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Will British Stoicism Be Enough?

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Imagine the times… Great Britain was under threat by a totalitarian regime, bent on conquering the entire continent and making them submit to a singular plan that included their own destruction. This despicable regime was busily engulfing most of Europe, and Britain was the last hope standing against the might of invaders bent on their destruction.

Efforts at appeasement had failed, and aggressive, radical forces were arrayed against her. Survival of what was to come- an impending attack by foreign invaders- was uncertain.

Chamberlain Declares “Peace for Our Time,” 75 Years Ago ...

Within a few short months, Europe had all but fallen, overwhelmed by fanatics so bent on destruction that they slaughtered everyone in their path. Whole families were executed or enslaved, cities over-run, governments toppled. Anyone who resisted was summarily executed.

Freedom seemed a dim hope, against the seemingly unstoppable forces arrayed against this small but proud nation.

Aerial bombardment had been predicted, indeed it was expected. Of the 9 million inhabitants of London alone, casualty predictions by British experts and psychologists were 1 million physical casualties and three times that number in psychological trauma. Societal collapse was expected.

Then came The Blitz; aerial bombardment on a massive scale, designed to wipe out the manufacturing capabilities of England. Towns and cities, London were systematically targeted for destruction. In one memorable stretch of 57 days, England was bombed 56 times.

People in Coventry walk to work past smouldering piles of rubble after a bombing raid in 1940.

This lead to a battle for air superiority, an aerial war to defend the UK. It started out as a war of attrition. But the brave pilots of the Royal Air Force inflicted such heavy casualties upon the German Luftwaffe that they turned to night-bombing, in an attempt to reduce their losses.

The British fighter pilots had fought off The Blitz, and the Germans, whose planned invasion “Operation Sea Lion,” never materialized.

The British people, famous for the staunch “stiff upper lip,” never lost morale. In fact, their stoicism during the onslaught is now famous. The expected shell-shock from the German bombing campaigns never materialized. The amazing morale also translated into workers taking on longer shifts and contributing money to the “Spitfire fund,” to help the war effort. Seemingly unaffected by the Blitz, they never lost hope, never gave up, never surrendered.

Tube Blitz

The British, with their indomitable spirit, were the foundation for the eventual victory over Germany. They endured incredible hardship and a seemingly hopeless situation, and were victorious in the end. Their unbreakable spirit made the mere 21-mile jaunt across the English Channel to invade a fools’ errand for the Germans, despite their military superiority. The ferocious resistance by the British finally convinced the Germans to abandon their plans for invasion in late 1940.

Today, Britain faces a new threat, a totalitarian regime that is essentially identical to that of Nazi Germany.

This enemy, like Nazi Germany before her, intends to bend the UK to the will of distant bureaucrats, and crush them if they do not. Like before, the UK has chosen to resist; BREXIT.

But the bureaucrats of the European Union will not take “no” for an answer; they demand the UK accept “refugees” without question. They buy or blackmail politicians to support them; those that resist are removed, since the Parliamentary system is easy to manipulate with a small but determined minority.

The bureaucrats have mobilized THEIR army, middle-Eastern refugees, men of military age, Islamic, and fundamentally incompatible with Western civilization. The EU invading army suffer from low IQ levels and extreme aggression due to generations of familial in-breeding, and are studiously indoctrinated in the tenets of Islam, a religion which literally translated means “submission.”

Submission to THEIR rules, their culture, their God. The choices under Islam are “Jizyah,” a tax paid by nonbelievers (where you’re treated like a 2nd-class citizen), conversion to Islam, or death.

There are no other options.

The abuses of women by these invaders are well documented, wherever they’ve gone. It is no exaggeration, not hyperbole when these “refugees” are referred to as “rape-fugees,” as these mentally incapacitated individuals are taught that women NOT wearing the Islamic Hijab are fair game for rape, torture or murder. They are “asking” for it, by not covering, is the thinking by such individuals.

This invading army of “refugees” is not seeking refuge. Their goal is the conversion of all of the UK to Islam, to submit to Sharia law, in all its splendor (and depravity and death).

Image result for britain islamic refugees

It is the planned destruction of ALL Western cultures who would resist the EU bureaucrats; better to rule over mentally retarded religious zealots, than to lose power to the intelligent, aware citizenry of Western European nations.

The Islamic invasion of Great Britain is as much of a threat to the country as Operation Sea Lion was, during The Blitz.

I would argue more-so, since the Islamic invaders use the political systems of their intended victims against them; the result is enablers and protectors of the most vile crimes, rapes and murders, by Islamic “politicians” such as Sadiq Khan.

Image result for sadiq khan

Khan did not run for office as the Mayor of London to further the best interests of London residents and British subjects; he is there to provide political cover for the invaders, and to ensure that no effective resistance to the invasion can occur. This subtle treason is white-washed by a cowed and compliant media, and any who would challenge his seeming ineptitude miss the fact that his actions are quite purposeful and malevolent.

Like Justin Trudeau, another corrupt and amoral clown, Khan plays a bungler, seemingly unable to grasp the corrosive effects of the policies he pushes, and the people he lets run rampant. Khan uses every trick there is to defend the invaders, the rapists, the murderers. Indeed, his loyalties lie with them. His HEART is with them. He is a Muslim extremist, bent on the destruction of the entire United Kingdom.  Khan is a traitor, willing to sacrifice the lives of every innocent, to blood-thirsty animals.

If the Islamic invasion of the UK succeeds, the results will be untold deaths of men; women and children will either be sold into slavery, or dispatched when their tormentors are bored with torturing them. The country will fall under Sharia Law; the streets will be red with the blood of millions of innocents.

And they ENJOY torturing and killing those that don’t submit, in the most gruesome of ways:

In 1939, Adolf Hitler had designs to eradicate the British, and take over. There would be no room for anyone other than Germans. He threw everything he had at the British, and not only did they endure, they became stronger, fought back, and eventually crushed the fascists.

We are now witnessing the British endure another threat, with the same goals; eradication of all things British.

This time the politicians side with the enemy; treason writ large.

Once again, the British people must not only endure, but fight back, and crush not only the invading forces, but also their enablers.

They’re faced with the same choice as nearly three generations ago; fight or die.

I hope they start fighting, before it’s too late.

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May 3, 2018 at 3:41 am

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Is Trump REALLY Nuts? Or Is He Crazy Like a Fox?

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[This is an op-ed I submitted to last Friday, 4/13/2018.  They refused to print it.  I think it’s still accurate now, so I posted it here.  We’ll see if I was correct in my assessment.]

So MUCH of the current Syrian political situation doesn’t seem to make any sense.  At the moment, after yet another “chemical attack” on civilians in Syria, with the mainstream media (MSM) coming out condemning the horrific deaths of some 60 civilians, we seem on the eve of global thermonuclear war.

But ARE we?

The pattern has been repeated ad nauseam; America gets ready to extract itself from some foreign entanglement, and THEN, with an eerie sense of perfect timing, some “humanitarian crisis” occurs which necessitates keeping troops in foreign lands, on someone else’s soil, shooting those who don’t want us there, to “save” the poor people.

On January 23, 2018, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley stated that Russia is complicit for all chemical attacks in Syria.

On March 12, 2018, Ambassador Haley THEN stated, “We warn any nation determined to impose its will through chemical attacks and inhuman suffering, but most especially the outlaw Syrian regime, the United States remains prepared to act if we must,” Haley said. “It is not a path we prefer. But it is a path we have demonstrated we will take, and we are prepared to take again.”

If President Donald Trump is determined to root out the corrupt Deep State, which uses obvious false-flags to push a military agenda (which happens to be highly profitable), what would he do.  What would YOU do?

I believe he had Nikki Haley bait a hook on March 12, inviting the Deep State to create yet another false-flag in Syria to justify keeping troops in the area, supporting ISIS fighters (to ultimately conquer Syria to allow a natural gas pipeline through the country), and ultimately invade the country.  It has the added benefit- as Matt Bracken pointed out- of denying Russia additional warm-water ports they would need to assure their own defensive capabilities.

So Nikki Haley baits the hook, and then President Trump announces he’s going to remove troops of Syria, because the threat- ISIS- has been removed, and there’s no justification to keep them there any longer.

And then, through some AMAZING coincidence of time, Assad does the ONE thing that the UN Ambassador warned would keep American troops in-country- a gas attack on a bunch of civilians.  Voila’!  INSTANT justification to keep troops there, and start another pointless war!!!

Never mind that the attack itself can’t be confirmed,  the casualties can’t be confirmed, and even the video footage (from the famed “White Helmets” previously caught faking disaster videos) can’t be confirmed.

And suddenly, it’s as though we’re on the brink of nuclear war.

But ARE we?

Trump knows normal diplomatic communications are tapped; transcripts from conversations with Mexican and even Australian diplomats have not only been intercepted, but transcribed and released to the media!  Trump won’t use those methods of communication unless it’s something he WANTS the opposition (the Deep State) to believe.

I believe that Trump is using alternative means of communications, and coordinating efforts with China AND Russia to root out the Deep State actors that permeate the governments of all three countries.

I believe the Syrian crisis is theater, and Trump is using Twitter to fake-out the MSM and the Deep State with threats, and hamming it up on Twitter to sound even more outrageous, to enrage the MSM and Deep State.

Consider his effectiveness at exposing the Democrats on the 2nd Amendment.  By playing their game, he gave them as much rope as they wanted to hang themselves.  Former SCOTUS Justice Stevens wrote an entire op-ed piece for the New York Times, for crying out loud!  By playing their game, being canny in how he responded to their demands, he nailed the Democrats to the wall.

I believe he’s doing the same thing to the Deep State and some of their more active (and extremely corrupt) US Government representatives- namely Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

The “impending nuclear war,” just like with North Korea, will suddenly dissipate, just a simple misunderstanding, dontcha’ know…  (heh, heh…)  But the bad actors pushing the narrative to keep troops in Syria, staging false-flag attacks, and being responsible for filled body-bags coming home, will be exposed.  And they’ll be removed.

It would seem that Trump is stone-cold nuts, but he’s NOT.  The dude is *sharp.*  So the only reasonable explanation is that he’s playing the role like a veteran Shakespearean actor.  Looking at the facts, and adding it all up, it’s the ONLY thing that makes logical sense.

That, and the fact that he’s using a means of communication with other leaders around the world that is secure from the corrupt Deep State actors.

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April 17, 2018 at 4:25 am

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SHTF Arrives Early, Now What?

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Things have been rather exciting over the last year, as we swing into the final months of the Constitutional Republic formerly known as the United States of America. And so I’ve been watching a lot, reading, thinking about all of this… While I work through current problems in my own life. And a very interesting question came up, which is the point of this post. The problem is that, to adequately answer the question, requires quite a bit of time to set up the background, so the answer makes sense. So here goes…

The MSM is thrashing around as they slowly die of lost legitimacy

In the last year, the veneer of decency and honesty has been completely stripped away from our uniquely American “fifth column,” the media, whose responsibility it was to monitor and report on the corruption of government. Instead, they have been utterly exposed as the lying scum most people suspected them of being. They’re just willing propaganda outlets for the government, like Pravda or TASS were, for the Soviet Union. White is now black, up is down, wrong is right.

lying media

And of course, the media pimps for their political whores, manipulates polling data which affects “their guy” winning or losing. The most obvious results regarding the press: only 6% of the population still trusts the media. Literally, the public trust used-car salesmen more than they trust reporters. As we used to say in the Navy, they’re “lower than whale shit.” Pretty much.

The media manipulation initially provided cover to the corrupt government, but has now backfired;

In politics, most Americans feel they’re on the losing side. Not surprising, since REALPOLITIK has nothing to do with what the people want. The oligarchy- with the massive cover by the MSM- does what it wants, and the peons can go f**k themselves.

There is growing anger and cynicism regarding politicians. It is axiomatic for the public at present, that politicians are lying whores. This means, also, that the MSM can no longer control the narrative. They’ve instead switched to designating a single person as the “bad guy” so that public frustration can be vented at that person for whatever reason. As long as they can gin up some crime or outrage, they could channel the building anger at their chosen target. The target is destroyed, and they move on to the next…

This has been the standard playbook, which I started to become vaguely aware of as I graduated high-school in the 1980’s. So it’s been working for a while- a full generation of people have been born and grew up, believing this is THE WAY things are.

And along comes the 2016 election for POTUS. The MSM- as usual- picked their favorites and their targets, and won’t let anything deter them from the success of their favorite candidates, and the utter destruction of the chosen targets. Except Donald Trump entered the fray. Love him or hate him, nobody can deny that he took the playbook of the MSM and corrupt oligarchical government, and masterfully used it against them. He defeated 17 other candidates in the corrupt GOP, and completely grenaded the GOP/RNC leadership. The “never-Trump” movement is crushed, the neoCons and other parasite groups are reeling from their loss of power, and they’re helplessly flailing in an attempt to restore their former glory. They will fail.

The MSM is now cooking up the most outrageous stories, openly lying to sabotage the Trump campaign. Just a few examples are HERE, HERE, HERE…   But you KNOW it’s bad, it’s really bad, when even a liberal rag like the L.A. Times publishes a post from Justin Raimondo, stating “To fight Trump, journalists have dispensed with objectivity.” You know it had to hurt the collectivist/liberal/socialist editors, to even allow that article to be published… But when the propaganda is so outrageous that you’re threatened with extinction for being a bunch of liars, I guess a little truth is in order…

Killary! Is Desperate

The reality is that Hildebeest Clinton is blatantly guilty of ESPIONAGE and TREASON. Just on the facts we already know, everything that’s public with regard to the classified emails, the hacks and lost sensitive data, the pay-to-play while she worked at the State Department, and she KNOWINGLY armed ISIS.

empress hillary

Top that off with the fact that the DNC actively fixed the primary election so that she was declared the winner, despite the fact that she actually lost to Bernie Sanders. Nobody even bothers to debate this point; it’s common knowledge. There’s no credibility left in the election process, at least where the Democrats are concerned. As one popular meme on Facebook points out, she had to cheat a LOT to beat a 72 year-old commie bum, what makes her think she’ll win against Trump?

The GOP is Desperate

Despite their best efforts to sabotage Trump, he not only won the Republican primary, but crushed the opposition- all 17 other candidates. The vast majority of cuckservatives have now defected, are actively backing Hildebeest. The GOP also has a bunch of insiders actively working with the MSM to bring down Trump; better, from their perspective, that Hildebeest should win, and the gravy train continue on…

The Elites are Desperate

When we look at political systems, we naturally focus on the defining characteristic of economic power over the people. If you control the ability to produce, if you control who gets money, you control who lives and who dies. Such systems have been applied to countries and regions.   Globalism is initially socialist in nature, to eventually become communist. But it’s a global, instead of national or regional.

The push for globalism reached its apex with the creation of the European Union. But now the EU is collapsing, they’re completely broke, and the PIIGS countries- Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain broke the entire region. Combine this with a corrupt central banking system (European Central Bank) and the two anchor-countries for the EU economy- France and Germany- being factually bankrupt, and you have an impending disaster of biblical proportions…

Historically, countries start wars with other countries when the financial collapse is about to occur. The logic is quite simple, really; it’s easy to rally the citizens against “the enemy.” And if the bankrupt country wins, they can divide the spoils and the citizens feel proud of their ‘victory.’ If the bankrupt country loses, the leaders will be dead. But if the country goes bankrupt under the leaders’ watch, they’re still dead, so they have nothing to lose…

The elites are pushing for war between the USA and either Russia or China… or both. Because a complete financial collapse means they’re history, and might very well end up getting the Marie Antoinette treatment. The means of starting these wars is through various western organizations which they control 100%. The main organizations are NATO and the World Trade Organization (WTO). These two New World Order organizations are the corner-stones of the globalist plans, and provide the veneer of legitimacy for them.

Trump has plainly stated his desire to get the USA out of NATO and the WTO, thereby threatening to undo decades of work by the globalists. By intimating that the USA can freely leave them, the point is made to the elites that they do NOT own the USA and its people. Such challenges must not stand, from their perspective. They’re actively working to sabotage Trump as well, and in the process exposing themselves. The logical result is that they’ll further erode their remaining legitimacy.

The Economic Collapse Continues

While a lot of survivalists & preppers have been expecting the economic collapse to occur suddenly, like a huge tidal wave that crashes down on us, instead we have something like a sinkhole that continues to grow underneath our homes, with our houses sagging and slowly pulling apart… It’s not happening quickly, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. It most assuredly is, and in only Greece and Venezuela are the signs moving quickly enough that it imparts a sense of drama to the observer.

I’ve spoken at length about the coming economic collapse, WHY it is happening and what you can do to protect yourself, HERE and HERE. Since the fundamentals haven’t changed, I’m not going to rehash. It’s enough to say, if you’ve not read the two pieces, it might be worth your time…

Situational Summary

As I’ve shown, there are a whole bunch of facets to our current situation. Simply put, the signs of societal, economic and political decay are everywhere you look. The collapse is occurring, and the only thing .gov can do is maintain- if not increase- their grip on what remains. It’s either full-on police-state, or they lose power and suffer like normal people… (Assuming, of course, they aren’t executed for their treason, theft and general corruption…)   The government is using the Free Shit Army (FSA®) to weaken the country so we cannot resist the coming police-state. We’re already in a civil war with the FSA®, the elitists and their MSM whores, and their idiotic, dumb-as-a-fucking-bag-of-hammers liberal/socialist/collectivist useful-idiot enablers.

OK, What Does THAT MEAN???

Basically, ½ the country is holding out their hand expecting the other half to pay for every idiotic utopian idea that pops into their empty little skulls, and they don’t just expect you to pay for it, they demand you pay for it and then thank them for the honor of having your wallet emptied…  Oh, yeah, they’re the same people that backed Socialist Bernie Sanders:

free shit bernieIf you disagree with that theft, YOU are a racist/homophobe/bigot/anti-Semite/sexist/whatever. YOU are the “bad guy,” for wanting to be left alone. And if you have the means to defend your family and yourself against thieves (like .gov or the FSA®) YOU are the criminal. If you speak out against the criminality of .gov policies or the FSA parasites, YOU are a felon, a criminal.

If you don’t bend over and take it up the pooper for every idiot idea that the collectivists come up with, YOU ARE AN ENEMY OF THE STATE. Forget voting, except to convey the subtle (and as-yet anonymous) message to the elites that you’re NOT happy with what they’re doing. If you disagree with the collectivists, YOU are now their enemy. They have been waging an undeclared war on you for decades; it is now openly waged, though no declaration was ever made. It doesn’t really matter if you think they’re your enemy, they view YOU as the enemy, and will treat you as such.

What’s happening with ISIS- with Islam in general- is an indication of what is coming. The collectivists are attempting to use fundamentalist Islam- which promotes murder and death- to crush western societies, so that they can come in and reform a (somewhat) capitalist society into a socialist/communist society. Of course, they fail to consider that Muslims will kill them, too. The collectivists see Muslims as useful weapons to use against YOU. Remember that- lacking such willful mad-dogs to attack western society- the collectivists would eventually resort to violence themselves, when all other means of persuasion and coercion failed. People that are free to think for themselves with objective data always reject socialism and communism.

“What am I supposed to do, knowing that the government considers me a felon?”

You need to understand that, unless you are 100% in lock-step with the collectivist agenda that the elites are currently pushing, you aren’t just a felon; you’re a direct threat to ‘national security.’  YOU ARE A FELON IF YOU DON’T ASSUME ‘THE POSITION’ …


You can now be considered a “terrorist” or a terrorist sympathizer/supporter, and detained indefinitely. You can be executed by the government with no trial, no due process. All of the pieces are already in place for full-on dictatorship, with completely predictable results. If you want to get an inkling of what those results are, you MUST watch the movie “The Chekist.” An English-subtitled version is on Youtube HERE. You need to get an idea of what you’re dealing with… and short of seeing it first-hand (or being one of the victims) I don’t know of any other way to convey what’s coming.

If the collectivists get their way, YOU will be on receiving end, exactly as depicted in this movie…

So the answer to the first question is, understand that the government doesn’t just consider you a felon; they consider you a threat to be eliminated. If you grok this, you have a chance.

“…what am I to do? In fact, I have done nothing wrong.”

You don’t have to. If you’re suspected of not being onboard the program, that’s enough. Speak out for the Constitution, talk about gun rights, support Donald Trump, talk about parental rights, and guess what, you’re a target, living on borrowed time. And yes, I fully realize I’m on borrowed time as well…

“I have never come close to calling for violence.”

That doesn’t matter. The collectivists- by their nature- are violent, and will bring violence to you, sooner or later. Collectivism can only exist when those who stand against it are systematically killed… As ~130 million dead in the 20th Century demonstrate. They don’t care whether you called for violence; they’re going to bring violence to you. What you say, or think or do at this point, does not matter.

“I “anonymously” comment on the internet that Trump should be the next president and a certain tribe quite clearly holds all positions of power in both the public and private sectors and obviously pushes communism and an anti-white, anti-host-nation agenda.”

NOTHING is “anonymous” on the internet, anymore. Nothing. Every post you make, every email, every website visit, every time you did a google search for the reason your kid has the sniffles, everything you do is recorded and stored.

“So the men in black will kick down my door one night, as I am here with my three children, just trying to be an American father?”

Yes. Sooner or later. Make more ‘anonymous’ comments, impact more people with thought-provoking essays, you move up the priority list… With so much ‘anonymous’ information stored by the NSA, you an easily evade notice for a long time, simply because there’s so much noise in all the data being collected. You post using some key words and/or phrases, you misdial a call and end up calling someone on a watch-list, and they can then pull every bit of data they have on you, and build a case. Oh, and you’ll have no attorney, nor court, nor be able to see what evidence (if any) the government has on you… In other words, we are already Without Rule of Law (WROL). Most people don’t understand this, don’t think it’ll affect them… until, of course, it does, and then it’s too late.

“Even if so, what am I to do about it?”

With regard to guys in black tacti-cool gear busting down your door, remember the old Japanese adage, “the nail that sticks up gets hammered down.”  There WILL come a time when the festivities kick off in earnest.  Until that day, stay as low-profile as you can, if not for yourself, then do it for your family.

Other stuff to do…?

Preppers and survivalists tend to focus on “stuff.” Preps like beans, band-aides and bullets. Perfectly understandable, and the “stuff” is all extremely important. But it’s not the most important thing, bud, believe me… Brute physical strength isn’t it, being an “operator” with an AR-15 isn’t it, physical endurance isn’t it, either… You’ll have all kinds of people trying to teach or sell something to you, all of which may (or may not) be important for your survival…

The single most important factor in whether you survive is simply mental toughness. All the gear in the world, all the preps, the guns, whatever, doesn’t matter if you aren’t prepared to do whatever is necessary to survive. If that means you kill thieves or thugs when things really get frisky, than that’s what you do. If it means you have to kill cops or UN troopers to protect your children, then that’s what you do. In a “civil” society, we can debate the niceties of whether you should simply wound a criminal threatening you, versus just shooting him in the head. We are already slowly moving away from that “civil” society, but it’ll speed up, and you’ll know when the pretense of civility is gone. It’s at that point, that you’ll have to shift gears, shift modes.  Selco describes it as the switch from “…[a]n average citizen, a law abiding person, and suddenly you are going to be thrown into a (prolonged) situation where you are going be forced to watch and use exceptional levels of violence.” He calls it “survival mode.” Check out the full essay HERE.

“Shit is real. I happen to be unemployed. Laid off 6 months ago, despite my tremendous credentials AND SKILLS (in this clown world). I will get evicted soon. As of now, the government still has fiat dollars to pay judges, lawyers, and sheriff’s deputies, so it will take my landlord only 2 months to get me evicted. And if I don’t move my stuff out voluntarily, the cops WILL arrive at my door with papers and physically throw my stuff out on the curb.”

Yep. I’m in the same boat. We’re going through our own financial SHTF scenario right now, and if something doesn’t hit by Halloween, we’ll lose the house, be out on the street, financially busted. Not something I’m particularly proud of, especially with two children and a baby due to arrive literally any day, now…

Since we’ve both reached our SHTF moment ahead of others, the risk of guys in black tactical gear coming after you for your anonymous posts on the internet, is of secondary concern.  You’ve got more immediate shit to deal with, right now.

So, as a guy who’s in the same boat as you, I’m going to speak plainly… As to not knowing what to do in your financial SHTF scenario, I will post some basic ideas:

  1. Sell any “stuff” you have that you can’t take with you in either a motorhome or camping trailer, but keep your guns, precious metals, practical clothes, and what food you can take with you.  FORGET about living in the woods; it takes money, planning and skills, none of which you have in sufficient quantity to have a decent chance.  Don’t view an RV as a viable SHTF vehicle; water is the biggest problem, and too heavy to carry with you in sufficient quantities to matter (I know first-hand).
  2. Eschew luxury items that cost money; stay practical, and save your money for your kids’ entertainment/books/home-schooling materials.
  3. Stop smoking, if you’re currently a smoker. I quit one month ago. I’m not feeling “better” for it, and still have cravings from time to time, but they’re slowly going away, and I’m not literally watching my money go up in a cloud of smoke…
  4. Keep one computer- a laptop with wireless, and minimize the other electronic gadgets/gizmos that cost money but don’t help. Keep at least one cell phone (but a cheapie model) with a low-rate plan.
    1. Keep your resume’ uploaded on your computer, make sure it’s current.
    2. Use the computer DAILY to access emails from a local Starbucks, to send resumes. Keep the phone handy, and be ready to take phone interviews ANY TIME.
    3. Search your ASS off for job opportunities. Send at least two resumes EVERY DAY. Don’t limit yourself to your senior-level executive positions, use more generic terms and look at other industries than you’ve been looking at up until now. I have two phone interviews this week because I’m looking outside my “core” industry. It might be a step down (or sideways or back or whatever) for me from what I’m used to, but my kids have to eat.
  5. If you’ve got a truck or SUV that can tow a trailer, buy a used RV trailer with enough beds for you and your kids. Forget home “ownership,” as nobody owns real property any more, even people who’ve paid off their mortgages. By looking carefully, you can find relatively cheap RV parks to hang your hat. It’s not 100% off the grid where the authorities are concerned (especially if they have some sort of “interest” in you) but it reduces your footprint dramatically. Keep a mailing address at a friends’ house, and you now have a “residence” from which to send resumes and keep hunting for jobs. If you have friends that will allow you to put an RV somewhere on their property, that reduces living costs to essentially food and entertainment.
  6. An advanced degree is all well and good if you can put it to use, maximizing the earning potential it brings. But if you can’t use it, then take lesser work, wherever you can find it. The first job I took after getting my Bachelor’s degree in economics, was working at a car dealership washing cars… and when I got done with that job, mucking stalls on a horse-ranch. Humbling doesn’t describe it… But it’s what I had to do to eat, 20 years back. If needs be, I’ll do the same kind of thing again, though there are more mouths depending on my getting SOMETHING for cash-flow.
  7. The government is squeezing kids at school, nowadays, so the idea of keeping your kids in a government school (where they can learn about Johnnie having two daddies, and “transgenderism”) is not such an advantage any more. There are plenty of websites with FREE online and downloadable home-schooling curricula, you have only Google it, to find the resources. They’re all over, so the idea that you have to be under the .gov (or in this case .edu) thumb is demonstrably false.
  8. Lastly… and MOST important, is that you must develop a strong mental attitude. I’m not necessarily talking about a full-on “survival mode” attitude… but something headed in that direction. You must have the attitude, that you’ll do whatever it takes, to get the job done, to look out for your kids, to make it. It’s not the strongest, or the smartest or richest or prettiest people that consistently come out of storm alive, it’s the bastards that are the toughest, the people that simply won’t quit. When SHTF, it’s a simple fact; you quit, you die.   And if you die, there’s a good chance everyone that depends on you will die as well… So DECIDE to keep going no matter what, and then DO IT. Everything else is bullshit.

“I am here to tell you, massive unemployment among white men WITH COLLEGE DEGREES AND EVEN LAW DEGREES is real. There are tens of thousands like me and soon there will be a million. We in Gen X were lied to.”

Yeah, that’s true. My education includes an MBA and a D.Sc. And guess what? Nobody gives a shit, nobody feels any sympathy for you, or me, or anyone else in this situation, and they certainly won’t shed a single tear for your student-loans (or mine). It’s an old story, told many times by a million other Gen-X and Gen-Y types (with their particular proclivity for whining).  Nobody fucking cares.

Understand… Advanced degrees offer an advantage only in .gov positions, research or university roles. Other than that, the advanced degrees are only bargaining chips that make you look better than your competitors. So understand what those degrees are really worth now (basically, nothing), and suck it up.

Were you lied to? Maybe. And maybe so was I. But again, nobody gives a shit. just-shut-up-and-suck-it-up

If you can find someone that’ll teach you a new skill like welding, electrical or plumbing work, or something similar, than LEARN a new skill. Practical trades/skills will more easily feed your family, because they’re more easily marketed. Notice I don’t consider being a Starbucks “Barista” as a marketable, skilled job; it’s a pretentious version of a McDonald’s burger-flipper. Learn skills that people NEED, and that people are willing to PAY for.

“I will be moving in with my parents. Add me to the list of Gen Xers doing that. But know also that this is after 17 years of having a successful career and supporting myself (and others) easily for 17 years, until now.”

Quit feeling sorry for yourself, swallow your pride, and do what you have to do. You do not have the luxury of self-pity, not while others depend on you. Fall back, consolidate your resources, and do what you can, with what you have.

The SHTF situation has already happened for you and your family, just as it has for me and mine. We’re now past the time where complaining matters. It’s time to toughen the fuck up.

There’s no other choice.

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$1.1T Budget Deal Is A Declaration of WAR On American People

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Much has already been written about the disgusting $1.1 TRILLION budget.

The GOP didn’t just surrender, they actively helped the collectivists to rip off the American people.  Their assistance was so blatant, so in-your-face, that it cannot be regarded as anything less than treason.  TREASON.  Rush Limbaugh- ever the water-carrier for the GOP- finally says the truth, saying the GOP Sold American Down the River.

Want to see the face of treason?  Here it is:

paul ryan big govt

Paul Ryan, and the following “Republican” traitors passed that piece of shit of a budget.  Look to see if YOUR congressional representative sold you out:


Remember the outrage from the MSM and the elitists, when Donald Trump said we need to stop allowing Muslims into this country until we figure out how to vet them so we can keep out the jihadists?  While the elitists’ heads were exploding, Trump’s suggestion resonated throughout the country.  Of course it did; it’s common sense!

Understanding the true opinion of the American public regarding keeping out the Muslims, the just-passed budget  “approved funding for the issuance of nearly three hundred thousand visas to migrants from Muslim countries in the next year alone.”

We can argue all day long about politics (and many people do).  But when faced with an overwhelming majority of people who have clearly concluded that allowing potential enemies like Muslims into our country, when the majority of Muslims already here support Sharia law, and 25% are perfectly fine with violent acts to support a global jihad…  What does Ryan and his supporters do?  They fund 300,000 more of these people to come in.

300,000 more fine people… people just like this:


And please, let’s put this into perspective.  For 2015 there have been 2,679 Islamic terrorist attacks, with a total of 25,898 deaths and 24,683 injured.  It took only eight shooters to kill 130 people and injure 368 more, in Paris on November 13, 2015.

Oh, I know, some people say that most Muslims are “moderates.”  The reality is that 25% of those in America openly support violent jihad.  This dove-tails nicely with Pamela Geller’s estimate that 15-25% of Muslims are violent.

Suppose, for the sake of argument, that Pamela Geller’s low number is correct, only 15% of them are violent.  That means Paul Ryan just signed us up for 45,000 violent jihadists to come to America, get three hots and a cot, a little spending money (stolen from YOUR wallet), and a chance to kill infidels live the American dream.

Congress and that miserable POS obungler have clearly heard the feedback on the idea of barring entry for Muslims, and haven’t just doubled-down on it; they’ve basically dropped trou and shit on you, your family, your community and the country.  They have willfully, intentionally, with clear forethought, put you and everyone you know into harms’ way; they clearly don’t give a FUCK about you.

How more clear can it possibly be?

Do we have to wait longer, watch more treason from Barrack Hussein Obama (may he rot in Hell for all eternity) before someone else says what MUST be said?  Obama is guilty of High Treason.

  • He has committed acts of war against other countries without consulting Congress, in violation of U.S. Constitution Article 1, Section 8 and U.S. Code Title 50, Chapter 33:1541-1548;
  • He refuses to secure our broken borders from illegal alien invasion, international criminal incursion, and terrorist cadre penetration, in violation of U.S. Constitution, Article III, Section 3 and Article IV, Section 4
  • He is adhering to the enemies of the United States, giving them aid and comfort, as witnessed by consorting with, supporting and installing to powerful Federal positions persons who in writing, word and deed have called for and promoted the overthrow of America’s constitutionally guaranteed Republican form of government.


We openly tolerate a TRAITOR in the White House, and nobody does a God-damned thing.

Do we have to wait until Ms. Hildebeest Cankles Clinton takes office, before we become so disgusted at the system that we would rather die than tolerate it any more?

Do we have to wait until Donald Trump is assassinated on live TV for having the audacity to point out the emperor has no clothes, is corrupt, stupid, violent and broke?

At WHAT point do we finally call bull-shit on the whole charade, and say “enough!”?

You know, I had been thinking long and hard about a simple question: “When is it justified to violate sedition laws, because the government is no longer legitimate?”

That is not nearly as simple a question as it first seems.  Sedition is legally defined as “a revolt or an incitement to revolt against established authority, usually in the form of Treason or Defamation against government.”

Sedition is the crime of revolting or inciting revolt against government. However, because of the broad protection of free speech under the First Amendment, prosecutions for sedition are rare. Nevertheless, sedition remains a crime in the United States under 18 U.S.C.A. § 2384 (2000), a federal statute that punishes seditious conspiracy, and 18 U.S.C.A. § 2385 (2000), which outlaws advocating the overthrow of the federal government by force. Generally, a person may be punished for sedition only when he or she makes statements that create a Clear and Present Danger to rights that the government may lawfully protect (schenck v. united states, 249 U.S. 47, 39 S. Ct. 247, 63 L. Ed. 470 [1919]).”

The interesting thing about sedition laws is that they really have a hard time prosecuting someone for this “crime” because even if a person advocates violation of the law, “it is not a justification for denying free speech where the advocacy falls short of incitement and there is nothing to indicate that the advocacy would be immediately acted on.”  Whitney v. California, 274 U.S. 357, 47 S. Ct. 641, 71 L. Ed. 1095 (1927)

So, I’ll say what I think, because unfortunately, I don’t think my words will be immediately acted upon.  God knows, I wish they were

Bottom line: we’ve been sold out, by the political machine.  There are NO political parties, nobody to represent us, nobody to watch out for our interests.  Every person that voted for that putrid $1.1 TRILLION budget, every person that played a part in getting 300,000 Muslims funded to come to our country and willfully endangers us, is a fucking TRAITOR.

Each and EVERY ONE needs given a fair trial for treason, stood up in front of a brick wall and shot.

Like THIS.

Our government has clearly declared war on the American people.

Our enemy is our GOVERNMENT.

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It’s All About Perspective.

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Sometimes great moments of wisdom come from the most unlikely of places.  The move Ratatouille (2007) by Pixar is a great example.  In the movie, the antagonist, Anton Ego, shows up at a restaurant, to critique the food.  The waiter Mustafa comes to take the order:

Mustafa: [taking Ego’s order] Do you know what you’d like this evening, sir?
Anton Ego: Yes, I think I do. After reading a lot of overheated puffery about your new cook, you know what I’m craving? A little perspective. That’s it. I’d like some fresh, clear, well seasoned perspective. Can you suggest a good wine to go with that?
Mustafa: With what, sir?
Anton Ego: Perspective. Fresh out, I take it?
Mustafa: I am, uh…
Anton Ego: Very well. Since you’re all out of perspective and no one else seems to have it in this BLOODY TOWN, I’ll make you a deal. You provide the food, I’ll provide the perspective, which would go nicely with a bottle of Cheval Blanc 1947.
Mustafa: I’m afraid… your dinner selection?
Anton Ego: [stands up angrily] Tell your chef Linguini that I want whatever he dares to serve me. Tell him to hit me with his best SHOT.


In the latest shoot-em-up porn article by the Military Times, “U.S. vs. Russia: What a war would look like between the world’s most fearsome militaries,” they start off with the claim “With the launch of airstrikes in Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin instigated a proxy war with the U.S., putting those nation’s powerful militaries in support of opposing sides of the multipolar conflict.”

What a bunch of bullshit.

The reality is that the USA is the country that has been initiating proxy wars, recently. Examples where the USA has aggressively instigated conflicts include Iraq, Georgia, Libya, Ukraine, Yemen and Syria. By way of comparison, Russia has been in a *reactive* mode, especially with regard to Georgia, Ukraine and now Syria, despite what the mainstream-media propagandists proclaim. (Of course, this is THE specific reason why MSM is losing market-share to independent media; they lie, and everyone knows this.)

Throughout the article, the same point keeps coming through, like a light-house beacon in the fog; Russia’s military is designed as a truly defensive military force. Russia invests in air-defense systems and anti-ship forces. As the article clearly states, Russia is “relying on a particular set of capabilities known as ‘anti-access and area denial.’” They have much less in the way of force-projection capabilities, as one would expect for a defensive military force; it’s simply outside their scope. And given this fact, it makes perfect sense why they are able to field a significant military force on only 10% of the military expenditures of the USA; defensive military operations are typically much cheaper than offensive operations.

Defensive strategies are comparatively cheap. They don’t rely on extended supply lines. The need for extended-range planes, ships and submarines are greatly diminished, the costs of defensive systems to penetrate deep into “enemy” territory without detection and/or defensive measures is reduced, and the citizens of the country will participate in both supply, intelligence and (to a limited degree) combat operations.

Offensive strategies, on the other hand, are much more demanding; all ground forces must be transported to the combat arena, must be supplied with ammunition, food, armored and air support (plus all spare parts), medical support, and so on. As well, offensive armies must rely on capturing resources as they conquer territory, or their supply lines will have to cross extended distances (also very expensive and logistically difficult to properly manage). Offensive military forces, to be effective, thus require extremely high levels of financial support to maintain operational effectiveness.

A country that is pursuing hegemonic power either regionally or globally, MUST have effective force-projection. Their military structure will necessarily be designed around this philosophy, and will be reflected in the tools of war, and in how much is spent on those tools.

Consider naval forces: as the authors admit, “Instead of carriers designed for offensive power projection at sea, the Russians are investing in an expanding fleet of submarines that can supplement their nuclear force and, conventionally, threaten an enemy surface fleet in nearby waters such as the Black Sea, the Baltic Sea or the Mediterranean Sea.” Translation: the Russian Navy is defensive in structure. As they also stated, “the U.S. Navy’s 10-carrier fleet operates on a continuing global deployment cycle.” Translation: the US Navy is offensive in nature.

How about air forces and air defenses? “[Russia’s] airspace also is heavily fortified. The quality of Russia’s stealth aircraft is far weaker than those of the U.S., but Russia has cutting-edge anti-stealth systems, and also has invested heavily in robust surface-to-air missile systems and arrayed its forces domestically to protect its border regions.” [emphasis added]  They pointed out elsewhere that Russian aircraft are cheaper and yet still effective.  Translation: the Russian air forces and defenses are structured for regional defense, and not offensive in nature. American aircraft employ a variety of technologies- computers, stealth and “smart” weapons systems- for the purpose of force projection. Translation: American air forces are offensive in nature.

What about electronic warfare? “left unclear is the extent to which Russia could jam the radars and signals intelligence that forms the foundation of the U.S.’s advanced air power.” Defensive.

And on it goes.

So what it all boils down to is perspective. The USA, all protestations aside, has been pushing hegemonic power since 1945. The empirical data on this fact, is beyond refute. The empirical data also demonstrates that Russia, post-Soviet Union, reacts to external threats and responds accordingly. This is reflected in their foreign policy, the overall politics, their economy and their military structure.

These so-called “experts” don’t see this, because they don’t WANT to see it. Instead, they blindly spout the propaganda. “Four legs good, two legs bad.”  Their lack of perspective, is going to get a LOT of people hurt or killed, if we’re not careful.


ALL of the recent military conflicts of note include the USA supplying weapons, money and intelligence to one side of the chess-board to destabilize regions.  And judging by recent history, those destabilization efforts have been wildly successful- if your goal is to destabilize the region.  And why would the USA want to destabilize ANY region?  Well, when you control the money, you can have- and control- an empire.  It really is that simple.  So between our massive spending on military goodies to have effective “force projection” and then buying the loyalty temporary support of willing toadies, we go in and wreck any country that dares to utter the words “maybe we can use some other currency than the dollar…?”  It’s about money and power.  NOTHING else matters to these people.


If you’re one of the weapons manufacturers of the empire, you get to make BIG profits.  If you’re the central bank financially backing the empire, you can literally create any amount of money you want; the wealth and power that comes with being the empire’s bank is almost without limit (and people wonder why the Federal Reserve is still around).  Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellen and Alan Greenspan are all nothing but modern-day carpet-baggers, front-men for a bunch of common thieves.

And since they literally create money out of thin air (with zero accountability), they can buy anybody.  How much do you need to win the next election, Mrs. Clinton?  A million?  A trillion?  Name your price, it’s as simple as a wire-transaction to your account in the Cayman Islands.

I think this is one of the reasons Donald Trump (like him or hate him) represents a real threat to the banking/government cabal.  He already has his own money, all he’ll ever need…  so there’s nothing they have that he wants.

Like in the movie Avatar:  “They’re not gonna give up their home. They’re not gonna make a deal.  [scoffs]  For-for what? A light beer and blue jeans? There’s nothing that we have that they want.”  Jake Sully, AVATAR

When you’ve had a well-oiled machine, the perfect marriage of the state and the big corporations, the oil… is money.  And the biggest threat to that machine is someone who is immune to the money.  Trump represents the first real threat that perfect machine has faced in arguably 53 years.

The last threat- John F. Kennedy- became a threat when he inexplicably developed a conscience.  So the threat was removed when mafia thug James Files used a prototype .222 Remington XP-100 Fireball that had been provided by the CIA.

james filesxp100

The elitists have patterns they follow.  I predict Trump will be killed before he ever steps foot in the White House, or elections will be suspended for some “national security” emergency like the ongoing economic collapse, another false-flag “terrorist” action involving some brain-dead schmuck being convinced by FBI agents to strike against The Man, or even Obama deciding to just drop the bullshit charades, and declare himself dick-tater.  Whatever way you slice it, if Trump is the real deal (and so far everything indicates he is), they’ll kill him rather than let him upset that perfect marriage of government and business.  They’ll not allow someone they can’t control into power, it’s as simple as that.


Considering all of the above, I have to ask the question: Do you honestly think any of them give a FUCK about you?  They can buy you, bankrupt you, kill you or your family…  They can do any fucking thing they want, because they can buy anybody or anything they need.  You, your family, your neighborhood or your entire country…  NONE of it matters to them, because all they care about is their power.  Hell, they killed the PRESIDENT in public, shot him in the back in a triangulated killing-zone, and when they couldn’t be sure if he was dead, the fail-safe for the assassination shot him in the right temple.  ALL of it on TV, and nobody did a thing about it.

The 9/11 attacks killed 2,997 people on live TV, ushering in the police-state in all its glory.  Obamacare took three years to write, yet the misnamed PATRIOT-USA act was rolled out in what, a month?  Given how long it takes government lackeys to write anything, the only logical conclusion is that it written beforehand, and waiting for the right excuse to be implemented.  Hell, the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars were planned beforehand, was were Syria and Libya.

The state in bed with big business leads to this.  They’ve killed over a million people in Iraq (with some 870,000 orphans) and contaminated the ground with depleted uranium ordnance, 26,000 in Afghanistan, around 100,000 in Libya…  and on and on…  Why?  Because all they cared about was the capture of new and existing oil and gas fields.

To understand the perspective, think “money and power.”  NOTHING else matters to them.

So getting back to the question, do you really think they give two shits about you or me?

Do you really think you’re going to vote your way out of this???



Let’s see…

Let’s summarize this:

The economic system is collapsing (like that’s a big surprise to anyone with a 3-digit IQ).  The thugs are tightening the grip to keep the sheep under control, while the state extracts every last ounce of nourishment remaining from the host, before it all goes down.  Anyone- and I do mean ANYONE- who dares to speak out, will be dealt with severely.

There are far-reaching ramifications for this.
  • The SCOTUS has just admitted they no longer adhere to the Constitution, but a political agenda.
  • Your rights are no longer rights, but mere privileges to be given or taken at whim.
  • You are now a subject of the state, and no longer a citizen.
 You are now property.  Get that through your head.  As far as the state is concerned, you have no rights.  The legal fictions that we laughingly refer to as laws, regulations and the “justice system” [sic] are not about justice.  The “law enforcement officers” protect and serve…  the state.
When you look at it from that perspective, the brutal nature of contemporary LEO’s is no longer a mystery.  Indeed, they’re just a bunch of thugs- gangs, really- running around, exacting “tribute” from the hapless, stupid people who still believe that the USA is “exceptional.”
I would say the only thing that makes us exceptional these days, is that so many armed people sit on their thumbs, naively believe whatever their TV set tells them, and watch shows for the lowest common denominator of people (a polite way of saying “we program the TV for idiots”), such as Game of Thrones, The Good Wife, the Kardashian whores…  and pro football.  And if you’re so stupid as to blow thousands of dollars on a football jersey signed by a football player circus clown, YOU are part of the problem.  Still believing that “your” NFL team “won” anything, it so childishly stupid as to be insulting…  The NFL is the winner, with EVERY game, every superbowl, all of it.  All a scam to suck money from stupid people, and distract the marginally intelligent.
For God’s sake, be a MAN.  Instead of vicariously living a sports fantasy by putting your brain in a jar to watch a football (or baseball or basketball) game, get off your ass and DO something.
Life is real, it’s worth living…  watch your kids grow up, make love to your wife, go hunting or fishing, build a car or write a book, play catch with your grandson, or take your granddaughter to an amusement park and watch her face light up with happiness…  Give a job to someone who’s down on their luck.  Have a barbecue with the neighbors, share a few cold ones in the garage with a friend while you talk cars and listen to music.  Teach a high-school gearhead how to weld, and use an oxy-acetylene torch.  Take your kid fishing…
There are SO MANY things we can do…  but instead we watch that  fucking box, with entirely predictable results:

 You are CONTROLLED by the tube.  You are CONTROLLED by the mainstream media, even if you don’t watch, because they still have influence over enough of the sheep, that they still control the narrative. 
  • The police are heroes (except for those pesky 909 innocent people we’ve killed up to this writing, this year).
  • Russia is trying to start a world war and want to invade the USA (though they don’t have the means to do it)
  • Hillary is trustworthy and should be the next President (though she’s an admitted felon, at least she has the most “truth in advertising,” in that unlike the rest of the blow-dried talking-head political whores running from both parties, she is the only one who looks like an old whore)
  • We’re still fighting a “War on Terror” (terrorists being defined as anyone who doesn’t happily lick .gov boots)
  • And so on…
 And when your mind rejects such absurdities, those who attempt to control the narrative try to make you think that YOU have lost your mind, and have a warped perspective on reality.  This is gaslighting.

You’re NOT crazy, when you reject gay marriage and child-molester Boy Scout leaders.  You’re NOT crazy when you get angry at the GOP (or Democrats) stabbing you in the back- again.  You’re NOT crazy when you think that Obama is a treasonous pus-bag that needs a good neck-stretching off the nearest lamp-post.  And you’re NOT crazy when you think it’s a bad (insanely bad) idea to bring Muslims over from Syria.


Reject that absurd bullshit that people say (we have to arrest this child because he chewed his pop-tart into the shape of a gun), get in peoples’ faces and tell them they’re fucking idiots.  When school teachers try to feed you a line of crap about how their “survey” on bullying is still within scope by asking their ethnic and sexual orientation, TELL them they’re full of crap…  in front of the students and everyone else who can hear.  When a politician tells you he/she supports “climate change,” ask him if he/she has plans for controlling the sun?  When you hear PC-speak, EXPOSE it for the bullshit it really is.

PUBLICLY EMBARASS THEM.  And then tell them to STFU.

Regain your perspective…  And take BACK the narrative, any way you can.  If you remain silent, their lies stand. When you speak the truth, their lies crumble to dust.

We’ve had absurdities- LIES- thrown at everything that makes our society special, for at least 30 years that I’ve been “awake,” and aware of how such lies change our perspective to something more easily controlled, from what once was the ability to think, to speak openly.  By attacking the lies, exposing them at every opportunity, you will provide a different perspective to the Gen-X and millennials, something they’ve never experienced before…  You’ll show them the TRUTH.  And while it will be something new to them…  They will recognize the truth when they see it.

UN Arms Treaty: Will the Senate RATIFY It?

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Every once in a while, when I’m taking in the latest news (always from alternative media, never MSM) an epiphany hits me, with an almost physical force. Yesterday it happened again.

The global economy is now starting it’s collapse; China down 35% despite dumping $200B of US Treasuries to get cash to inject into their own market, with the government literally buying worthless stocks to keep the indices up (and clearly failing), the US stock market in a stomach-roiling rollercoaster ride where the tracks are broken and the final encounter with gravity assured, and the EU economy is collapsing (Greece and all her debts- and Damocles’ sword derivatives- are still there).

The problem can be summed up in a single word: debt.

There is literally so much debt out there- from the home-owner (or more precisely “home-OWER”) to the car-buyer, to the student with $100k of student loans for a worthless Bachelor’s degree, all the way up to governments around the world, which rely on centralized banking.

Understand, the debt levels are so high just in the USA, that the government could confiscate every dollar worth of real or personal property, and tax 100% of the earnings you make each year (until the day you die), and they will still be hopelessly bankrupt. Confiscating the wealth of the 1% (or even the top 10%) would be a drop in the bucket.

Some of the alternative news economic analysts have flatly stated that the popping of the bubble this time will be worse than anything anyone alive has ever witnessed.  The 2008 panic is a minor glitch in comparison, and the 1929-40 Great Depression will look like a walk in the park.  The impacts of this economic collapse will be Biblical in nature…


[There is literally no currency which is safe, no fund or bank where your savings and retirement accounts can’t be seized, no way to avoid being robbed by your own “representatives.”  Having cash won’t help too much, because the purchasing power of physical cash will be inflated away to nothingness (like Weimar Germany).  Your ONLY hope is to hold precious metals, however you can get them…]

IF you have money in retirement funds, 401k, IRAs, whatever, my personal advice is to “get it OUT, while you still have something to pay a “penalty” on.  Wait, and you’ll have nothing whatsoever.  Take the cash, buy precious metals, tangibles that the government can’t manipulate and steal with sleazy magic-tricks.  If .gov doesn’t KNOW what you have, they can’t STEAL what you have…

At this point, the U.S. government has one of three options, similar to Monty Hall, in “Let’s Make a Deal.”

  1. Declare bankruptcy, repudiate all debts, promises to retirees and tell the creditors to go pound sand (will crush the elites but normal people will survive after a rough spell),
  2. Inflate the currency into worthlessness (which will keep the elites in power, but crush normal people), or
  3. Create a war and hope the distraction (combined with a war-time economy) will make normal people forget that the elites are the ones that GOT us in this mess.

My guess is our so-called “representatives” will go with door #2 AND door #3.

Door #2 is easy; it’s what they’ve been doing for a long time. And now that the recession has turned very much deflationary, they’re gonna’ spool up the printing presses (figuratively speaking, since damn-near ALL money is digital these days; cheaper to create, MUCH easier to steal from your bank accounts in a “bail-in”).  And if they can somehow make physical cash illegal, ALL of your cash will available to steal.

Door #3 will be the last desperate gasp, taken before the population goes Louis-XVI on them, in an “off with their heads” party…

WHO will the war be with?  Why, dear reader, the war will most likely be with YOU, if you own guns.

You see, the “anointed won,” dear Barack Hussein Obama (real name “Barry Soetero”)  had his celebrated emissary John “Herman Munster” Kerry sign the UN Small Arms Treaty on Wednesday, August 26, 2015, despite the Senate saying they will NOT ratify it. (It was signed before in 2013, without ratification of the Senate.)

Given the proclivities of the US Senate to honor their pledges (like defund Obamacare, stop the legalization of MILLIONS of illegal alien invaders, and so on), it would seem that the Senate is less interested in working in the interests of the country, as they are lining their own pockets.

I suspect that the Senate WILL ratify the UN Small Arms Treaty.

WHY? Because the gun-owners, even those that are still largely asleep and ignorant of the true scale of theft and corruption by our government, will suddenly be VERY aware within the next few months, as the economy makes that final gurgle in the bottom of the toilet. Those same armed- and now aware- gun owners will the ONLY ones capable of eradicating the collection of whores, thieves and liars in our halls of government, the ONLY ones with the means to complete such a mission. In other words, once the final “reset” button is pressed, the lives of the elitists won’t be worth a squirt of warm piss in a cold outhouse; the elitists will have NOTHING left to lose.

YOU are now the enemy.  Kerry said “This is about keeping weapons out of the hands of terrorists and rogue actors.”   Of course, we’ve already seen the .gov documents, where anyone who disagrees with the government or questions the legitimacy of the government is a potential terrorist.  So YOU are the rogue actor, YOU are the terrorist…

By making those that can defend themselves with weapons a “criminal” class that the government can vilify and then physically attack, the 2/3 of the country that have no weapons (and no brains) will cheer the newest “enemy.” Hell, it wouldn’t surprise me if gun-owners are blamed for the collapsed economy.

If you look at it from the elitist point of view, there are no downsides, only upsides to such a move. If it takes 90% of the active military to wrest the weapons away from all Americans, so what? After all, the military will (sooner or later) have to be far more tightly controlled with access to weapons (which may be turned on the elites) highly restricted. No honor among thieves, dontcha’ know…?

Watch the Senate very closely on any debate of UN Small Arms Treaty. If they DO ratify it, not only will it (finally) rip the mask off the Republican party, but it will be an open declaration of war on ALL gun owners, everywhere.

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So We’re In For an Economic Collapse. NOW What?

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Someone asked the pertinent question, if we’re in for an economic collapse (SHTF), what can I possibly do to expatriate my money?

To reiterate from my last post, the banks and our alleged “representatives” are working to outlaw cash, make it so that all transactions are via electronic means.  This gives the police-state government the ability to track our expenditures and send the police if you withdraw too much of your own money… And it also gives the banks access to all your funds, so that they can steal your money when their bad gambling debts come due.

So storing our money in banks is a very foolish thing to do.

As I’d mentioned before, money is not just an exchangeable commodity for commerce.  “Good” money also has some intrinsic characteristics: it’s durable, and a store of wealth (or purchasing power).  It must also be easily divisible, easily transportable, and impossible to counterfeit.  This last part is why American dollars (and every other fiat currency) are not money, only “currency.”  Or if you really want to be precise, dollars are government-issued scrip.

Since paper dollars cost essentially nothing to produce, and electronic dollars cost literally nothing to produce, the last point of real money is lost, where dollars are concerned.  In other words, they are just like Weimar Germany Marks.


Let me state it plainly: dollars are not money, they are not a store of value, they are no more valuable than Monopoly money.  What does make dollars valuable in our current (death-spiraling) economy is the fact that we’re forced to use them “for all debts, public and private,” at the point of a government gun.

And make no mistake, the US Treasury is a counterfeiting operation.

Counterfeit is defined as “made in exact imitation of something valuable or important with the intention to deceive or defraud.”

The deception is that you think you’re getting a store of value, when you most definitely are not.  Because the government increases the money supply ~7% per year, your cash holdings are therefore being devalued by the same amount every year.  Blue is actual inflation- what you see when you go to the grocery store, when you pay your bills or buy other consumables.  The red is the government-manipulated statistics that the blow-dried talking-heads push every night, in main-stream media.

Now, notice that the numbers start to diverge in 1983.  What happened?  To put it simply, the government started understating actual inflation to short-change retirees and people on Social Security.  Lower stated inflation rate equals smaller cost-of-living adjustment (COLA), thus short-changing SS recipients and allowing the government to spend more money on other programs.  The deep-dive explanation is here.  Oh, and our alleged “representatives” also amended the law to make SS payments taxable income– another way for government to steal from those who’d already paid their taxes…  Nothing like completely screwing over the elderly.  Considering though, that SS taxes collected for 2014 were $855 billion and payments were $823 billion, the Ponzi scheme would already be bust if they hadn’t played this trick.

But like anything else, when you start lying about one thing, the lies spread to other areas, including the computations for GDP.  Indeed, current government data is not believed by thinking people.  Only the morons still accept this propaganda:

loon girl

Gold Purchasing Power Parity

Let’s take a little detour for a minute, and talk about the value of the dollar versus average wage/salary and the price of gold.  Were we to talk about nutritional value of a particular food, it would be measured against an “ideal” standard, namely the egg.  In economics the ideal measure is an ounce of gold, or more precisely, the price of an ounce of gold.  100 years ago, in 1915, an ounce of gold sold for  $20.67.  An average person earned $867 per year, or enough to buy 42 ounces of gold today.    The average income in 2014 was reported at $53,891.  If we blindly accept that the free-market gold price is $1205 (as of this writing), than the average wage earner can buy 45 ounces of gold, about the same as 100 years ago.  But because we already know that inflation numbers are understated, and that the true free-market price of gold should be somewhere around $3053/oz, our actual purchasing power parity is ~18 ounces of gold, about 42% of what it should be.

The average house in 1915 cost $3200 (155 ounces of gold); today the average house for April 2015 went for $219,400 (182 ounces of gold at current prices, but 72 ounces when gold is properly priced).  Notice that when government manipulates the gold prices, the “inflation-indexed” price (as referenced to gold) remains the same, while true market prices for gold would show the average price falling over time, as a function of more efficient construction logistics.

The Federal Reserve actively manipulates the price of gold, of that there can be no dispute.  They do this to prevent people from realizing the dollar is dead, and avoid a financial collapse.  YOU can take advantage of this fact by buying precious metals- both gold and silver- in the knowledge that when the dollar collapses, your wealth will not only be protected, you’ll increase your overall purchasing power by hold such PMs as compared to simply cash.


As I posted before, it’ll be important to have cash on-hand to pay your property taxes and mortgage, when everyone around you has had their funds stolen out of the banks for “bail-ins.”  At least you’ll be able to hold onto your property as repo-men attempt to seize the assets of your neighbors…  until armed resistance stops the repo-men or the currency collapses.  Afterwards, having PMs will be your fallback for whatever commerce you engage in.  If a new currency comes along, you’ll be able to buy that currency (if desired) with the instantly recognizable PMs you’ve saved…

Those that haven’t done so, those that merely survive on a government-doled subsistence, will go from having EBT cards, Social Security checks, welfare/WIC/whatever, that they can use at the local WalMart, to this:

From McMansions, to this:

I Don’t Have Much, But How Do I Protect What I HAVE?

So now we get back to the question: how to expatriate or somehow protect what we’ve earned and saved?  We know the banks are not going to protect us, and instead will steal our money with the blessing (if not downright assistance) of the Feds.

Two recent articles just came up on yesterday, discussing this exact question (here and here), and they suggest the same tactics I proposed:

  • Maximize your stored purchasing power in precious metals
  • Have 6 months worth of cash on-hand to pay your mortgage, utilities and property taxes until the currency collapses.
  • Keep only the minimum amount of cash needed in bank accounts.  Remove any surplus and keep it as cash or as precious metals.

It’s a simple rule that you have to remember:  Whether it’s cash, gold, silver, jewelry or diamonds, IF YOU DON’T HAVE PHYSICAL POSSESSION OF IT, YOU DON’T OWN IT. 

I do not recommend expatriating your money to another country or a bank account in another country; bankers are loyal only to money and power, and you (as the tiny customer) don’t represent enough money or power for them to respect and protect.  By expatriation of your wealth to another country, you have surrendered possession; you no longer own it, and whenever those who possess your wealth decide to, they’ll just take it, and that’ll be the end of that.

So…  how do you maintain possession of your wealth, under your personal control?  How do we keep it from being stolen by thieves (whether they wear a government costume or not)?

It’s time to go “old-school,” as in, “do what they did during the Great Depression.”  Hide money and precious in places where people wouldn’t think to look.  An excellent website on this subject is Money Hiding Spots From The Great Depression.  Taking these ideas and adapting them to your situation is the best way to protect your wealth.

I don’t recommend expatriating yourself to another country, as the upcoming economic collapse will be a global event; there’s no place to run, no place to hide.  Stay where you have the most people to work with as a “tribe,” where a group or small community can work together.  I have extended family in Russia, and the offer is on the table for my family to move there in a SHTF event.  But from my perspective, there are several problems with this:

  • The government is just as corrupt as in the USA; they’re just more overt about it.  This includes the police literally robbing you on the side of the road, versus the USA (where they include a “citation” and a “judge”).
  • My money would still be at risk of inflation/confiscation by the banks and government.
  • Ownership of precious metals is not allowed.
  • Private citizens cannot own firearms (technically possible, but impossible as a practical matter).
  • In a SHTF situation, outsiders (foreignors) are not typically welcomed with open arms.

So we stay.


I had previously mentioned the survivalist/prepper/zombie-attack websites; there are hundreds of websites dedicated to this subject.  It’s quite common to have discussion forums where people talk about their favorite “zombie” weapon, how to build an underground bunker, combat tactics and so on…  But the vast majority of such discussions are fantasyland gossip, with people somehow thinking that war, disease, starvation and death are somehow romantic.

Let’s face it, NONE of those things are romantic, and you’d have to be a fool to actually want to be in such circumstances.  But a lot of people still dream of this, God only knows why…

So, instead of referring to more insane forums like this, I’d like to point you to a blog that was published in 2008, by a guy named Ferfal Aguirre.  He lived through the financial collapse of Argentina in 2001.  While this blog has been up for a long time, the lessons are timeless, practical, and actionable.  In other words, he offers insights on a variety of subjects, with ideas that you can implement yourself, without spending a small fortune on.  Subjects like weapons, trading in grey/black markets, physical and financial security…  He also makes it clear that “romantic” notions of what’s coming are not just foolish, but flat-0ut dangerous.

Protect your wealth, using old-school, common-sense.  Do NOT trust anyone else with your money and valuables.

[Final caveat: I get a variety of trolls that want to knit-pick certain aspects of what I post, with regard to economic theories, gold to silver ratios, exact pricing for certain products that I use for examples, etc.  I’m not interested in debating minutia, any more than I want to debate whether blue is better than red.  I’m putting the general information out there for people to understand, so they can make informed decisions to best protect themselves.  I don’t get paid for this, I’m not selling anything or making any kind of a profit on what I post.  Honest questions will be honestly answered, trolls will be quickly deleted.]




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