observation that one man can’t make war on DC.  But one doesn’t NEED to go to DC.  No doubt there are plenty of people in your local AO, plenty of politicians, crooks and enablers, who are worthy of your… attention… 

For example, anybody who took election money from George Soros or one of his cut-out groups, anybody on the payroll to the Chinese government, anybody pushing for mandatory injections, anybody involved in the election theft of 2020, anybody pushing for gun confiscation, anybody voting to sabotage our energy sector by pushing “green” laws, anybody pushing “critical race theory” or pornography on our kids, or anybody pushing for lockdowns…

Churchill made the observation, “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.

HERE is a good explanation of what’s coming, if you don’t fight.  If you had to choose only one link to click, THIS is it. 

Waiting for the legal process is already a lost cause.  We have no Constitution, it’s DEAD, stabbed in the heart by the SCOTUS 12/10/2020. 

We have no RIGHTS, we have no protection against this government. 

The sooner everyone realizes this, the sooner we can get on to the business at hand.

Written by Capitalist Eric

October 29, 2021 at 2:16 am

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