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$40B Ukrainian “Aid,” My ASS.

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It’s stealing from Americans, pure and simple. I’m going to show you how…

Last week the House of Representatives passed a $40 BILLION “aid” bill for Ukraine. Per this laughable CNN article, said bill “provides funding for a long list of priorities, including military and humanitarian assistance.” There has been a LOT of discussion and outrage about this, perfectly encapsulated by Tucker Carlson. If you haven’t seen this, it’s worth 19 minutes of your time…

Notice the comparisons he made with previous spending, and you begin to understand how truly massive the US government spending-spree truly is. It’s mind-boggling. At one point Tucker notes in passing, that there are kickbacks from contractors, but says nothing more about that.

But that’s the key to everything our government is doing, at this point.

I have some experience working with government agencies (non-military), with heavy involvement in contracts on capital projects. Mostly projects of small size, a few million dollars or so. But I directed several projects, from design to commissioning and then final hand-off to operations teams. My final project came in a little over $200 million, completed in 2013. I quit in disgust after that job was finished; the rampant fraud was… unbelievable.

[I’m going to lay things out, as much as I can. I have to be intentionally vague on certain details and locations for legal reasons, as well as the safety of my family and myself. It is, in fact, the reason why you will never see my face on TV, why I can never divulge my identity or location. You’ll see why, shortly.]

Here’s how it’s supposed to work… A project is deemed necessary by the government (local, state, federal), and the government issues a “request for proposal” (RFP) to approved vendors (who are qualified to do the job). The RFP provides a high-level description (for example, I want a vehicle that carries a bunch of people, kinda’ like a bus, but with armor), performance goals (it has to turn within a 100′ radius, it has to achieve 55 MPH, and green-tip ammo has to bounce off it without penetration), and so on. The vendors provide proposals, how they would best achieve the goal, estimated cost, delivery times, and so on. The government picks the best choice amongst the proposals, formally accepts it, and a contract is signed with payments, delivery times, etc., etc. That way the government gets a good solution for the lowest price… Or, alternatively, they may pick a vastly superior product for a moderate price increase, getting the best option in terms of performance. It depends on who’s picking amongst the proposals, and what they deem most important; we don’t buy the cheapest body armor for spec-ops guys, we buy the best we can find, and then try to save money on volume discounts. That’s how it’s supposed to work.

But when there’s big money involved, say >$10 million on a project, the different vendors will try to be, how shall we say it, “extra nice” to the people on the board choosing which option is best. Oh, you like ski-boats? Isn’t it amazing that some person you don’t know in the slightest just left a $50k jet-boat in your driveway with keys in the ignition, and the owner name in the title left blank? It happens to us all, dontcha’ know…? Yeah, if you could help us on this bid process, that’d be great. Of course, the higher up in the food-chain of the organization you are, the more valuable these lovely gifts are. You get the idea. The expenses of those gifts will be incorporated into the final bill to the organization, disguised as overtime pay for fictitious workers, R&D, or whatever.

The system of fraud I discovered will- at some point- hopefully become public knowledge, though my hope is dimming at this point. I estimate, based on projects I personally know about or was involved in, cost the tax-payers for at least $5 billion in stolen money. It has also cost the lives of four people, who were murdered. I knew two of them.

But it gets worse. There are times when the approved contractor doing the job starts swapping out cheaper materials for the ones that the contract calls for, and writes it down on paper as matching the contract on the receipt. The Project Manager for the government agency (PM) is aware of this, and willing to sign off on it. If you have a technical manager, an in-house subject matter expert (SME) like I was, then the SME is responsible to sign off on all the documents, attesting to the fact that the project was executed in accordance with all stipulations. So if the contractor can figure out a way to bribe or otherwise induce the PM and SME to not ask any questions, look away as the papers are signed off, then all sorts of shenanigans happen. Examples are buildings 1/3 smaller in footprint than the contract specified, electrical systems grossly undersized for the intended use, cooling systems that are also undersized, automation systems that don’t work, and so on. It’s like paying a contractor to install a deep jet-bath in your house, and he instead puts in the cheap Home Depot tub/shower combination you see in every tract-home in America… but the contractor expects you to pay $5000 instead of the $1000 it’s actually worth. That’s how it really works with government contracts; at the management level, everybody is on the take, in one fashion or another. Those that refuse to be bribed- more common than you might think- are sent packing by whatever means necessary; a false accusation of sexual harassment, an accusation of racial discrimination, accusations of impropriety in other ways, whatever it takes. You play ball, we pay you well, and all you have to do is look the other way… Or you’ll be fired.

After all this, I turned the evidence I have- boxes of documents- to the corporate fraud division of the FBI; they confirmed what I had direct evidence of, but they lacked sufficient probable cause to get warrants to dig into the finances of the other players. If I’d seen someone being handed a lunch-bag full of money, that would have been sufficient… but I didn’t have that, and so it died.

[Interestingly enough, I learned later that several executives were exposed by my actions, leading to some particularly corrupt people going to prison on other charges, but the theft I saw…? Nope.]

This kind of thing happens in every local agency of this sort of government service; there are dozens. And I have been told that this is the same business-model that they all follow, for every state in America.

So there’s a LOT of money being made, more than you can possibly imagine. The gravy-train is very wide, and VERY deep.

This sort of thing happens at every agency, whenever big money is being spent.

Military contracts can be especially egregious with the corruption, as they typically have “cost-plus” pricing for the big boys, like Ratheon or Boeing or General Dynamics. In other words, for certain products (like the Lockheed-Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, for example), the price is whatever the manufacturer says it is, and the government agrees to pay, say, 10% above the cost. That works in theory, as the company makes a reasonable profit, and the government gets exactly what it specifies.

[And that works when the government can print (or digitally create) any amount of money they need, because it’s backed by nothing but the “full faith and credit” of our corrupt government.]

“Ahhh,” you say, “but what is in the stated costs?” The development costs, the manufacturing costs, labor to build the product, and public relations costs… I.e., the bribes and kickbacks, to whoever is needed to be paid, to sign off on the purchase of the product, is built into the “cost” of the product. The payoffs, of course, are at the level of Congress-critters, Senators, admirals and generals, etc. Again- because this is important- the costs of the pay-offs are incorporated into the pricing of the product, and then the government pays. Or more precisely, WE pay.

See how that works? Everybody is happy, everybody makes money… except we the people are stuck with the bill. This is why a crappy plane, which can’t fly, can’t climb and can’t turn, was made the de facto Western military combat jet.

Now, let’s get back to that “aid” for Ukraine. We’ve sent 1,400 of technologically obsolete Raytheon Stinger anti-aircraft missiles as well as 5,500 anti-tank FGM-148 Javelin missiles. I’ve seen plenty of videos where the stinger missiles are easily defeated with countermeasures. The Javelins we sent are the oldest missiles in inventory, some of which have been sitting in stores for 20+ years. What I’ve heard is that the old batteries that power the Javelin’s electronics are no longer reliable, resulting in the Javelins are not functioning as MSM would have you believe; instead they’re usually duds. Indeed, there are videos out there where a Russian tank is hit with 4+ Javelins, and it’s still combat-capable, afterwards.

We’ve also sent 90 155mm Howitzers (obsolete) with 183,000 rounds, 200 (obsolete) M113 Armored Personnel Carriers, 7000 small arms, 50 million rounds of ammo, miscellaneous drones, Humvees, support vehicles, Claymore mines, C4 explosives, and so on. Oh, and don’t forget the 16 Mi-17 transport helicopters purchased from a Russian state-owned arms exporter in the early 2010s, intended for the Afghan government, the Washington Post reported.

Do you notice the trend, here? It’s that damn-near everything we’re sending them is obsolete, either because current technology defeats it, or it’s been sitting in the inventory so long that it’s no longer a given that the shit will actually work when you need it to.

The other trend? Ahhh, this one is more sneaky. Electronically-based systems are inherently perishable items, and batteries are even worse; it’s the nature of the beast. The manufacturers like Raytheon have had these missiles sitting on their shelves for so long, already made, that they’re out of warranty, out of their service dates, and cannot be trusted, and therefore can’t be sold to the US military. But, in the interest of “saving Ukraine from that mean old Putin,” they’ll be happy to send this their aged inventory to support the cause. Of course, they’ll use the usual “cost-plus” model (cost plus plenty of grease for the skids), or ideally they’ll sell their entire inventory of expired munitions at full-boat retail price.

The bill (for $40 Billion) goes to the US Treasury, they cut the checks, and the manufacturers in turn cut in everybody who voted for the $40 billion- for equipment that might be worth 30% of that, in secondary-market sales, or 10% if sold for scrap- if even that.

In my experience seeing government corruption with my own eyes- holding the contracts, and performing full financials audits on what really happened- at least half of the tab paid by taxpayers does NOT pay for the product, but for bribes, kickbacks, etc. Without having access to the actual contracts currently in play, I can only make a (very) educated guess that this $40 billion is about the same- 50% is going out the back door, hard cash looted straight from our pockets.

The government agents- Congressmen, Senators, Biden- who have to vote on this scam, are getting a stated percentage or the total package. I know that with absolute certainty. HOW? Because they actually voted for $7 billion MORE than what the phony POTUS Biden requested (which was already an outrageous number), and were excited about it… If they wanted more money, they had to make that package bigger. See how that works?

It’s all about the money; nobody really gives a shit about Ukraine.

The House voted for that $40 billion 368-57. Every congressman and Senator who voted for this is on the take, getting a cut of the overall package.

What this really means is that our “representatives” are no longer representing us, they are representing only themselves. They’re busily emptying the treasury of every last bit of purchasing power, financially stealing everything left that isn’t nailed down.

Tucker WAS right, when he pointed out that our representatives view us with contempt. But they really don’t think about us at all; they’re just lining their pockets, before the whole financial system implodes.

George Carlin was right.


Written by Capitalist Eric

May 16, 2022 at 11:30 pm

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  1. I personally knew an Inspector who received an all-expenses-paid-trip to Disneyworld for himself and his entire family by the General Contractor. I was only brought in to the project at the end, and God Himself knows what the Inspector let them get away with.

    Mike Bishop

    May 17, 2022 at 9:53 am

  2. Always love your writing Eric. We are very similar. Taken a lot what I have learned from your Crash Positions & Banksters Wars and passed them around. It tied a lot of shit together for me. We have multiple Vectors of trouble from Dollar/Euro collapse; either Globohomo self demo or people becoming aware it’s worthless. We have shortages and supply chain issues. And after watching Geert Vanden Bossche on The Highwire episode 266 I firmly believe Covid will be circling back around much more virulent this round. I am certain it probably already exists in a lab somewhere ready to be released. It will attack those who have been vax’d just as Omicron did. Again this batch will be much more virulent. I believe this is Globohomo’s plan for controlled demolition. What better way to dissolve the wealth with people afraid to leave their homes. With a 15% kill rate there will be no fighting the shutdown of the economy. I believe this explains the reason for the mass vax campaign along with creating perpetual disease.

    We can fight back according to GVB. Even the vax’d will benefit from prophylaxis using IVM & HCQ. This was our lesson to have learned from original Covid lockdowns. If they do go down this road this will be our last chance to stage a countermeasure. I would bet the farm this will be initiated late summer/early fall.

    As far as the economy spiraling naturally timeline hard to say. If BRICS and Russia take control of Ukraine I believe the momentum will carry them forward. The first time a nation we buy product from turns down the dollar and demands real wealth I think it will go very quickly from there. Then you have the threat of full out nuclear war. If I was Putin if I learned those academic technofags planned on a false flag or tactical nuke as they continue to lose the war I would launch all 6k warheads. And I think he very well might. No I am not a Putin fanboy but I am pragmatic and so is he. The people who are not are the ones residing in Brussels and DC.

    Interesting times sir….. I feel it coming like a storm. God Bless!!


    May 17, 2022 at 11:22 am

  3. Hey Eric, was re-reading Crash Positions and wondering if you had any updates on Operation Sandman? I have heard that floating around. I think it has been about 45 days since you wrote CP and also wondering if a timeline has begun to take shape? I listen to The Duran & Andrei Martyanov (Smoothie). Sounds like Russia is moving along fine. It has been my contention sense this started there was something very serious afoot just because the way the zeitgeist had shifted on a dime. Thus far I think it has been the West’s strategy to bog Putin down into a quagmire to run down his poll numbers and kill momentum. I believe momentum has everything to do with the success of the BRICS countries’ currency plans.

    I suspect things are winding down in Ukraine and that is going to be a very dangerous moment; not that it already isn’t. We are run by academics groomed by academics who lack real world experience for business and wars. It’s easy to setup J6 protestors, not so much the Russian Army. There should be no question of that after the debacle in Afghanistan and the plan to sanction Russia. Just wondering if you have any updates on possible real world events. I understand things are moving around. I am trying to keep a few feet ahead of Joe Normie until that is no longer an option. I suspect once Normie catches on they all do at the same time. Then its Katie bar the door.


    May 17, 2022 at 3:55 pm

    • I have nothing substantial to the question of Operation Sandman, so far. But the timelines are moving along pretty closely to what I’d predicted, unfortunately.

      Our government is actively exacerbating the situation, with regard to food. Europe is buckling to the forces of reality, and when they finally capitulate to Putins demand for rubles or gold, the Euro will be toast, quickly followed by the dollar and the yen. It won’t be long, now…

      Capitalist Eric

      May 17, 2022 at 4:47 pm

      • Sold all my stocks last Friday except for the leveraged ETF EUO (shorts Euro). Got rid of my Gold/Silver trusts OUNZ & PSLV. Continuing to hold EUO is more of a weather vane for me Eric. In the end I know it will be worthless along with any money in a damn money market. Don’t have physical metals but I do have plenty of brass and lead. Still I have 6 figures plus to burn through and about same amount of untapped credit card unsecured debt. I have tried to live the right way after fucking up my first 10 years of adulthood. Now I am deeply considering using all the credit I have to buy as much hard assets (gold, silver, night vision, food, medical, etc). I can’t bring myself to go into debt other than my mortgage. Dammit it there’s still much normalcy bias I am fighting with too.

        Rather it be BRICS successfully capitalizes on the Russia/Ukraine war and starts n accountable currency or Putin & Xi bend the knee to Globohomo I have seen the future. All roads lead to Rome and it is burning. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it is indeed a freight train. No matter if its Putin/Xi, Klaus Schwab, or thermonuclear war the conductor is the same. The Four Horsemen are all out and galloping at swift stride.

        I haven’t heard anyone agree with me on my Covid theory but I am convinced that will have been the reason for the shots. I follow a lot of smart people on substack in regards to the virus. Whatever the trigger mechanism is these things are intended kill switches. Look at Sri Lanka and imagine that here.

        If you have any thoughts about my dilemma (spend it up lol) would love to hear them. I know, I need to either shit or get off the pot. I keep my ear to the tracks hoping to hear the train before the mad rush. Still trying to live a normal life. But I agree, “it won’t going to be long, now….”

        Sincerely thanks for the info sir!!


        May 17, 2022 at 7:35 pm

      • Glad I’m able to provide some perspective about the overall picture of things. Once I realized what a sham all markets really are, I turned away from the finance world, stuck with engineering… It doesn’t pay as much as you might make gambling in the markets, but it seemed a less rigged game in the engineering field.

        You said something that really popped out at me… “Dammit it there’s still much normalcy bias I am fighting with too.”

        That normalcy bias is the ONLY reason you still have time to convert your fiat debt-bucks into tangible assets. You’ve got very little time- weeks most likely, perhaps a few months, certainly SHTF will be in full bloom by election time.

        I’m not a certified financial planner/analyst/guru, but then, all of such people are freely gambling in the NYSE/CME/NASDAQ casinos, so there you go… So instead of giving advice, I’ll simply tell you what I did…

        In my case, I have a vested 401K that’s in the six-figure range, but is effectively untouchable for another 10 years… which means it might as well be 1000 years away, for all it really matters. Instead, I bought a defendable property out of the city with a VA mortgage (locked in at a paltry 3%), and then divided my resources evenly between the three groups- food/preps for my family and I, weapons and ammo, and specifically silver.

        I will add one thing more; gold and silver prices- because they’ve been actively suppressed in price by the Fed and the mega-bank partners- are the buy of a lifetime. If you look at you’ll see the $ to silver ratio works out to an actual value (minus price manipulation) of $2,341/oz. Two months ago, when I did those calcs myself, it was $2327/oz. Gold, $17,252/oz. In the PMs paper market, you have 329 paper silver ounces to every physical. For gold, 110.74. This tells me that silver is by FAR the better bet, despite both being ~10x more than current spot price. Clearly, there’s far more to silver going on, than meets the eye, and it tells me that silver should be significantly higher, $5,300 in purchasing power (as calculated two months ago). In other words, silver has (in my view) 5x more rebound when the market manipulation collapses, than gold. And to be clear, rebound in purchasing power, suppressed by our corrupt government for SO long…

        Anyway, you know where I stand, and you can see my logic behind the decisions I’ve made. As for the rest of your comments- Covid shots, Sri Lanka, the rest of it… I’m in 100% agreement.

        God speed… to us ALL.

        Capitalist Eric

        May 17, 2022 at 9:35 pm

  4. Your calculations regarding the prices of Gold & Silver are not far fetched. They have used Gold/Silver paper ETF’s similar to a fiat currency to suppress the price of both. It’s not hard to see why as it gives the illusion our fiat currencies are balanced and in check. I am close to pulling the trigger and also getting NID’s (see below).

    I had a revelation today Eric. Call it instinct, intuition, speculation its wild. I am not in to telling stories but I assume you know some well heeled dudes. Saw Jack Lawson on your first thread. I had bought his Manuals several months prior. More on my theory in a moment. If you think this has merit please spread it around.

    Was listening to Main Stream Media Buck Sexton and his buddy Clay today. Yes, I consider that MSM now. One of them brought up the Covid Vax’s and started talking about the numbers of vax’d that were extremely disproportional to the unvax’d in case rates, hospital stays, and deaths. They seemed to be pretty shocked but I was not. The people I follow on Substacks have reflected exactly that. These numbers are known by the Fauci’s, Collins, Big Pharma Execs, etc. Yet they continue to hang around and continue to push these shots. If I was the CEO of Pfizer I would be on a private island now never to be seen again after those documents were released of their trials. This was ordered by a judge; initially Pfizer wanted 75 years before releasing these trial docs. You fucking can’t make this stuff up. These docs alone demonstrate a clear case of fraud which vitiates everything including their EAU immunity. Yet they all continue to hang around and even recommend babies get the juice.

    What Buck Sexton was actually explaining today unbeknownst to him was what Geert Vanden Bossche’s theory last fall happened to be. That the vaccines would eventually help the virus target the host. And I believe we are going to see a new variant by this fall. This one will not only be highly infectious but also highly virulent (kill rate +/-20%). Like Omicron it will seek out the vax’d like the grim reaper. The lockdowns needed to shred our economy will be easy with such a nasty bug on the loose.

    Sorry back to my revelation today. GVB concurred Ivermectin & HCQ were both excellent prophylactics. If the virus should appear I will be taking one dose per week along with anyone I care about. Hell I may even be naturally immune but I will error on the side of caution. Many people will be immune and unphased. Will they succumb to marital law lockdowns? Remember most of the military is vax’d too along with many police. That could mean men like us who are ahead of the game get to hunt freely for underground bunkers and other HVT’s. So what does Mr Global do?………..

    Again, this is pure speculation as is the Covid scenario. When the draconian measures came last summer that you need to get a shot or lose your job, freedom, life, etc. most of us free thinkers were terrified. At least I was I had just lost my job in May 2021. In my field tech, you know the forward thinkers, they thought everyone needed a jab. I walked away from no less than 6 high paying jobs between then and March 2022 because I refused. It was a shitty, angry, sad, frustrating, and bewildering experience. Even lost a girl over it and I actually liked this one. It’s ok though it gave me time starting last fall to really dive in and learn things.

    One of the last times I spent with her was around August of 2021. I woke up in her bed and heard her laughing. I said what’s so funny? She shoved her phone in front of my face. It was the Afghan Army (not Taliban) trying to do jumping jacks. I was not amused and muttered a curse word. I hate anything that comes through FB as I know it targets NPC’s very effectively. But do you recall what was in process; I know you do. We were bailing out in a very strange pathetic way. We left behind guns, night vision, humvees, other armored vehicles, and even badass canines trained to the hilt. It was a shitty, angry, sad, frustrating, and bewildering feeling as well. Why would we do that?……Why indeed? …….Do you know where I am going with this now?

    Guess who’s coming for the Holidays my friend. All trained up with the knowledge on how to use our own equipment. If this is too far out there let me know sir. I don’t know why I thought of it but is makes sense. Apologies for the length I had to set the mood. Those bastards will be absolutely ruthless.

    Yes Godspeed sir.


    May 18, 2022 at 4:37 pm

  5. […] government, is tacit acknowledgement that our country is about to enter the final death-spiral; our “representatives are merely looting the last vestiges of wealth from the national treasury…. It really is that […]

  6. I have not wanted to get mentally into the Ukraine mess but from the specifics I heard, I quickly figured out that it was a “Pump & Dump” scheme. Hype the “war”, throw in the old weapons tech & rake in the profits!!! Basically a money laundering scheme whilst disposing of antiquated military tech.


    July 6, 2022 at 12:44 am

  7. I work for one of the companys mentioned,
    All of the statements are accurate.
    I would add that cost plus contracts are encouraged to be ineficient, more overruns, larger “plus” percentage = higher bonuses paid to ranking company officers. Corrupt to the core.


    September 28, 2022 at 2:04 am

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