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As I sit here on this Labor Day, I thought it was time to connect the dots, as we enter into the final phase of 2022…  so, bear with me, as I go through various elements, and then tie them all together at the end…

#PedoHitler Speech

The “blood-red” speech by #PedoHitler last Thursday, really threw me for a loop.  I didn’t watch the speech, but saw some video clips and photos of how it was presented, and I was thinking, “what the HELL?”  This triggered some memories, and I thought, “where have I seen this before?”  Oh, yeah, now I know:

I started to read the transcript (as I’d rather stick my head in a lit oven, rather than watch that pathetic literal meat-puppet Biden), and got 1/3 of the way through that, before I’d had enough.  I take it as an open declaration of war against anybody who doesn’t buy into the collectivist agenda.  By declaring “MAGA Republicans,” Donald Trump and his supports as a direct threat to the country, he has also made the case to legally deploy all government assets- the FBI, the DOJ, DHS, everybody else, against anyone who disagrees with him.  In effect, we’ve all be declared “domestic terrorists,” and thus the Constitutional guarantees and legal protections all citizens enjoy, no longer apply to us.  So you can be black-bagged, disappeared, be taken to Guantanamo Bay, tried in secret courts, imprisoned and/or executed, all without that pesky irritation of “due process” getting in the way…

There have been many commentaries in the last week, discussing whether it was meant to stir up “ultra-MAGA” people (it was), whether it really shocked people who’d been sitting on the fence as to the legitimacy or this administration and where it’s going (it did).  A final question is whether it was a strategic mistake born of desperation by the democrats/progressives- who’ve now unmasked themselves as clearly fascist (yes, it was a BIG mistake).  This last point, where the collectivists are desperate, is undeniable; all polls indicate that if the elections are held in November, the collectivists will be wiped out in a landslide, suddenly opening the door to investigations about the 2020 election, voting policies in general, the wide-open border letting in 2+ million illegals (almost all of them males of military age), etc., etc.  Of course, the predicate is that the Republican party will be more active than the do-nothing, corrupt GOPe RINOs now in DC., replaced by America-first Republicans.

My point:

The latest domestic outrages of the last few weeks- from the Mar-A-Lago raid to the Biden “blood red” speech- have worked as very effective distractions from other events happening around the world, which will have ugly ramifications, globally.

Other Domestic Issues

Things are proceeding along, pretty much as we discussed back in March of this year, both in the essay “Crash Positions,” and a week later in “Bankster Wars, They Will Finally Lose.”   People are attempting to adapt to rapid inflation of food prices by eschewing Yuppie® stores such as Whole Foods, Sprouts and Trader Joe’s, for Dollar-stores.  They’re trying to make it through, silently, shifting their shopping patterns to look for cheaper alternatives, wherever they can be found.  Imagine the quality of products at the local Dollar store, when shopping for food for your kids. 

So we haven’t gotten food riots.  Yet. 

But the food shortages and resulting price increases, are still in the beginning stages.  Crime is continuing to increase, threats to the populace from the government, such as the hiring of 87,000 armed IRS agents (who clearly can’t find their assholes with both hands and a set of written instructions) don’t bode well for the future- especially after the #pedohitler speech last week.  Wonder who they’re gonna’ sic’ those agents on, hmmmm?


The USA is suffering the worst drought in 1200 years, with over 60% of the of the West, Southwest and central plains as D3 (severe) drought or higher: 

With no water, crops yields will be down an average of 38%, with 50% losses in California.   Farmers are plowing under their crops, and their cattle and other livestock are being dramatically culled, leading to a short-term suppression of beef prices, until of course, all the livestock have been slaughtered, and then meat will go stratospheric in price (from what it is now). 

2/3 of Europe is suffering from a protracted drought, the worst in at least 500 years. 

No water means, like the USA, dramatic losses of food crops. 

[This is added on to the obvious insanity of the “World Economic Forum” (WEF) telling the Netherlands (#2 food exporter in Europe) to shut their farmers down due to excessive nitrogen given off by farms being a threat to the environment…  when 80% of the air we breathe isn’t oxygen, but nitrogen… ALL of this spells doom for European citizens, as their WEF-controlled “representatives” take actions that will results in millions of Europeans starving.] 

In short, the predictions I made in “Crash Positions” essay will come true, but be far worse than my projections.  I failed to account for the governments of the affected countries doing everything possible to exacerbate the situation. 

Napoleon and Robert Heinlein have both used the expression, “Don’t ascribe to malice what can be plainly explained by incompetence.”  And one could indeed make the case- in unique, individual examples- where it might appear to be incompetence.  But I ask you, when the government makes the worst possible decision, on every problem that comes up, at what point does it become obvious that it’s not incompetence, but malicious intent?

Going back to the drought situation, China is in the same boat, but with even worse ramifications:

As with Europe, the lack of water means reduced crops.  But for China- the factory of the world for the last 40 years- the ground, the air and the water supplies are already grossly polluted, so their reserves to keep their 1.5 billion people alive, were already strained.  Throw in the fact that 80% of their electricity comes hydroelectric power- such as the Three Gorges dam- and you have the recipe for disaster. 


On April 6 I’d posted the essay “All Wars Are Bankster Wars- And This One Will Be, Too. They Will Finally Lose.”  In it, I’d posited that the producer countries, which sweat, bleed and toil to make things, are turning away from the consumer countries, which includes pretty much every country in the Western financial system.  Every country in the EU and NATO is in the same boat, bankrupt beyond any hope of saving.  World War III is currently a financial war that pits the fiat-money banking system, against those countries who reject the financial servitude, and want a currency based on hard commodities. 

 Apparently I came to the same conclusion that Zoltan Pozsar did, a week earlier.  [Until the last month or two, I’d never heard of him, but whatever.]  It turns out he’s the “Global Head of Short-Term Interest Rate Strategy at Credit Suisse,” while I’m just a guy who studies on his own, and comes to his own conclusions, without the benefit of a massive bank to gather the data for me…  So I guess I’m in good company.  He said,

“We are witnessing the birth of Bretton Woods III – a new world (monetary) order centered around commodity-based currencies in the East that will likely weaken the Eurodollar system and also contribute to inflationary forces in the West.”

Compared to my observation,

The fiat money system- birthed by Nathan Rothschild in February of 1814 and grown over the past 208 years- is being swept away by countries who are rejecting virtual money and demanding real money- gold or commodity-backed currencies. REAL men, who have lived their lives in the real world, doing hard work, sweating, building blisters and later callouses on their hands, people who’ve learned that actions trump words… have decided that enough is enough. They’ve decided that the value they’ve created through hard work, intelligence and grit, are not for sale for virtual money created by people who create nothing else.

We both concluded that virtual money will no longer be an acceptable medium of exchange for physical goods.

And now, we have direct confirmation of that fact, from Vladimir Putin himself:

The money quote, “… [T]he economy of imaginary wealth is being inevitably replaced by the economy of real valuables and hard assets.”

THIS is the reason for the war in Ukraine.  It’s not that we give two shits about Ukraine (we don’t, not really), but the propaganda to whip people into a frenzy is because the banksters are desperate; it’s do or die, for them.  THIS is why the German Foreign Minister flatly stated that “I will put Ukraine first “no matter what my German voters think” or how hard their life gets.”  It’s why Boris Johnson scuttled any peace-talks, preferring to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian. 

They’re all bought-and-paid-for WEF cronies, acting at the behest of the banksters…  All the politicians and military brass are bought and paid for, by the fiat-money banksters based in Europe.  Basel, Davos, whatever, there all the same crew, and they pull the same strings.  [Anyone who can’t be bought, gets voted out via rigged elections, Viktor Orban being the only exception.  The challenges to the corrupt elite are locked out via the same rigged elections, or compromised, or accused of some sin (whether real or made up doesn’t matter), so that they have no chance at a fair election. 

[Ironically enough, Vladimir Putin was also part of their “young global leaders” program, and openly repudiated it, starting in 2016- which is why they very much want him to die an untimely death.]

When Ukraine is finally finished off- despite the absurd amounts of weapons, ammunition, ELINT, comms, drones and satellite intelligence- NATO will be forced to get involved.  There may be an excuse they use, or there may be none; it doesn’t matter, this is a fight to the death.  Which means the nuclear weapons are not only on the table, but in my estimation, it is highly probable that they’ll be deployed at some point.  The bought-off politicians control the generals, who in turn control the levers of military power, and the deployment of nuclear weapons…  You see how this goes… 

Further De-Legitimization of the American Government

Remember when Joe Biden bragged about have “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in history”…? One idiosyncrasy of dementia patients is that sometimes they just blurt out the truth; the filters just don’t work. Here, see for yourself:

Of course, the “fact-checking” groups all said it was taken “out of context,” yet you see the exact context… 

Next, on 8/27/22, Biden promised never to let an election be stolen ‘AGAIN’ — so which election was stolen?

Next, that odious little shitbag Mark Zuckerberg admitted to Joe Rogan that they censored the news on the Hunter Biden “laptop from Hell,” where there was ample evidence of both him and Joe Biden taking bribes from Chinese companies, sex-tapes with hookers, pedophilia, drug use, etc.  And even worse, that the censorship for both Facebook and Twitter was at the direction of the FBI, who knew the information was legit, but falsely claimed it was “Russian disinformation” to help drag Joe Biden across the finish line on election day.

Now add in the “blood red” speech, and it’s clear that the American government has lost any shred of legitimacy.  When that is lost, the only option they have left, is naked force.

Bringing It All Together

We typically think of competitive events as two-sided affairs; the Axis and Allied powers, the North vs. the South, “my” football team vs. “the other” football team.  But that’s not the situation, at this point.  Instead, we have at least three opposing factions- China, Western bankers and BRICS. 


China is one faction, obviously.  Their strategy as detailed by General Chi Haotian is here; afterward, the good General retired and went on the direct construction of the Wuhan Institute of Virology- yes, that bioweapons lab of COVID fame…  It’s a long read, so I’ll give you the quick thumbnail sketch: 

They fully expect this century- and longer- to be a new Chinese dynasty, through military and economic might, as well as demographics.  But there is an underlying issue.  They recognize that their land, water and air are hopelessly polluted, and for them to survive- especially without a revolution tearing down the leadership- they have to acquire and move to new territory.  In their view, the only places acceptable for them to expand to, are Australia and North America.  And since they have no value for anyone not Chinese, they are quite comfortable using genetically engineered biological weapons, to make this happen.

This is why they were happy to cozy up to Anthony Fauci; learn the skills needed to generate bioweapons to wipe out all non-Asian people.  If they could find a way to target all people lacking a certain gene (say, people not from China itself) I’m sure we’d have that coming at us. 

China has bought all significant outlets of information, sports, medicine and government, to facilitate this overarching plan.  Ever wonder why Australia was targeted so heavily for the clot-shots?  It’s because their bought-off government was told to do so, with the knowledge that there’d eventually be a new population for Australia, once the Aussies died like so many flies.  Same for Canada, both with regard to clot-shots, and agriculture.  When you look at these two countries, and consider what the end-goal is for them (Chinese occupation) it suddenly becomes obvious.

The other part of the conquest of North America, is of course, the USA.  But things aren’t going as rosy (from their special point of view) as Canada and Australia.  The USA must be weakened internally, preferably via something dramatic, like a full-on Civil War 2.  This, as opposed to merely “civil unrest,” a bunch of (p)Antifa and BLM thugs rioting, and then getting dispatched by American patriots.  No, this must be bigger, uglier.  If the government takes on a totalitarian bent, cheats and steals the elections, uses the iron fist without the niceties of a velvet glove, then the government loses legitimacy, and the armed patriots will respond in a predictable fashion.*

Their plans of a new Chinese empire, however, are in serious trouble; their economy is imploding due to the real-estate bubble popping.  The losses are estimated to be $55-60 trillion.  In comparison, that’s three years of American GDP, just *poof,* gone up in smoke.  It represents the savings of hundreds of millions of Chinese families being utterly wiped out.  How do you think the people will react, when they find out everything they’ve worked for, and saved, has been stolen?  If the CCP doesn’t restore their savings- which will not happen, how much legitimacy will the government have, after being made to look like the support the crooks and criminals who stole their hard-earned savings?  Can you say “revolution?”  You can be sure the CCP leadership is watching this, very carefully.

Another problem with the Chinese economy is that their industrial base is powered by 80% hydroelectric power.  With the drought, the power’s gone, and now the factories are being shuttered, people being sent home.  I would imagine some of them are going to try and liquidate their real-estate holdings, to have operating cash…  with predictable results.  And with no power, how will people keep from freezing to death?  Hmmmm…..

China will continue forward with the military ambitions; what good is a weapon you don’t use?  So they’ll attempt to distract their people with a military conflict, and say that sacrifices (or financial losses) are good for the future of China, and so on.  It’s unclear whether the people are stupid enough to believe that…  and if not, what they’ll do and when.

But China’s ambitions are being slowly crushed under massive financial mismanagement and drought.  What they do next (beyond attacking Taiwan) is anybody’s guess.

Western Banksters

This is second faction, which includes the paradoxical philosophies of depopulation with the “Great Reset” of the existing fractional-reserve fiat-money Ponzi scheme, which has run its course, and is now imploding at ever-increasing speed, as there are no more suckers to force into the Ponzi-scheme (BRICs countries), and debt-loads so vast that the system cannot even support its own weight.

The depopulation efforts have resulted in roughly half of the worlds’ population taking the “clot-shots;” those people are now on borrowed time.  From the data I’m seeing, they’ll all be dead within 10 years.  At the same time, their efforts to shutter entire sectors such as food and energy, will collapse Europe, with devastating results, (as will Australia and North America). 

Their efforts to “sanction” Russia have spectacularly backfired, and they’ll literally run out of gas, just as winter really begins to hit.  The millions of people throughout Europe who will freeze to death will contribute to the depopulation efforts, and the survivors will stupidly blame Russia, instead of the actual culprits of these crimes, such as Macron, Boris Johnson and Justin Trudeau, as well as the mainstream media talking-heads, who lied to them for so long.  Ignorance, as the survivors will bitterly learn, can be lethal.

Going back to the western banksters, their financial sanctions on Russia will utterly fail, and their Ponzi scheme will collapse.  Remember this quote:

So many commentators miss the point of what is wealth, versus what is power.  Leonardo DeCaprio, that bloated hollyweird actor with the yachts and constantly trolling for barely-legal girls, is wealthy.  He has lots of money.  So be it. 

But that’s not power.  Power is when you control the system by which everyone else is struggling to gain wealth, and therefore power within their own domain.  If you control the entire financial system in the domain, if you own it, then you have power, even over the supposedly wealthy people.  And that’s what the banksters have, is the power over all the different currencies.  But what happens when the rest of the world rejects your fiat-money, and instead backs their currencies with real, tangible commodities…?  Or as Putin just stated, “… [T]he economy of imaginary wealth is being inevitably replaced by the economy of real valuables and hard assets.”

The Western banksters- the Davos crowd, the WEF, the Basel “Bank of International Settlements” (the bank for all the international banks), which controls the whole thing, leading up to the Rothschild family, are going to lose this war.  They don’t have the military assets at their disposal (via bought-off world leaders) to stop Russia. 

Nathaniel Rothschild predicted in an email to members of the British government back in March, if Russia is not stopped in Ukraine, “our global order is dead on its feet.”   He’s right. 

Russia and BRICS Countries

This is the third faction, and they are most definitely in the drivers’ seat- the only question is whether China will be able to be included, due their economic implosion.  Russia, China, India and Pakistan are now conducting international trade in their own currencies, leaving dollars out of the equation.  Saudi Arabia is selling 40% of their oil in Chinese Yuan, further eroding the dollar.  Over 100 countries have either signed on or are in the process of signing on to the BRICs economic system, with dollars- as well as Euros and the British pound-sterling- being repudiated.

Like Santa Claus, Russia’s “making a list, checking it twice,” to find out who will be allowed into the new financial club, or stuck outside, trying to sneak a peek in through a window.  The list of countries not allowed in, includes every country who aided Ukraine, in the current conflict.   It works out to some 1 billion people live in the Western financial system, with the other 7 billion people scratching to get crumbs.  The situation will now reverse; the new financial system offers them the financial freedom to do as they wish, without outside interference from the high-and-mighty US government (and the other Western poodles).  The 1 billion people will be left out in the cold, wondering what the Hell happened, and wondering why their standard of living is so rapidly sinking.


In my “Crash Positions” essay, I’d made specific suggestions as to food, weapons, sources of water, and so on. 

But if you have money saved up, a 401k you’re able to cash out, whatever, then I strongly recommend you convert those financial assets into physical possession of precious metals, immediately.  (Caveat for legal purposes: I’m not a certified financial planner- though I’m trained as such- and I’m not YOUR financial planner, so don’t come back trying to sue me for financial advice. YMMV.) 

WHY do I say that you should buy and physically hold precious metals?  Check THIS WEBSITE, which I’ll screen-grab below:

Zooming in to the lower right side, we have these important elements:

To properly measure the price of a commodity (aside from betting on future expectations, which is a subject beyond the scope of this essay), you divide the amount of currency in circulation, by the amount of that commodity available.  Looking at the two red boxes, and using M2 money supply by the amount of gold, we end up with a free-market price of $9,133 per ounce of physical gold, and correspondingly, $1,233 per ounce of physical silver.   The purple boxes represent the paper claims of ounces, versus how many physical ounces are in existence.  This, like fractional-reserve banking, is where a bank (or gold vault) has, say, 1 million ounces of gold on-hand.  They sell and resell “ownership” of the ounces (yet kindly offer to keep storing those “owned” ounces in the same vault, so that they can be resold to other suckers).  The paper ounces are also an indication of futures contracts that have been bought and sold, with the transaction participants never demanding delivery of the actual metals; they’re just gambling on the future price of the metals, and taking cash to settle after the fact.  What this means is that there are nearly 390 paper ounces of silver floating around out there, for every physical ounce of silver in existence, and 114 paper ounces for every physical ounce of gold.

The precious-metals markets have been massively manipulated down by the US government for decades, to mask the inflation that has been occurring, and to make the dollar appear far stronger than it actually is.  If you doubt this, then my question to you is this:  “in a free market, if the price for everything else is going up due to inflation, why aren’t the prices of silver and gold?”  The answer is brutally simple: “price manipulation.”  It’s not important to go into the how’s or why’s.  It is what it is. 

The spot (paper) prices of silver and gold can be found HERE, and are now $18.15 for silver, and $1,711 for gold.  Buying physical, expect to pay a premium of 30-40% for silver (~$26+ per ounce) for silver, and ~6% premium for gold ounces ($1812 per ounce) for gold.  IF you can find people selling silver and gold…

An interesting side note, the biggest metals exchanges around the world are being rapidly cleaned out by people taking physical delivery of the metals instead of paper holdings, to the tune of millions of ounces since the start of summer.  People “in the know” are cashing out while they can. 

YOU can do the same, putting your cash into an asset that is THE gold-standard (pun intended) for money and wealth preservation.  Even if you only have a few hundred bucks, or a few thousand, if it’s in silver, it cannot be inflated away to nothingness, like the scheiss-dollar can and will be.  Buy and hold, knowing that when the dollar collapses, and it will, your PMs will retain their value…  which is at least $1,211 of purchasing power at today’s prices for silver, and at least $9,133 of purchasing power for an ounce of gold.

This is something to seriously consider only after you’ve got your food/weapons/water/shelter preps taken care of.


It doesn’t really matter what the MSM talking-heads say, at this point; everyone with the ability to think, knows they’re lying.  The propaganda efforts are failing; the totalitarianism of the Deep State is now fully in view, thanks in no small part to the “blood red” speech of last Thursday.

The financial collapse is ongoing, and the results I’d predicted HERE are still coming.  The financial collapse is inevitable.  It cannot be stopped.

For those of us in the Western world, what we have is actually quite simple: completely illegitimate governments are driving all of the Western countries over a cliff, at the behest of the World Economic Forum and the Davos/Basel banksters. 

Prepare as best you can. 

*   The ~100 MILLION + armed American people possess 400+ million guns (versus 2.85 million federal government employees, and 1.2 million active duty military and .78 million military reserves).  So, all-in, 4.8 million federal employees, and at best, 20% of them actual trigger-pullers, or just under 1 million.  So 100 million armed American citizens against 1 million…  Any armed conflict between the government and the people, is a foregone conclusion…  exactly as the framers envisioned.  THIS is why Joe Biden makes idle threats, but doesn’t have the balls to start the kinetic phase.

Written by Capitalist Eric

September 5, 2022 at 6:30 pm

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  1. Love your writing brother!! Assuming China as its own entity looking only to enhance their own agenda seems to make the most sense. It is easy to fall into the two paradigm mindset. Something interesting to note, at the same time the West was introducing their beloved mRNA’s to the world (Dec 2020) China sent their own version into trials. I learned this from Alex Berenson. From what I understand, the new Chinese mRNA fizzled out or did not pan out in the trials. First quarter of 2021 China had an agreement with Pfizer to purchase 100 million doses by summer 2021. Again, this deal for the mRNA collapsed. I believe the China vax was the one similar to traditional vaccine approaches. All the others if not mRNA worked using the Adenovirus to deliver the spike protein payload (J&J, Astra Zeneca, Sputnik). Seems China may have knowingly or unknowingly dodged a bullet.

    It more than a little curious to me as to how in the hell could all of these vaccines have been ready to roll almost immediately after Covid was introduced, but no success at developing variant specific formulas thereafter. Yet even now TPTB continue to push the original recipe into the arms of the population. Seems whatever is in that crap is good enough for the Davos crowd even though anyone with a damn brain knows these mystery agents do not work. Yet they persist.

    Hearing your analysis of G&S prices makes me happy to be a stacker. Still you know as well as I that if prices get to those levels we are in a world of shit. But that’s a given anyway. Since I first read Crash Positions earlier this year I have come down a bit. I think that I have reached the state of Acceptance. Acceptance of where this is all leading and that trying to save large swaths of people with information is no longer an option. Soooo we wait; but my new found patience is probably short lived. There are more than several vectors of civilization changing events strapped to them swirling around. Those vectors seem to be tied with the Biblical 4 Horsemen and they are galloping this direction at full stride.

    God Bless and Be Safe!!


    September 6, 2022 at 9:17 pm

  2. The goods of the aftermath of the mRNA pokes are spilling out in the health data (jurisdictionally: state/provincial, etc..) and the health insurer actuarials.
    Edward Dowd, Kelley Brown, Steve Kirsch, Ethical Skeptic.

    Funeral Director, John O’Looney is good too.


    September 9, 2022 at 10:11 am

  3. Your first mistake was referencing wikipedia. Your second mistake was failing to look deeper, and UNDERSTAND how power generation works. Hint: “location, location, location.”

    While I would typically delete ignorant comments like yours, I decided to let it slide, with the following link as a response, HERE.

    I would also submit, if you have anything of substance to add to the debate/discussion, then by all means, provide it. Or even better yet, start your own blog, instead of acting like the neighbor’s dog, pissing on the corner, and then slinking off. “Dude…”

    Capitalist Eric

    September 25, 2022 at 12:15 pm

  4. Well, bleep. That’s some good doom porn there. It may actually be a tad optimistic, if it’s off at all. Well done. Surprised there are so few comments on this article.


    October 13, 2022 at 7:16 pm

  5. Sorry – Hitler was right – even General Patton realized that and said as much before they whacked him — valid points all – but you still won’t name the real culprits

    Sir Fudge-Packer

    October 22, 2022 at 8:49 pm

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