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Slow-Mo SHTF, and “What Is the Endgame?”

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Over the past couple of months, I’ve written some posts stating that we are facing an imminent SHTF scenario.

We’re no longer facing it, we’re in it.

Food Shortages

To begin with, the population of the world relies on wheat to survive- made into breads, noodles, cereals, biscuits and crackers, pancakes and pizza- and 30% of that comes from Russia and Ukraine. With the wheat supplies reduced, the price naturally increases. The countries with the poorest populations- where food is their biggest expense for survival- are hit the hardest when the prices of food go beyond what they can pay.

The entire continent of Africa, and much of the Middle East, is already experiencing food shortages. They were hoping that India would be able to mitigate the shortfalls, but that’s not happening, now. After suffering a loss of ~30% of their crops in a heat-wave, India has banned the export of any wheat out of their country, to hopefully keep their people from starving, and to feed their livestock of 40 billion pigs, cows buffalo, sheep, goats, and poultry. And farmers in America are flatly stating the American food supply is in a state of crisis right now, citing higher prices on seeds, fertilizer, and fuel, and supply chain issues

Andrew Bailey, the governor of the Bank Of England, the central bank of the entire UK, says we’re facing an “apocalyptic” food shortage. The New York Post just said “Food shortages could be ‘just as deadly’ as global pandemic” and famous British farmer Jeremy Clarkson recently predicted the food shortages will resort in people turning to cannibalism… Never too late for the propaganda arm of the Deep State to add their little “spin” to the narrative, CNBC announced that “Russia is weaponizing food supplies to ‘blackmail the world’, despite the fact that Russia has flatly stated they- andUkraine- have plenty of wheat that they’d be happy to export, if the sanctions are removed (so ships can transit with wheat cargo) and payments are made in gold or rubles. Within a day, the Deep State spun the story to say that this is blackmail!!!

The insanity of Western governments- those, at least, who are dependent on the globalist fiat-money banking system, anyway- boils down to the ridiculous notion that by starving ourselves, we’ll teach Russia a lesson on who you shouldn’t cross…

In other words, there are some consistent themes in all Western governments’ actions, most obvious that the governments are actively exacerbating the situation.

Economic Collapse

Kim Dotcom summarized our national bankruptcy, basically repeating the same things I’ve been saying for the last ten years… that we’re finished, and it’s time to assume “crash positions.” The $40 Billion “package” that we’re allegedly sending to Ukraine to support the Azov Nazi government, is tacit acknowledgement that our country is about to enter the final death-spiral; our “representatives are merely looting the last vestiges of wealth from the national treasury, using “legislation” to steal whatever isn’t nailed down. It really is that simple.

More people are talking about it, now, though. Between the doubling of fuel and food prices in the first six months of the year- and it will double again before the end of the year, because the actual money supply is 5x larger than it was in 2020– expect prices to go up at least 5 times higher from where they were in 2020. [Of course, after downplaying the obvious effects that printing 5x more money into existence, that any teenager in a high-school Econ class could understand, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says she was wrong about the risks of inflation.] What does this mean for you, in practical terms? Well, in April, 2020, gas was $1.95/gallon for regular unleaded. It is now double the 2020 price, at $5/gallon. Expect it to hit an average of at least $9.75/gallon, plus whatever premium due to political risks… so easily $10/gallon.

Truck drivers are naturally seeing the disaster unfold up-close and personal, spending $1000 per day to fill up their trucks, to ship goods when the shipping rates are collapsing. The net result is that trucking companies from small to large, are imploding, going bankrupt. The more expensive shipping costs are being transferred to consumers, at the grocery stores, the big-box stores like Target, Wal-Mart and Best-Buy, who had ramped up inventory to sell to people as they came out of the lock-downs. But the increased costs of everything needed to live, mean that people are spending more on food, rent (now averaging $2000/month), and fuel to get back and forth to work, with less “discretionary” spending money for things like new I-pads, big-screen TVs, new(er) cars, etc. So the demand for all non-essential goods has essentially collapsed. Combined with the big-box stores and Amazon having a glut of 5x more inventory (those ships from China eventually did unload all their cheap crap), the big-box stores are slashing prices “to get rid of the patio furniture, kitchen appliances, Smart TVs and athletic/leisure fashions that America craved when confined to their homes.” So NOW is the time to buy a new washing machine/dryer setup, if you can, because when the inventory is gone, there won’t be any more…

In the housing market, the rate of mortgage applications has also gone over a cliff, to the lowest level in 22 years. In other words, the housing market bubble- where the most “equity” exists in the USA- has just popped. Imagine a 2008 mortgage crisis redux, but this time where inflation for stuff needed for survival is 5x what it was… this, by itself, would be a financial disaster.

You can’t help but see it, unless you’re ultra-wealthy… or live under a rock… Somewhere around 70% of people view inflation is the TOP problem facing the country today. People are also noticing that the government is directly responsible for all of it. I’ve gotten feedback from people who are completely oblivious to politics and economics, who tell me their tribe, circle of friends, whatever… everyone is pissed off that our entire country is being torpedoed to support “a shitty little country in Eastern Europe that nobody cares about” (the words of one person I talked to). They don’t know that Ukraine and all of their people are merely pawns in a much bigger war between two economic systems, one based on fiat money, the other based on currencies directly backed by commodities.

This Is a World War To Determine What Economic System Will Be Used For Global Commerce

Please allow me to repost a quick snapshot that I wrote two months ago (from the essay directly linked above)… In short:

The entire Western economic system is built on fiat money– money not linked to any commodity, such as gold or silver, or anything else. A gold-backed currency is one where you can go to a bank at any time, and either buy or sell gold for the stated value of the currency. This limited how much money a country could circulate; put simply, if they had $100 million of money floating around in the economy and only $10 million of gold in their vaults, a wealthy guy could swoop in and clean out the treasury, wiping out the gold supply, crashing the dollar, and making a huge profit in actual purchasing power. So the Federal Reserve had printed so much money that by 1971 it was mathematically impossible to cover the volume of debts (your Federal Reserve Notes) with all the gold in the world… at the “stated” value. So rather than reprice gold at what its real value is, they decided to cut the dollar link to gold, hence the “Bretton Woods 2” agreement, where the dollar was allowed to “float.” Of course, “float” really meant it allowed the Federal Reserve to print to the moon.

And with the advent of modern technology, the dollar is now created with mere keystrokes on a computer, and presto! MONEY! Yay! Now the money has nothing to back it, nothing real. People are forced to accept fiat money because there’s nowhere they can go to get away from the Central Bankers around the world…

To be blunt, the entire Western financial system now lives under the following philosophy:

EVERY country in the Western financial system is 100% controlled, because the fiat-money banksters control their money.

But there’s a problem…

The fiat money system- birthed by Nathan Rothschild in February of 1814 and grown over the past 208 years- is being swept away by countries who are rejecting virtual money and demanding real money- gold or commodity-backed currencies. REAL men, who have lived their lives in the real world, doing hard work, sweating, building blisters and later callouses on their hands, people who’ve learned that actions trump words… have decided that enough is enough. They’ve decided that the value they’ve created through hard work, intelligence and grit, are not for sale for virtual money created by people who create nothing else. …

And now…? Russia, China, India and Saudi Arabia are pulling back the curtain for all to see the pathetic little men behind it… the globalists. And you see that it’s all a charade. Russia, China and India are moving to deal in real commodities backed by real assets, and demonstrating that the virtual money- like our virtual lives- has absolutely no value.

The result will be the repudiation of the dollar- after the Euro, but not by much- and the fiat-money banking system, entirely. This possibility exists, and the probability is impossible for any honest analyst to say with certainty… but I would guess it’s better than a 50% that this comes to fruition…

After I posted that, Jack Lawson challenged me with a simple question: how do we know this isn’t all some Kabuki theater, where Russia and/or China are playing along with the globalists, to institute their CBDCs/digital money scams, and usher in global governance?

Ironically enough, that answer was provided a week before I posted the “Bankster Wars” article.

Or, as another blogger put it, “Putler is destroying the Global World Order, based on usury and debt, which has allowed my family to become the richest family in the world.”

Now, this was quite difficult to find… and not published in many places, just a handful of people. But there were hundreds of “fact-checkers” to say it didn’t happen, it’s all a conspiracy theory, etc., etc., etc. Which made me recall the line in Hamlet, “”The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

Are there other items to cross-reference, which would indicate the validity of my argument? Yes, actually, there are… (which fact-checkers all angrily announced simply weren’t true). Vladimir Putin in 2016 banned anyone in the Rothschild or their cartel from entering Russia, and in 2018 declared independence from the Rothschild Banking System.

“Ok,” you say… “what does that mean? Where does this END?”

I again revert to “The Matrix” movies:

You are a slave, born into a prison. But unlike the fancy, glitzy electronic program of the movie, our prison is far more mundane; financial servitude. You are forced to chase after fiat-money (which the banksters constantly inflate, to tax your efforts even more), just to survive. And the banksters constantly devaluate the currencies, with the effect of an ever-growing parasite on your body, until you spend more efforts feeding the parasite, than yourself. Eventually the parasite is so fat, so swollen with your energy, your blood, that you start to die… and that is where every country in the Western financial system is, and every citizen of that country (who has not joined with the parasites to save themselves, at the expense of everyone else). The fiat-money system, the ultimate Ponzi scheme, has now reached the point where there are no more suckers to extract money from, and the suckers (us slaves) have nothing more to be extracted… except for our credit cards, of course.

So where is all this going? As Kim Dotcom asked, “Without a controlled demolition the world will collapse for all, including the elites. The world has changed so much and nothing seems to make sense anymore, the blatant corruption is out in the open, the obvious propaganda media, the erosion of our rights. What’s the end game?”

I have been asking myself that same question for months… and then I saw a video snippet from “The Motherlode.” It was like the light-bulb suddenly blinked on, for me… everything now makes sense, as to the “WHY” of fiat-money banksters, and what they’re really after. Watch:

Here’s the extended video, which is also worth your time… Full disclosure: I don’t always agree with David Icke, he has some… controversial ideas, which I find a bit “out there…” but on this, he nails it, IMHO.

There are not one, but two problems, with these plans by the globalist fiat-money banksters:

  1. The countries not already enthralled by the fiat-money banking system (led by Russia) are not about to be enslaved into the usurious, criminally corrupt globalist system.
  2. If and when people understand that the global economic collapse is not the fault of FJB and his band of merry-men- the handlers who pull the meat-puppet’s strings- but instead due to the overt planning of globalist scumbags like Herr Klaus Schwab (“You will have nothing, you will own nothing, and you will like it,” the number of globalist heads hanging at the ends of ropes on street-lamps will be… impressive.

Unpacking Point #1:

Let me explain. The primary threat to the bankster plans is not gun-owners in the USA, nor populists throughout the world… it’s countries that have commodity-backed currencies, which will conclusively expose the fraudulent nature of the fiat-money systems.

You see, the entire European Union, and all of NATO, can threaten and bluster Russia and China with “consequences,” yet all those same countries are utterly, totally bankrupt- just as the USA is. And yet, most of those EU and NATO countries depend heavily on commodities from Ukraine and Russia- wheat, fuel, fertilizer, etc. Germany is already suffering tremendously, as 2/3 of their industrial output relies on natural gas. The other 1/3 is for home heating, and when it starts to get cold outside, say, right around the mid-term elections, people will suddenly realize the error of their governments’ ways… right around the time people start wondering if they’re literally going to freeze to death, this winter. Oh, the business leaders can complain and scream for relief, but when the news starts talking about people freezing to death because their government wanted to ‘teach Russia a lesson’ by sacrificing their own people…? The EU and NATO sanctions will collapse like the walls of Jericho. BANK on it.

Russia- and to a lesser degree China- are in the drivers’ seat. THEY will set the rules, THEY will cause the fiat-money system to implode rather spectacularly, leaving the globalists and their entire fiat-money system destroyed. If the guys with the commodities won’t accept the fiat-money for real commodities you need to survive, you either break down and play their game… or you die. Nathan Rothschild made that abundantly clear in his declaration, “our current path… means that our global order is dead on its feet.

Unpacking Point #2:

If and when people understand that the global economic collapse is not the fault of FJB and his band of merry-men- the handlers who pull the meat-puppet’s strings- but instead due to the overt planning of globalist scumbags like Herr Klaus Schwab, it’s game over for them.

The globalists have enslaved the West into financial servitude, pure and simple.

YOU are a slave to the system.

You’re simply on a hamster-wheel, having to run faster and faster, to stay even. You run faster as your government taxes your salary or wages more, the property taxes, the sales taxes, the fuel taxes, and the ultimate tax, that has been hidden until now, inflation.

The parasite has grown large and was quite healthy, but now the host is dying, and the parasite is getting desperate to suck more out of the host. Like this:

The government parasites work hand-in-hand with the fiat-money banksters. It’s why every country beholden to them acts the same way, whether it comes to the COVID scamdemic response, Ukraine and the idiotic sanctions, etc., they all answer to Nathan Rothschild and his ilk- who direct Herr Schwab, the Davos crowd, Bilderberg cronies, the Bank of International Settlements, the United Nations, the World Bank, and all the rest of them… EVERYONE in these organization are bought-and-paid-for puppets. Period.

They all answer to the fiat-banksters. They’re all told what to do, when, how, and how to “manage the optics,” for an equally bought-and-paid-for media empire.

People are waking up at an alarming pace, and seeing that what they’re being told has nothing to do with reality. As they wake up, they’ll understand that they’ve been living as financial slaves, and that FJB is an installed puppet, to be the fall-guy for when the system collapses. He wasn’t installed because he’s a smart guy, or credible, or for any positive value… but because he is utterly corrupt, controlled and ultimately the sacrificial offering to the public, so they won’t come for the people really responsible.

It won’t work.

The public- globally- recognizes that Biden can’t control his own bowel movements, much less ‘control the country.’ It’s common knowledge to anyone who isn’t a dyed-in-the-wool sheep, that something much bigger, much uglier, is actually running the show.

So when Herr Schwab and his ilk complete the economic collapse of the Western financial system (Russia will be just fine, no doubt), they will offer their salvation to you, “we’re going to forgive all the debt that you’ve got, but in return we want all your assets; we want your home, we want everything.”

This is the truth behind the Klaus Schwab line, “you will own nothing, and you’ll be happy.”

What they will offer is a new system of financial slavery to replace the old one, which has run its course.

Instead of having ownership of some items, some property, while having to service the now-impossible debt loads, you’ll have no property, no ownership of anything, and have to pay- rent, to be precise- everything you need, to survive. You will never own a house, only pay rent until you die. You’ll never own a car, a gun (or any other item not “acceptable” to them), you lose your money and be effectively made homeless and penniless if you say or write something they don’t like (social-credit system), you’ll use public transportation because you won’t own a car… and so on.


We have to survive until a new economic system- currencies backed by commodities instead of nothing- becomes the norm, and the economic slavery system is crushed.

How ironic is it, that we may have to wait for Russia to crush the corrupt fiat-money system, to free us from our chains? Who would’ve guessed that they hold the key to real freedom for America, and for the rest of the world?

Godspeed to us all.

Other Notes:

I continue with preps, as usual. Writing has been problematic, due to having a dislocated and broken finger. It’s looked like a stuffed-sausage for several weeks, and is healing verrrrry slowly… This has led to several unexpected observations.

First, you should practice with your weapons using your off-hand, in case you suffer an injury. Nothing sucks like having to reteach yourself how to shoot with an injured hand or- even worse- having to shoot with your weak hand because your dominant hand is simply unusable for the past six weeks.

Next, I’ve had the chance to do some distance shooting recently. Two AR-308 rifles of identical accuracy at the 100-yard range, but the barrels were 18″ and 20,” with correspondingly slower muzzle velocity on the shorter barrel. Shooting 168-grain Federal GMM ammo through both, the bullet from the shorter barrel went sub-sonic around 700 yards, and by 750 was too unstable to reliably hit the target, even with no windage noted. The 20″ example, was able to hit the 8×10 steel plate reliably at the same 750 yards. Takeaway: it doesn’t matter what the textbooks (or ballistics calculators) say, you need to practice with every weapon you expect to rely on for your survival, and then document the results, so you can have a reliable DOPE card for your rifle. It MATTERS.

Finally, I’m not a “gear reviewer” guy, and I have no monetary affiliations with anybody, anywhere. So referring to a previous post of saying YOU NEED to get firearms… If you haven’t purchased firearms to defend yourself and your loved ones, I have discovered the Smith and Wesson M&P M2.0 Shield “EZ” in 9mm.

It popped up on my rader after I took a family member to the range, and… well, it didn’t go so well. The shooter didn’t have the upper-body strength to effectively rack a semi-auto pistol.

This weapon is meant for women shooters who struggle with racking and otherwise operating a pistol, older folks who may have dexterity issues (ahem- like me, recently, with a busted digit). Retail price is ~$450 for a basic package; Amazon offers a sweet deal of a trigger-guard laser/holster package for $105, so you can have a really awesome package for <$600. They’ve been out for several years, and there are many reviews of them. Such as this one:

[Ironically, the ONLY complaints I’ve seen from the “tactical dudes” is that it’s’ not tactical looking, and isn’t stiff to rack, which all “tactical dudes” would expect. So it’s not super cool and “tactical” in appearance, and it doesn’t fit the stereotype that “tactical dudes” mentally associate with “serious” gear. Yet… when tested for accuracy, reliability, trigger-pull, felt recoil, etc… they said it was awesome.]

It solves the strength issues that smaller or older shooters have, and is ideal for new shooters of 9mm and larger pistols. But— and this is an important “but”— it doesn’t sacrifice anything in terms of accuracy, capability for home defense, or in a concealed-carry role. It’s only downside is that the 9mm magazines (2 included) hold 8 rounds each. Such is the price you pay, for a single-stack weapon that small hands can easily manipulate and control. IF you’re struggling about what to buy, I’d suggest looking at the M&P Shield EZ weapons in 9mm, they’re a pleasant surprise, and ammunition is again available (for now)…


Written by Capitalist Eric

June 12, 2022 at 8:39 pm

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  1. When I saw your email of the latest post come through I decided to go ahead and guzzle a couple of beers. Crash positions was the first thing I had ever read by you and not sure you had even posted anything since 2015. A substack lady Sage Hana calls me Mr Intensity due to my comment musings. Hell you may have me beat. We are simpatico in our thoughts on how this plays out. No, its not Kabuki theater between the West and Russia. I have read J Lawson before and he’s a brilliant guy as well. It dawned on my early and that was due to the behavior of the Zeitgeist. That’s fear from the likes of Nathan and you can smell it.

    Russia will undoubtedly win this war. Most of the pundits thought they should do it fast and overwhelmingly but I suspect they had no intentions too. They wanted it to stew on the American public. “Why are we sending $40B to a country who supports literal Nazis?” LOL its kind of poetic justice IMO. The Left keeps all their subgroups in line by focusing their hate on men like us. One of their favorite terms is of course NAZI. So when their heroes like AOC turn around and support them it has to make some of their voters scratch their heads. We are not surprised by this anymore and know the Neocons and Neolibs are all on the same Globohomo Team.

    I don’t know how the Davos crowd moves forward with their new system after a Russian victory carries Russian momentum into a new financial system (MIR China) and multiple currencies tied to real intrinsic value. By law it cannot work because other countries will not want to deal with a debt based system of printed (digital) currency; in a new format or the current one it matters not. This is worrisome too because these entitled spoiled (WEF) assholes may decide to flip the gameboard over. That could be escalation into something horrible like a nuclear war. It’s like the old adage “If I can’t have it no one will.” I suspect Putin is hoping that the citizens of the West start making a fuss and soon.

    The money guy I follow Tom Luongo thinks along the same lines as you. I just go for the news now other than holding on to the EUO (leveraged ETF that shorts the Euro) I really have no play. Tom thinks the FED is going to buck the system. He thinks they will continue to raise rates in order to save their profession. In truth if Davos was to demolish our current system and slide in a PROGRAMMABLE currency traditional banks would be of little use. This is where I am not so certain he is correct. I don’t think Powell has the political capital nor the security detail to save his ass. He should stay away from stairs if he goes through with it. Kimdotcom explains; the wealth in real estate and markets has been inflated due to cheap and printed money. If JP does press forward it will be a deflationary event I suspect. This is why only G&S (physical) make any sense right now. I doubt they will deflate too much but everything else like Bitcoin & RE will tank at least 50%. Gas & Diesel could drop too but that’s only because a shitload of people won’t be working.

    If you are ever in the Orlando area give me a shout. I am north in a little place Rawles wrote about in Expats. Love to buy you a beer. Pain is coming, too many vectors of discomfort swirl around us. Some of them civilization changing perhaps. Until the people who voted for FJB snap out of it in large swaths and will not let reality be distracted can we finally raise some hell. Only when they have finally had their fill of pain will it happen. The question remains, will it happen in time.


    June 12, 2022 at 10:30 pm

    • I don’t know how the Davos crowd moves forward with their new system after a Russian victory carries Russian momentum into a new financial system (MIR China) and multiple currencies tied to real intrinsic value. By law it cannot work because other countries will not want to deal with a debt based system of printed (digital) currency; in a new format or the current one it matters not. This is worrisome too because these entitled spoiled (WEF) assholes may decide to flip the gameboard over. That could be escalation into something horrible like a nuclear war. It’s like the old adage “If I can’t have it no one will.” I suspect Putin is hoping that the citizens of the West start making a fuss and soon.

      This is a fight to the death for the globalists- quite literally. They will therefore push as hard as they can, up to and including thermonuclear war.

      There will be no surrender, no quarter given, for the losers.

      Prepare accordingly. 😐
      BTW, thanks for the kind words. I write this stuff for my own sanity, as much as anything else. Perhaps, one day, my kids will be able to read, and understand what they are completely unaware of now. One can hope…

      Capitalist Eric

      June 12, 2022 at 11:17 pm

      • “I write this stuff for my own sanity, as much as anything else.”….yeah me too!!

        “This is a fight to the death for the globalists- quite literally. They will therefore push as hard as they can, up to and including thermonuclear war.” ……they don’t want a nuclear war as it will ruin so much for them. But I am not sure they can stop. The urge to rule the world and be on top is their birthright so they think.

        People like you who absorb the financial aspect really bring it all together. Listen to military guys for prepping, substack community for covid and the vaccines, but the people who understand the financial ramifications put a nice bowtie on it and connect it. I am a jack of all trades and master of none but being able to analyze different factions from the perspective of the 4 Horsemen are somewhat helpful. And sometimes it drives you nuts lol. Posted this link in the comments at the Treehouse. Got a couple nice compliments.

        I assume you can see my email but if not let me know and I will put it in the comments. Like I said if you ever visit Florida. Be well sir!!


        June 12, 2022 at 11:40 pm

  2. Is it really necessary to tout buying a handgun on Amazon? Talk about feeding the pigs.


    June 13, 2022 at 12:16 pm

  3. Left the tab open on the Treehouse where I posted this. Got quite a bit of feedback. It’s scary shit there’s no denying it. Sage told me it was terrifying. I warned her. Seems to me we are at point A and we must get to point Z. There’s 4 paths one of them has Freddy Krueger, another Jason, another Michael Myers, and the last path has all damn 3. Wish it were that simple but its not. Not sure why they didn’t comment here but the feedback was positive except for one person. One of them wanted me to post it on Bannon’s site. Again, not sure why they just didn’t do it themselves.

    There’s no certainly no golden trophy or parachute if we are correct. So here’s to being wrong and hopefully we are. In order for that to play out it must include an event or a leader unbeknownst to either of us at the present time. Cheers to being wrong sir!!!


    June 14, 2022 at 10:37 pm

    • I don’t make a dime out of my writing, so I don’t post unless I have something to say. I confess I do get satisfaction out of seeing how far the articles go, but that’s it. However, I make it a point to NOT aggressively push my essays, because I figure people will get it, or they won’t. We ALL have to make our choices, and then reap the rewards, whatever they may be. So I put my analyses out, and let the audience decide.

      I hope the information that I share reaches people, HELPS them to decide what to do, whatever is best in their situation. The more awake, and the more prepared people are, then that’s better for us all…

      Thanks again for the feedback, Luke. I’ll reach out to you shortly, would like to have an offline conversation.


      Capitalist Eric

      June 15, 2022 at 1:33 am

  4. THEY are going to forgive OUR debt, after decades of currency manipulation, using taxes to bail out crony bankers, charging us to us our own money??? Maybe we have paid ENOUGH to these bloodsuckers.


    June 15, 2022 at 8:41 am

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